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Chapter 2
John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth

John Duckworth was a farmer in Frederick County, Virginia and died there in 1755-57.  His widow, Sarah Hankins Duckworth, and children removed to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina shortly before 1768. It is believed that she was the Sarah Duckworth who married John Hern in Lincoln County, North Carolina, 9 October 1769. Sarah Duckworth, 1702-1804, died in Lincoln County, North Carolina and is buried in Olney Presbyterian Cemetery, Gastonia, North Carolina. Beside her is buried Rebecca Duckworth Mendenhall, 1748 23 March 1836, wife of Nathan Mendenhall.

John and Sarah Duckworth's children were: Sally, William, John, Simon, and Rebecca.

Duckworth family tradition is that John Duckworth (1759-1843) was related to John Neill (b. ca. 1740) and came to what is now Burke County when he was 12 or 13 years old with John Neill.

John Neill had four children as follows: William, John who left Burke County and no record, James, and Frankie who married Robert Scott.

William Neill (1771-1884), son of John, married Elizabeth Mackey (1773-1856) and had the following children: Nancy, John, Thomas, William, James, and George Duckworth.

James Neill (1775-1857), son of John, married in 1813 Margaret Morrison (1782-1848), daughter of Thomas and Sarah Duckworth Morrison, and had the following children:  James Jasper, Thomas Newton (1854-1939) married Christine Pearson, Sarah Eleanor, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary Jo married ------ Tate, and Zemma married ----Espey.

Thomas Newton and Christine Pearson Neill had the following children: Thomas Robinson, Lena, Patton Young, Gertrude, Esau, Margaret, and Beth.

Note: John Neill, son of Capt. John and Sallie Duckworth Neill, removed to McMinn County, Tennessee and on to Stone County, Missouri.

William Duckworth married Jane and will be discussed in the next chapter.

John Duckworth was married several times but the names of his wives have been lost. However, the first wife may have been Violet last name unknown. He had a large family.  Absalome married 1. Martha Peele 2. Kiza Williams. He withdrew to Posey County, Indiana and later to Kentucky. George married Kathy Unknown and withdrew to Bath County, Kentucky. John J. married Mary Hill and withdrew to Indiana. Able Hankins married Mary Caruthers and withdrew to Lincoln County, North Carolina, to that part of Buncombe County that became Henderson County, North Carolina, and to Lincoln County, Tennessee. Alexander married Nina Silvey who withdrew to Rutherford County, North Carolina, where he died, and his widow and children withdrew to that part of Union County, Georgia that became Fannin County. From Fannin County the son, Robert, withdrew to Benton County Arkansas, where he died, and his widow, Lucinda Hall, removed to Coryell County Texas. William Smith Duckworth, son of John of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was probably the father of John, Hezekiah, and William of Rhea and Meigs Counties, Tennessee. Ezekiel married Malinda Shelton and removed to Pickens County, Alabama. There were other children whose names have been lost.

A DEED: Henry McCulloh to John Duck of Mecklenburg County, Planter. 1767. For 8 lbs. proclamation money. Tract of land in Mecklenburg County lying on the head branches of McDowell's Creek - beginning at a red oak, a corner - to a hickory in McCulloh's line - to a post near the side of the branch - to the old Brank's line containing 110 acres. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Deed Book 15, p. 83. [Probably the earliest Duckworth land purchase in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. JFD]. He sold this land to John McKnitt Alexander of Mecklenburg County in 1797. This land joining or near the Grant of 200 acres to John Duckworth, heir at law to William Duckworth in 1773 and sold to John McKnitt Alexander in 1795 by John Duckworth of Burke County, North Carolina.  John Duckworth was fined for non-attendance at Court, Oct. 1774, and in June 1775 is named as security for Joseph Maxwell's license for an ordinary (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Minute Book 1, 1774-1780, pp. 9, 19). He was appointed Constable in July 1775, place of John Barry in the district of Richard Barry, Esq., and was still Constable in April 1778 (Ibid., pp. 54, 58, 149). July 1781 Constable in Samuel Blythes'

Duckworth, John. Mecklenburg County. He is blind, poor, between 80 and 90; his children have all moved to the Western Country except one daughter "whose circumstance is too humble to render him any relief." The details of his service are supported by Col. William Polk [Not included in the Delamar Transcriptions]. (In the Senate 19 Dec. 1825. L.P.382). (North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. IV,#1, p. 42)

Duckworth, John. Revolutionary Soldier was wounded at battle of Stono under Gen. Lincoln, now 86 years old, has been blind for 2 years. Simon Duckworth, David Davies, and John Davidson, Sr., certify this is true. John Duckworth makes mark. No other information. (L.P 383) (The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal Vol. III, #4, Nov. 1977).

John Duck, a soldier of the Revolution, upwards age 80, died 28 December 1826, Mecklenburg County Newspaper, dated January 23, 1827.

David Lawing [son-in-law?] was appointed administrator of the estate of John Duckworth, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 29 February 1827. Thomas and George Duckworth, bondsmen [sons of Simon Duckworth]. Sales for the estate 17 March 1827 totaled $43.211 1/2 and a note on Dan'l McAulay for $10.00.

Records show a "William Duckworth" and a John Duckworth in September 1758 in the Roster of Captain Thomas Speak's Company of the Frederick County Militia and was at the time named in an appropriation bill as due 8 Shillings for "Services for the defense of the Frontiers of this Colony. [W. A. Crozier, Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651 - 1776; W. W. Hening, Statues at Large....Laws of Virginia, v 7, page 217].

Simon Duckworth married Mary Unknown, . On 12th Oct. 1787, he bought 320 acres on N. side of Catawba River, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, from Charles Moore of Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and here he and Mary died.

Simon Duckworth, born 1739-1746, died ante 06 Feb 1827 (1799 Poll Tax List - 1 pollif under 60 years; if over 60 no poll). Their children were:

1. Robert White Duckworth b. 1777 d. 1858. Married Elizabeth Alexander; had two sons and eight daughters; went to Tennessee between 1821-30; in Haywood County, Tennessee by 1840. Served in War of 1812. Sons: William Wilkins and Alexander. His grandson, William LaFayette Duckworth, is here included. He died of a heart attack at the age of 80 years and seven months. He was a Colonel of the 7th Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry under General Forrest in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

After the war, he graduated at Philadelphia School of Medicine and practiced his profession a number of years. Later in life he entered the ministry of the Methodist Church and for a long period was a successful pastor.

An excerpt from "War of The Rebellion"- Hdqrs. First Div., Forrest's Cav. Dept. - Oxford, Miss. April 20, 1864 Soldiers: "It is with pride and pleasure that I review the part taken by the soldiers of this division in this decisive campaign. Colonel Duckworth, of the Seventh Tennessee, by a successful ruse at Union City, made the enemy believe that Maj. General Forrest was present and compelled the surrender of the place by Hawkins and his regiment of renegade Tennesseeans, with all their arms, horses, and equiptment." (Signed) James R. Chalmers, Brigadier-General, Commanding."

2. William Duckworth b. after 1774. The same S.W. Duckworth d. 07 Jan 1861, 78yrs of age (b. 1783) and buried at Gilead Church Cemetery in extreme NW Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. And the same who was Administrator of the Estate of Alexander and Margaret Duckworth, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina 23 Nov. 1818? Margaret was daughter of Alexander Allen - his Will - Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 15 Sept 1818
3. Elizabeth Duckworth b. 1784-94 d. by 1861 - Spinster
4. Margaret Duckworth b. 1784-94 - Spinster.

5. Thomas Duckworth b. 1792. Was in War 1812 and resided in Gaston County, North Carolina when he applied for bounty land (1855). He had eight children. See 1891 Special Proceedings, Mecklenburg County North Carolina and 1850 Census, Hopewell District, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

6. Mary Duckworth b. 1798-1800. Married William Hunt, 1816, wt. George Duckworth. Thomas Duckworth and William Hunt chain bearers for land survey 08 Sept 1827 and Deed issued 19 Nov 1828 for 3 acres on Dempsey's Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to George Duckworth. William Hunt was one of the purchasers at Simon Duckworth Estate Sale.

7. Sarah Duckworth b. 1794-1800. Married _____ Price. On 09 Jan 1827 Simon Duckworth bound himself to his daughter, Sarah Price, in the amount of $1,000.00, obligation to grant and confirm to said Sarah Price a tract of land where she now lives, containing 50 acres in his lifetime or by will at his death. This tract was granted to Able Hankins Duckworth 07 Aug 1787 and sold to Simon Duckworth 16 May 1790.

8. George Duckworth b. c. 1794. On 02 Nov 1821 Simon Duckworth bound in sum of $2,000.00 to George Duckworth, his son, to grant & convey to said George Duckworth 100 acres whereon said George Duckworth now lives at his death. George Duckworth on 18 April 1831 sold this tract to W.J. Wilson for the sum of $150.87 which is due Margaret Wilson, guardian of the heirs of Robert Wilson from George Duckworth.  Hopewell Church Cemetery, Margaret Wilson, wife of Robert Wilson, 1793-1876. What was the relationship between George Duckworth and Margaret Wilson? His sister? 14
Oct 1835 George Duckworth sold Ezekiel Alexander 100 acres.  Rebecca Duckworth, daughter of John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth. She was the wife of Nathan Mendenhall (1746-1835), a Revolutionary War soldier born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Before settling in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1780, he lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and could have lived some time in Wilmington, Delaware, with relatives there. He came to York County (SC?) by 1773 and went north into Lincoln County in 1780. He had a brother in Stokes County, North Carolina. Their children were:  Sarah, Ann, and Robert.

8th January 1810, William Duckworth and wife Margaret, of the State of North Carolina, County of Lincoln sell to Nathan Mendanhall of same for $25.00 an eighth part of 160 acre tract of land, including the improvements of John Drake, deceased, in the State of North Carolina on the waters of Crowder's Creek. William and Margaret signed with their marks. Abel H. Duckworth, witness. Deed Book 25 p 379.

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