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Chapter 4
Jonathan and Keziah England Duckworth

Jonathan Duckworth was born about 1767 and died November 1807 in Burke County, North Carolina. Kizziah England was born about 1775 and died 16 January 1820 in Buncombe (part that is now Transylvania) County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of John and Jane Ann Grant England

Kizziah Duckworth, the widow of Jonathan Duckworth, who died 10 November 1807 in Burke County, North Carolina of a disease that reached epidemic proportions, came to the Brevard, North Carolina area sometime before 1810 with seven children: four boys and three girls, "The Brevard Seven Duckworths.” She was born ca. 1775 in North Carolina, place unknown, daughter of John England and married ca. 1795 in Burke County, North Carolina.

Her husband, Jonathan, was the son of William and Jane Duckworth of McDowell's Creek in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and brother to John, William and George of Burke County and sisters Althea and Sarah. He was appointed by the October 1787 Term of the Burke Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to serve on the road jury to lay off a road from Burke County and Morganton to Widow Hagan's. He was on the 1793 Tax List of Burke County, one poll, no land, and neighbor to William Duckworth, John and Daniel England (Hunting Creek). When Jonathan Duckworth died, he was living on the north side of the Catawba River and neighbor to Silas Murphy, John Bryant, and Mrs. Mary Bradley, all dying of the same disease in the course of four days.

There is no record of Jonathan or Kizziah owning land in Burke or Buncombe County North Carolina. At the time of the 1810 U.S. Census of Buncombe County, Kizziah was living near Ben Davidson, William Wilson Sr., Mary Shurk, Samuel King Jr., and George Osborn. It is believed Jonathan was living with his brother, William, in 1790, in Burke County, North Carolina.

The first organization of Baptist, in what is now Transylvania County, North Carolina, was an arm of the French Broad Baptist Church, started 17 April 1813 and organized 22 July 1822, as Cathey's Creek Baptist Church. Kizziah Duckworth joined the mission prior to the permanent organization. She died 16 January 1820 and was the first recorded death of the membership and the first buried in the cemetery.

She was the first Baptist of record in the Duckworth family, and her influence must have been great, as all four of her sons were active in the church, and she had two grandsons who became Baptist preachers of some note.

Jonathan and Kizziah Duckworth were the parents of "The Brevard Seven Duckworths":

1. John McCamie was born 7 June 1797, died 2 March 1887, married Sarah Hamlin, daughter of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin, and lived at Cathey's Creek.

2. Jane was born ca. 1799, died about 1869, and married William Harrison Nicholson, son of John Nicholson. They lived at Cherryfield and Dunn’s Rock.

3. David was born in 1801, died in February 1891, married Mary Williamson, daughter of Charles Williamson, and moved from the North Fork of the French Broad River to Union County, Georgia between 1834 and 1836. He will be discussed in next chapter.

4. Jonathan, twin to David, died ca. 1870, married Rebecca Hunter, and moved from Cherryfield to Union County, Georgia after 1843.

5. William was born 26 April 1805, died 2 July 1884, married Sarah A. Jordan, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Davis Jordan. Lived and died at Cherryfield.

6. Elizabeth was born 5 August 1807, died 1 February 1854, and married John Hamlin, son of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin. They lived at Cherryfield and Brevard.

7. Charlotte, whose dates of birth and death have been lost, may have been twin to Elizabeth. She married Thomas Aiken, son of Ezekiel and Sarah McCravey Aiken. They lived at Cherryfield.

The Duckworth family were members of the Presbyterian Church before the marriage of Jonathan to Kizziah England.

Why did Kizziah remove from Burke to Buncombe County after the death of Jonathan?  She had no relatives living in Buncombe County. It must have been to keep her family together. Had she remained in Burke County, the County Court would have put her children out for adoption. The part of Buncombe County to which she moved was a wild and recently settled area. The possibility of family interference here was small and they felt safe here.

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