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Appendix B

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Authentic History of the Descendants of
Ephraim Jackson

Ephraim Jackson was born in England at Eccleston, Lancashire about 1658. He came to America in 1687, being then about 27 years of age. In 1695 he married Rachel Newlin, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Newlin who came from Montmellick Monthly Meeting, Ireland, in 1683 to Concord. She was born about 1674. After her marriage, her parents moved to Edgemont. Their transfer of membership from Montmellick, dated 2 MO 25th 1683, was signed by a committee which included the great Irish Quaker, William Edmunson. Ephraim Jackson, on arrival, had landed at Newcastle, Delaware, but after their marriage they were members of Chester Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania. Ephraim died 11-1-1733 and Rachel in 1742. Their children were:

1. John, born 1 month 26 day 1697, no death record but further references to him and his family may be found in the Cross book beginning on page 7. Born in Edgemont Twp., Delaware Co., PA. m. Jane Swayne, about 1710 daughter of Frances and Elizabeth (Millin) Swayne, Colonial settler in East Marlborough Twp., Chester County, PA from the Parish of Bienfield, Berkshire, England.

2. Joseph, born 6 month 19 day 1698. Born in Edgemont Twp., Delaware Co., PA, maried.

3. Joseph, born 7 month 13 day 1699. Born in Edgemont Twp., Delaware County, PA. Died 1760.

4. Nathaniel, Born 6 month 17 day 1701.

5. Josiah, Born 11 month 20 day 1702. Died 101-1714
6. Samuel, Born 12 month 13 day 1704. Died 1748. m. Ann Johnson, daughter of Robert Johnson. They moved to Lancaster County, PA.

7. Ephraim, Born 11 month 17 day 1706. Died 1-11-1733. m. 9-21-1733 Mary Register, daughter of David and Lydia Register, Colonial settler in Edgemont Twp., about 1699.

8. Mary, Born 4 month 3 day 1708. m. 9-5-1729 Benjamin Johnson, son of Robert and Margaret (Braithwaite) Johnson, Colonial settlers in the Manor of Letitia Penn, Kenneatt Twp., Chester County, PA late in the 1700s from Radnorshire, Wales.

9. Rachel, Born 5 month 10 day 1710. Died 2-11-1749. married 8-3-1731 Nathan Yarnall, b. 12-27-1707, d. 1-10-1780 son of Philip and Dorothy ( Baker) Yarnall,  Colonial settler in Springfield Twp., Delaware County, PA in 1683 from Colines, a village near the city of Worcester, Worcestershire, England moved to Edgemont Twp., Delaware County, PA.

10. Nathan, born about 1712. Died ? Dismissed by Society of Friends 11-25-1741/42 for marriage to one not a member
(All of the preceding information is from the book GENEALOGY of the JACKSON FAMILY - Their Legendary History for the Eleventh Century in England AND The Authentic History of Ephraim Jackson, the first emigrant to America, 1687, and his descendants to January 1, 1953 - A survey of the Jacksons and their kin in America, compiled by I. Ernest Jackson, Boston, Mass.

(I am certain Ephraim Jackso's son. Nathan, was the Father of Edward Jackson. my Granfather four times.) John F. Duckworth

The following is excerpted from the book, The Jackson Family - A History of Ephraim Jackson - First Ancestor to come to America and his Descendants - 1684-1960
Author: Jesse Calvin Cross
Publication: 1961

“Ephraim Jackson - Our first ancestor to come to this country was Ephraim Jackson, who emigrated from England. The author has made an extensive search of available records and has concluded from circumstantial evidence and other related factors that our first ancestor was the Ephraim Jackson who first settled in Bucks County,PA., appearing in the Pennsylvania Magazine, p. 231 of volume 9, under the title 'A Partial List of Families who Resided in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, prior to 1687, with their date of arrival.' The following is quoted from this article. 'Jacob Hall of Macclesfield, Cheshire,
England, shoemaker and Mary, his wife, arrived in Maryland the 3d of the 1th mo. 1684, in the "'Friendship," of Liverpool, the Mr. Edmund Croston, and afterwards transported to this river, where his family arrived 28th 3d Mo. 1685. Children, Jacob, born the 8th 1th Mo. 1679, Sarah and Joseph. Servant, Ephraim Jackson, to serve 4 years, and to have meat, drink, washing & lodging, and L6 per annum.'

"It is certain that Ephraim Jackson returned to Cheshire, England, in 1709 on an extended trip for a visit and did not return until the early part of 1710. Upon his return he produced a certificate of attendance from Newton Monthly Meeting, Cheshire, England, which is recorded in the Providence Monthly Meeting, Chester County, PA., and reads as follows:  'Ephraim Jackson being returned from Great Britain and Produced a Certificate from Newton Monthly Meeting in Cheshire to the satisfaction of this meeting.'  The Falls Monthly Meeting, Bucks County, PA., dated 5-3-1695 minutes contain the following: 'Upon request of Ephraim Jackson by Joshua Hoopes and Joseph Kirkbride to have a cetificate of his conversation whilst amongst us and of his clearness in relation of marriage, Wherefore it is agreed that Richard Hough and John Palmer do make inquiry concerning the same and account to the next meeting' . . . Ephraim Jackson and Rachel Newlin were married at the Concord Monthly Meeting, 12-10-1695, the marriage ceremony being performed at the meeting held on the same date, immediately following the second reading of their intention of marriage. Rachel Newlin was born at Mountmellick, Ireland, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Newlin, a prominent family who came here from Ireland. . . .

"Ephraim purchased 120 acres of land from Phillip Yarnall, which is recorded in Chester County Deed Book, p. 397, the deed bearing the date of the Eight Day of the seventh month, 1696. In 1703 he purchased 228 acres of land in Middletown Township, Chester County, PA., which is recorded at Harrisburg, PA., Ref - A2, p.520, patent by William Penn. (Note: This land is now in Delaware County, PA.,)

"Chester Quarterly Meeting Minutes of 1712 6mo 4 'The committee appointed by the last Q.M., to inspect the Minutes, report they have done so and found few mistakes and have procured Ephraim Jackson to inscribe them into the new book, the Meeting him four pounds for his labour." This has been described to be beautifully and delicately written.  Ephraim was well known for his ex  cellent penmanship and many deeds, wills, marriages and legal documents written by him are still in existance. Ephraim Jackson had received a better education than usual for a person of his day. He held the position of Clerk of
Chester Monthly Meeting of Friends, of which he was an exemplary member. He was employed in civil affairs, especially where good penmanship was needed and was a successful farmer and a man of sound business ability. In 1710 he represented Chester County in the Provincial Assembly. He was conscientiously opposed to selling rum to Indians and took a firm stand against this practice, and was one of the active civic minded citizens who petitioned for a road to be built from Chester to Philadelphia. He was hightly esteemed for his integrity, intelligence and accuracy of judgment. . . . He reared seven (?) children to whom he gave advantages of education superior to those usually accorded in his day, and in all family affairs he was a pattern of a Christian gentleman."

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