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written and compiled by John Francis Duckworth
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Chapter 8
John Francis ("Jack") and Laura Jane Noblet Duckworth

John Francis "Jack" Duckworth had little or no education and could write his name only a short time before his death. He was strong in his belief of going to school. He made the remark, "If I had the education of Tom Jackson, I would turn Union County upside down." He urged his children to go to school and supported all educational programs. 

John Francis Duckworth was a farmer, mail carrier, and horse trader. The latter was his life and joy, and it is said that he had planned to move to Gainesville and open a livery stable. He told his boys to always tell the truth in a horse trade and never tell anything that could be seen in the animal unless asked. Then tell the truth. He may want to trade again in the future.

Two short stories of his horse trading follow. John Duckworth always kept a cow. His cow went dry and there was no milk for the children. While on his mail route, he observed a fresh cow at the Cook farm and traded cows in a short time. The cow he traded was a young cow and calved a short time after the trade. The cow he traded for was an old cow. Mr. Cook laughed about beating "Jack" Duckworth in a cow trade. He may be a good horse trader, but he sure can't trade cows. Shortly after this, "Jack" was carrying the mail and riding a three-year-old filly. He stopped at the Cook residence and told Mrs. Cook to look at the young mare he had traded for Laura to drive to Sunday School. Mrs. Cook was impressed with the young mare and called Mr. Cook to come look at her. He came and began talking trade immediately, but "Jack" repeated his plans for Laura to drive the mare to church. However, Mr. Cook insisted they trade, which they did eventually. In a few weeks, Mr. Cook came for a trade back; the mare was a "stump sucker". "Jack" told Mr. Cook that he was no cow trader but the best horse trader in Union County and he would not trade back. This ended the matter.

One more horse trade: John Duckworth traded for a poor old blind mare from one of the Spivey's on Upper Choestoe. He took the mare home, fed her, and doctored the eyes.  Come spring the horse had gained weight and the eyes were well. A Mr. Reece came by and bought the horse and took her home. A short time afterward, Mr. Reece met his nephew, Zack Jackson, who inquired where he was going. Mr. Reece replied "to Blairsville to hire Pat Harrison to sue Jack Duckworth for lying about the old Spivey mare." Zack Jackson told his uncle he couldn't do that because Jack Duckworth had a license to tell lies. Mr. Reece replied, "The heck you say!" and returned home.

Laura Jane Noblet was the illegitimate daughter of Elsie Noblet. She had an older full sister, Tine, who married a Mr. Bagwell and resided in Dalton, Georgia. Laura also had two half brothers, Claude Wood, who married Elizabeth Duckworth, and William Nicholson. Laura came to live with Francis Marion and Nancy Davis Duckworth when a small girl. She attended two or three short school terms but could read, write, and figure.  It is said "Jack" would ask her to figure the interest on a note due him, which she did in her head, and gave the correct answer.

John Francis "Jack" Duckworth and Laura Jane Noblet were the parents of the following children:

1. Frank Calloway and Sarah Christine Duckworth will be discussed in the next chapter.

2. G. Vester Duckworth, 16 October 1892 - 14 October 1965. Married Rubye. One child: Don.

3. William Henry Duckworth, 21 October 1894 - 9 August 1969. An attorney. Married Willabel Pilcher. Three children: Mary, Dorothy, and William Henry, Jr.

4. Nellie Jane Duckworth, 29 December 1896 - 6 February 1868. Married John A. Wimpey, a merchant. Four children: Charley, Ethel, Ruby, and Charlene.

5. James Lon Duckworth, 29 October 1899 - 31 October 1964. An attorney. Married Ruth Paden. One child: Margaret Jane.

6. Pearl Duckworth, 10 May 1902 - 5 October 1995. Married Herbert Carter Dyer. Six children: Maudie, Elbert, Clyde, Ruby Nell, Tannie Charlene, and Herbert Clinton.

7. Bonnie Emiline Duckworth, 26 August 1905 - 22 May 1994. School teacher. Married Lewis D. Snow. Two children: John William "Bill" and Lonnie Ruth.

8. Verdie Emiline Duckworth, 28 July 1907. Married Franklin Ensley. Seven children: James Cecil, Willibel, Robert, Mildred Ruth, Samuel John, Sarah, and Franklin Jr.

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