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written and compiled by John Francis Duckworth
contributed by John Francis Duckworth and Jerrell Duckworth
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Appendix B

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I. John Duckworth born 1630 in England and died c1698 in St. Mary's MD.
One of the earliest records of a Duckworth in America was John Duckworth, under a four-year indenture, was one of 23 persons "imported into this province .... Registered in the Secretary's books of             Records," 1 December 1684, upon the account of Wm Dockwra" (Jersey, first series, v.21, p. 61). William Dockwra (Dockray, Docwrae) was a London merchant and one of the proprietors of East        Jersey.  John Duckworth was born in England. He had the following children: Joseph, Anna, John M., and William. The name of his wife is lost.

II. William 1665-1725\6 and Grace Duckworth One William Duckworth was named on a muster roll of 1715 for the 5th Company (Capt. George Res Carrick) of Col. Thomas Farmar's N.J. Regiment (Annual Report of the State Historian [of New York], v. 1, p. 533, 1895).  William Duckworth was a witness to the will of Thomas Fox of New Hanover Township, Burlington Co., N.J., 25 Jan. 1727/28 (Ibid., v.23, p. 171)

The personal estate of William Duckworth, yeoman, of New Hanover, Burlington Co., N.J. was appraised at L 88 -, 9 - 6, 7 March 1727/28, by Asher Cleayton, John Wright, and Jonathan Fowler. On 15 March 1727/28 William Cook gave bond as administrator of the estate. His accounting of 22 March 1730/31 included charges for "sundrys furnished the widow in her last sickness, " two coffins, and digging
two graves (Ibid., v. 23, p. 144).

In the May term 1728 the County Court confirmed William Bowgar and William Dean, who were appointed by Grace Duckworth, widow, during her last illness, as guardians for Joseph, Anna, and Mary Duckworth (Burlington Co., N.J., Minutes of Common Pleas, 1717-1733, p. 330).  These three seem under 14; usually, orphans under age, but 14 or over, chose their own guardians.

[These notes were compiled by Malcombe Gardner of Arlington, Virginia in 1970.]

William and Grace's Children were:

a. William m. (1)Mary Wright (2) Alice Baxter; Burleton Couny NJ,
Fredrick County, VA
b.John d. 1756 m. Sarah Hankins Burelton Couny, NJ, Fredrick County,
VA, Sarah moved the Family to Mecklenberg County, NC about 1760
c.Joseph m. Esther Ong, Burleyton Couny, NJ.
(1) Joseph Jr. Duckworth, married Hannah Unknown, Moore County, NC
(2) Jeremire Duckworth, born ca 1740, died before 1809.
married Sarah Ramsey, Orange, Wilkes, Counties GA,
d.Anna m. Sam. Rose;
e. Mary m. Hugh Hartley;
f. George m. Jamima Williason.

III. John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth. Married in Burleyton County, NJ.  Removed to Fredrick County VA where he was a Farner and died about1756  Sarah born in 1702 died 1804. Sarah sold the farm, settled all business, and moved to Mecklenberg County, NC. The children were:

1. John, R.S., married 2 or 3 times in died in Mecklenberg County NC.
2. William and Jane of Mecklenberg County NC where he died about 1771.
3. Simon lived and died in Mecklenberg County, NC.
4. Sarah married John Neill, R.S., lived and died in Burke County, NC.
5. Rebecca married Nathan Mendenhal. R.S., lived and died in Lincoln County, NC. Rebecca (Duckworth) Mendenhall, born around 1748, died March 23, 1836, buried Olney Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Gastonia, NC.

IV. William and Jane Duckworth lived and died in Mecklenberg County, NC.  William Duckworth, son of John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth, was born c1735 and died c1771. He married Jane Unknown born c1758 and they were the parents of the following children:
1. John born 1759, of Burke County NC; 2.William of Burke County NC,
3. Jonathan of Burke County NC;
4. George of Mecklenberg, Burke Counties NC and McMinn County TN,
5. Althea, and
6. Sarah of Buncombe County NC.
No further record of Jane has been found after the settlement of the estate  She either remarried or died about 1790.
LAND GRANT- To "John Duckwith (Heir at Law to William Duckwith) 200 acres. On the waters of McDowell's Creek joining McCulloh's & McGee's Land..30th January 1773 (File 1898) "for John Duckwith as heir at Law to William Duckwith Dec'd...Joseph Hobbs Jr. & Simon Duckworth. (chain bearers) John Duckworth of Burke Co., NC sold this 200 acres to John McKnitt Alexander 7th September 1795 (Mecklenberg Co. Deed Book 15, p. 161)

V. Jonathan and Keziah England Duckworth. Jonathan, was the son of William and Jane Duckworth of McDowell's Creek in Mecklenberg County, N.C. and brother to John and William of Burke County, and George who died in McMinn County, TN. Kezziah born c1771 was daughter of John England.

Little is known about his life except that found in the Burke Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. October 1787 Term appointed to serve on the road jury to lay off a road from Burke County and Morganton to Widow Hagan's. He was on the 1793 Tax List of Burke County, one poll, no land, and neighbor to William Duckworth, John and Daniel England (Hunting Creek). January 1798 - Jonathan Duckworth - misdemenor - Guilty - mis-trial by consent. April 1798 - bondsman for James Kidd, $250, Constable. October 1798 William Duckworth, John Duckworth, and Jonathan Duckworth appointed jurors for Jan Session 1799. April Session 1799, Jonathan Duckworth, a delinquent Juror from last term, appeared and rendered sufficient excuse and thereby excused.

He was probably residing with his brother William Duckworth on Hunting Creek at the time of the 1790 Census of Burke County; he being the second male over 16 years of age, William's eldest son was not born until 1790. 1793 Tax List he was residing in Capt. Casion's Company as were Daniel England 89 acres, John England 0, Jonathan Duck 0, William Duckworth 0, John Duckworth 0, William Robinson 180 acres.

When Jonathan Duckworth died 10 November 1807 in Burke County, N.C. of a disease that reached epidemic proportions, he was living on the north side of the Catawba River neighbor to Silas Murphy, John Bryant, and Mrs. Mary Bradley, and all dying of the same disease in the course of four days.

Keziah, the widow of Jonathan Duckworth, came to the Brevard, N.C. area sometime before 1810 with seven children, four boys and three girls, "The Brevard Seven Duckworths". She was born ca. 1771 in N.C., daughter of John England, and married ca. 1795 in Burke County, N.C.  There is no record of Jonathan or Keziah owning land in Buncombe County. At the time of the 1810 U.S. Census of Buncombe County, Keziah was living near Ben Davidson, William Wilson Sr., Mary Shurk, Samuel King Jr., and George Osborn. 

The first organization of Baptist in what is now Transylvania County, N.C., was an arm of the French Broad Baptist Church, started 17 April 1813 and organized 22 July 1822. Keziah Duckworth joined the Mission prior to the permanent organization. She died 16 January 1820 and was the first recorded death of the membership and the first buried in the Cemetery. She was the first Baptist of record in the Duckworth Family and her influence must have been great as all four of her sons were active in the Church and she had two grandsons who became Baptist Preachers of some note.

Jonathan and Keziah Duckworth were the parents of "The Brevard Seven Duckworths":
1. John McCamie was born 7 June 1797, died 2 March 1887, married Sarah Hamlin, daughter of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin, and lived at Cathey's Creek;
2. Jane was born ca. l799, died about 1869, married William Harrison Nicholson, son of John Nicholson, and they lived at Cherryfield and Dunn's Rock;
3. David was born in 1801, died in February 1891, married Mary Williamson, daughter of Charles Williamson, and moved from the North Fork of the French Broad River between 1834 and 1836 to Union County Georgia;
4. Jonathan, twin to David, died ca.1870, married Rebecca Hunter and moved from Cherryfield to Union County, Georgia after 1843;
5. William was born 26 April 1805, died 2 July 1884, married Sarah A. Jordan, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Davis Jordan, lived and died at Cherryfield;
6. Elizabeth was born 5 August 1807, died 1 February 1854, married John Hamlin, son of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin, and they lived at Cherryfield and Brevard; and
7. Charlotte whose dates of birth and death have been lost but she may have been twin to Elizabeth, married Thomas Aiken, son of Ezekiel and Sarah McCravey Aiken, and they lived at Cherryfield.

VI. David and Mary Williamson. David Duckworth was born 1801 in Burke Co. N.C., the son of Jonathan and Kezziah Duckworth. The father died in Burke Co. 10 November 1807 of a disease That had reached epidemic proportions. The mother had moved to the French Broad River Area between Ben Davidson's Creek and Cathey's Creek by the time of the 1810 U.S. Census. Her neighbors were George Osborn, Sanuel King Jr., Mary Shurk, Kizziah Duckworth, William Wilson Sr., and Benjamin Davidson.  Keziah died 16 January 1820 and was the first member of The Cathey's Creek Baptist Church to die and was interned in the adjoining Cemetery.

About 1819 David married Mary Williamson, the daughter of Charles Williamson and wife whose name is unknown. Mary had two sisters and two brothers; the name of the eldest sister who married A. E. Sitton is unknown; the youngest sister, Nancy, married William Anthony; the eldest brother was John and the youngest brother was Charles Jr.

By 1820 David and Mary were living on the Main North Fork of The French Broad River, in what was then Macon Co. but now Transylvania Co., N.C. His brothers Jonathan and William and sisters Charlotte Akin, Elizabeth Hamlin, and Jane Nicholson lived at Cherryfield and brother John lived at Cathey's Creek in Buncombe Co. some few miles to the east.

Between 1830 and 1836 David Duckworth had moved his family and his wife's mother to Union Co., Georgia where he had purchased two land lots, 120 acres, in the Choestoe District on the Araquah District line.

He later sold the property on Choestoe to his son. John Williamson Duckworth, and purchased a farm on Araquah Creek east of Harmony Grove Baptist Church. His neighbors in 1870 were: John A. Christopher, Peter Flowers, Maria Akens, William C. Hughes, Jonathan Duckworth, Southier Davis, John Teague, and John L. Logan.

David and Mary Duckworth were faithful members of The Baptist Church of Christ at Choestoe, from their becoming members 9 October 1836 by experience. On 9 September 1841 David was elected a Deacon and was ordained 12 March 1842. He was repeatedly appointed delegate or messenger from The Choestoe Church to the annual Baptist Association Meeting, in fact more often than any other member. During the twenty year period from 12 August 1840 to 8 September 1860 David was a delegate eighteen times.

In a book published some years ago about Choestoe and Choestoe people it is erroneously stated that David Duckworth was excluded from membership of the Choestoe Church for fighting. The Church Minutes, a microfilm copy of which are on deposit in Georgia Archives, Atlanta, Georgia, show that he indeed did have a fight with John Souther for cutting a road over David Duckworth's property and the matter was taken up in the Church Business Meetings several times and a special Presbytery was called to resolve the question. In the end David Duckworth was kept in membership but told he should have treated the matter differently.

The Church Minutes show that David Duckworth was excluded from membership 12 October 1867 for "hard sayings against Brother Pruett and Brother Curtis. On 6 November Elder William Pruett requested a letter of dismission and in April 1869 Brother Curtis, Minister of the Gospel, requested a letter of dismission. The Church Minutes show that Mary Duckworth died in 1885 and that David died in February 1891.

Frank C. Duckworth, great, great grandson of David Duckworth, said that David left N.C. searching for land suitable for forage on which to raise horses. David practiced good animal husbandry and was a renown horseman. It has been said that he always rode a good, fat horse, and the late Mrs. Sarah Souther Dyer said he always wore pretty boots   David Duckworth's horse bell, which he brought to Georgia from N.C., is still in the family.

Once at Circuit Court in Blairsville David had a young horse for sale and was asking $50.00 for the colt which was fat and slick. A man asked how much he was feeding the colt, to which David answered, "two ears of corn at a feed". The man said "I will give you $50.00 for the horse if you will put shoes on his feet"; to which David replied "I want $50.00 for the horse and you can shoe him your self". Finally the man bought the horse, paid for him, and asked, "how much did you say you fed this horse?" To which David replied, "I feed him two ears of corn at a feed but I feed him four times a day".

David and Mary Duckworth had twelve children to reach maturity, the first five being born in NC. Their children were as follows:

1. John Williamson Duckworth b. 1821 d.5 July 1913 m. 31 December 1846, Susannah Jackson, daughter of William and Nancy Owenby Stanley.
2. Nancy Duckworth born after 1850 William Bryant, probable son of John and Mary Bryant. It is not know when or where William and Nancy died; in 1860 they were living in Union Co. Ga. and had the following children:  David, James M., Mary F., Louisa E., and Susan J. A Wm. Bryant, laborer, was in the household of Leason Spivey at the time of the 1850 Census.
3. Mary Elizabeth Duckkworth b. 1827 d. unknown m. 4 January 1863 James Nix, son of William and Susannah Stonecypher Nix. James and Mary E. Nix had: l. Mary Evaline m. Wm. Merida Davis, 2.Nancy died young, 3. Buddy died young, and 4. Sophronia Jane m(1)Isaac Wilson m. (2) Enoch C. Hood.
4. Rebecca Evaline Duckworth b. 14 May 1828 d. 14 June 1914 m. 1 January 1872 James Nix, son of William and Sussanah Stonecypher Nix.  James and Rebecca had one child that died in infancy.
5. Jonathan Marion Duckworth b. 9 May 1831 d. 15 July 1908 Rye, Col. m. 24 January 1858 Mary Ellen Hunter.
6. Mary Ann Duckworth b. 1835 m. 17 December 1865, James N. "Jim Jesse" Collins, son of Archebald and Mary Nix Collins.Their children were: 1.William "Bill Posey" m. (1) Margaret Dyer m. (2) Lee Eliza Coffee, 2. John T. m. Louise Presley, 3. Archebald, 4. Emma m. Joseph Ben Dyer, 5. Louise m. J.M. Presley.
7. Charlotte Caroline Duckworth b. 1837 m.c.1873-4 James Andrew Hunter, son of William Jonathan Johnson and Margaret Elizabeth England Hunter. Their children were 1. James V., 2. Mary M., and 3. Jason F.
8. Louisa Matilda Duckworth b. 1839 m. 2 December 1866 James Andrew Hunter, son of William Jonathan Johnson and Marrgaret Elizabeth England Hunter. James and Matilda had one son, William m. b. l867 and Matilda died ca. 1868-70.
9. Washington Duckworth b. 1841 m. 1 February 1858 Louise Curtis. No further record of this family has been found.
10. Harriet Caroline Duckworth b.26-28 December 1842 d. 27 April 1911 m. 2 April 1865 Jasper Nix, son of James and Elizabeth Collins Nix  Their children were: 1. Mary Ann m. William D. Shuler, 2. John Washington m. (l). Mary Dover, (2) Cathryn Dyer, (3) Maggie Rice, 3. Ben m. (1) Laura Duckworth, (2) Georgia Ann Duckworth, (3) Minerva Ann Owens, 4. James Thomas "Jim Check" m. Mary Ruth Hunter, 5. William David m. (1) Dora Alexander (2) Georgia Savannah (Joyce) Jones, 6. Martha m. Joe Frady, 7. Albert Marion m. Mary Aveline West, 8. Emma m Archebald Duckworth, 9. Alonzo "Lon" m (1) Margaret Harkins (2) Georgia Savannah (Joyce)(Jones) Nix, 10. Frank McDonald m. Celia West, 11. Joseph m. (1) Sarah Emiline Dover Sellers (2) Ollie Hester Chapman, 12.Jerry L. m. Martha Ellen Duckworth.
11. Sophronia Jane Duckworth b. 1845 m. 25 October 1868 John Pruett Collins, son of Archebald and Mart Nix Collins. John and Sophronia Jane's children were: 1. Mary Jane m. Thomas Kimsey Jackson, 2. Olive Leathie m. James Sullivan, 3 Anna m. (1) Dave Turner (2) Tom Elliott, 4. Margaret m. John Francis Collins, 5. Jasper M. m. Catherine "Kit" Graham, 6. Ollie m. James S. Nix, 7. Verdie m. Milton R. Jayne.
12. William G. Duckworth b.1848-9 m. 28 August 1871 Celia Nix, daughter of James and Elizabeth Collins Nix.

It is not known for certain where David and Mary Duckworth are buried but in view of the fact that they attended Choestoe Church after they moved to Araquah it is most probably they are buried in the Old
Choestoe Cemetery.

VII. John Williamson and Susannah Jackson Duckworth. John "Big Grand Paw" He was born 1821 in Buncombe County, (what is now Transylvania) NC, the eldest child of David and Mary Williamson Duckworth. He removed with his parents to Union County, GA in 1836 and settled in Lower Choestoe District where David had bought 120 acres of land. John died here in 1913 and is burried in the Old Choestoe Cemetery beside his wife, Susannah Jackson, daughter of William and Nancy (Owenby) Stanley Jackson.

John served in the Confederate Calvary.Young's Company, GA Cavalry (Allegany Troopers), 11th Regiment, GA Cavalry

John W. Duckworth, Co.C, 11th GA Cav. Reg. for 1 yr., out in May 1865 in SC. An affidavit follows: "I was home sick furlough from Hospital in Augusta. about the first of March and again about middle of March 1865, by order of Col. Andrew Young. I was still sick at surrender. I was born in Buncombe County, NC in 1821 and have lived in GA since 1834  Signed 1904, John W. Duckworth  Homeguard for Union County, 1961 - 1865 - A.B. Cook, John Duckworth, zaabry Sullivan, J. Marion Duckworth, James Cook.

John was issued a License to Peddle in Union County GA and had small brass bells on fis mules to announce he was coming. (I have one of these bells.)

He was a Farmer and had several books of History which he read and found names for his boys. Their children were:

1. General Jackson Duckworth, who will be discussed in the next chapter;
2. Francis Marion Duckworth, who married Nancy Ellen Davis;
3. Sophronia Jane Duckworth, who married Thomas F. "Tom Thasher" Collins;
4. Mary S. Duckworth, who married Andrew Crocket Townsend;
5. William Washington Duckworth, who married Rebecca Elizabeth Wilson;
6. Nancy Ann, spinster.
7. David Lafayette Duckworth, who married Mary Elizabeth Gurley, Nancy Saxton, and Martha Teague;
8. Mira Ann Duckworth, who married Andrew Crocket Townsend;
9. Georgia Ann Duckworth, who married Benjamin Newton "Ben" Nix;
10. Sarah E. Duckworth, who married Benjamin N. Dyer;
11. Laura L. Duckworth, who married Benjamin Newton "Ben" Nix;
12. John Calloway Duckworth, who died young.

VIII. General Jackson and Emiline Collins. His farm was a part of the original David Duckworth land and lay joining the Arkaquah-Choestoe District line. He made or built two farm wagons each year. He had "funny" ideas about many subjects and was "set in his way." He was in the Home Guard in the Civil War. He ran the first Agricultural Agent off his farm and told him not to come back. At time of an election, Francis Marion and Frank C. Duckworth would let the word out that they were voting for the man opposite their candidate to keep General J. from voting for the opposition. General J. did not want anyone to think that Francis M. and Frank C. were "handling" him. General J. did not believe in education and said if a child was going to be a criminal that he would be a bigger criminal if he had an education and it was best for him not to know anything. 
Confederate pension file:
01. General Jackson Duckworth died 3:00 p.m. 14 August 1935, insufficiency of the mitral valve.
02. He served in Co. A, Ledford's Regiment, October 1864 to May 1865; all service in Union County, Georgia. His officers surrendered at Kingston, Tn.
Their Children were:;
1. Mary Ann, born 26 January 1868, married W. Tom Harkins,
2. John Francis "Jack" Duckworth and Laura Jane Noblet
3. Susie Janemarried James Lon Turner
4. Archibald Calloway, married : Emma Nix, Holley Etter Collins, and Sarah Malissie Clark.
5. Nancy Elizabeth, married John Claude Wood.
6. Margaret S. married James Harkins.
7. William Marion married Mary Jane Harkins.
8. Carey Donna Johnny Nicholson.
9. Charley Gouden married Eller Smathers. No issue.
10. Martha Ellen married Jerry L. Nix.
11. Naomey C. was born 16 May 1886 and died 9 June 1886.

IX. John Francis and Laura Jane Noblet. John Francis Duckworth was a farmer, mail carrier, and horse trader. The latter was his life and joy, and it is said that he had planned to move to Gainesville and open a livery stable. He told his boys to always tell the truth in a horse trade and never tell anything that could be seen in the animal unless asked. Then tell the truth. He may want to trade again in the future.

Laura Jane Noblet was the illegitimate daughter of Elsie Noblet. She had an older full sister, Tine, who married a Mr. Bagwell and resided in Dalton, Georgia. Laura also had two half brothers, Claude Wood, who married Elizabeth Duckworth, and William Nicholson. Laura came to live with Francis Marion and Nancy Davis Duckworth when a small girl. She attended two or three short school terms but could read, write, and figure. It is said "Jack" would ask her to figure the interest on a note due him, which she did in her head, and gave the correct answer.

Their Chikdren were:

1. Frank Calloway 23 December 1890, 10 March 1973, married Sarah Christine Jackson   He was a Farmer and Merchant. Their sons, Ancel Lee and John Francis.
2. G. Vester Duckworth, 16 October 1892 - 14 October 1965. Married Rubye. One child: Don.
3. William Henry Duckworth, 21 October 1894 - 9 August 1969. An attorney. Married Willabel Pilcher. Three children: Mary, Dorothy, and William Henry, Jr.
4. Nellie Jane Duckworth, 29 December 1896 - 6 February 1868. Married John A. Wimpey, a merchant. Four children: Charley, Ethel, Ruby, and Charlene.
5. James Lon Duckworth, 29 October 1899 - 31 October 1964. An attorney. Married Ruth Paden. One child: Margaret Jane.
6. Pearl Duckworth, 10 May 1902 - 5 October 1995. Married Herbert Carter Dyer. Six children: Maudie, Elbert, Clyde, Ruby Nell, Tannie Charlene, and Herbert Clinton.
7. Bonnie Emiline Duckworth, 26 August 1905 - 22 May 1994. School teacher. Married Lewis D. Snow. Two children: John William "Bill" and Lonnie Ruth.
8. Verdie Emiline Duckworth, 28 July 1907. Married Franklin Ensley. Seven children: James, Cecil, Willibel, Robert, Mildred Ruth, Samuel John, Sarah, and Franklin Jr.

X. Frank Calloway Duckworth.

                               THE GREENEVILLE DAILY SUN, GREENEVILLE, TN
                                                          March 12, 1973

Frank C. Duckworth, 82, of Rt. 12, Greeneville, died Saturday in Greeneville Hospital. He was a member of the First Baptist Church and was a retired merchant. He was born and resided in Union and Towns Counties of Georgia until December, 1970. He was a deacon of the McConnell Memorial Baptist Church of Hiawasse, Ga. for 31 years and a former trustee of Young Harris College, a mason for over 50 years.  Mr. Duckworth was a democrat serving on the honorary staff of former Georgia governors M.E. Thompson and Carl Sanders. He was a personal friend of former Georgia governors E. D. Rivers and Ellis Arnold and Congressman Phil Landrum of the Ninth Congressional District of Georgia.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Mrs. Christine Jackson Duckworth,  one sister, Mrs. John (Nellie) Wimpey; three brothers, Vester, William Henry and J. Lon Duckworth.

Survivors include two sons, Dr. A.L. Duckworth Sr. and Dr. J.F. Duckworth, both of Greeneville; three sisters, Mrs. L.D. (Bonnie) Snow, Mrs. Carter (Pearl) Dyer and Mrs. Franklin (Verdie) Ensley; four
grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

The funeral will be at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Doughty-Stevens Chapel with interment in Greene Memory Gardens. Dr. John Tresch Jr. and Rev. Carlos Peterson will officiate.

Pallbearers will be Dr. A.L. Duckworth Jr., Frank Duckworth, Bill Snow, Frank Sims, Hugh Wells and James Poore.

There will be a masonic graveside service. The family will receive friends 7 to 9 this evening at Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home.

                             GREENEVILLE DAILY SUN, GREENEVILLE, TN
                                                 November 16, 1972

Mrs. F.C. Duckworth, 80, of Rt. 12, Greeneville, died at 4:30 this morning in Village Greene.

She was a member of the First Baptist Church.

Survivors include the husband; two sons, Dr. A.L. Duckworth and Dr. J.F. Duckworth, of Greene County; four grandchildren and four great grandchildren; two brothers, T.J. and Pat Jackson; five sisters, Mrs. Frank Sargent, Mrs. Ken Puett, Mrs. Earl Penland, Mrs. Anna Maude McGaha, and Mrs. Viola Jeckler.

The funeral will be at 2:00 p.m. Saturday at the Doughty-Stevens Chapel with interment in Green Lawn Memory Gardens. Dr. John Tresch will officiate.

Pallbearers are Dr. A.L. Duckworth, Jr., Frank Duckworth, James Poore and Frank Sims.

The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 Friday evening at the Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home.

1. Ancel Lee Duckworth, b. 1911, married Sarah Corn. DVM University of Georgia
          Their Son, a. Ancel Lee Duckworth JR, born 1933 in Gainsville GA, married Nancy Doty. DVM Alabama Polytech Institute. Angus Cattle.
                    Their Son, aa. Ancel Lee Duckworth III, born 1966, married Lori Beth Underhill. DVM UT.
                              Their Children were:
                              aaa. Ashley Elizabeth Duckwort born 1985
                              aab. Andrew Lee Duckworth born 1998
                              aac, Alexandra Grace Duckworth born 2003
                    ab. Carla Doty Duckworth, married David McClellan Bailey
                             Their Children were:
                             aaaa. Sarah Kathrine Bailey, born Feburary 7, 2004
                             aaab. Abigail Elizabeth Baikey, born March 8, 2006

2. John Francis Duckworth, born August 24, 1922, married (1) Delia Geneva Swain. BS, DVM. Alabama Polytech Institute. Twhorses, Genealogy.
           Their Children were:
           a. Jackie Sandra Duckworth, born 1944, married (1) James Poore.
                     aa. Jamie Renee Poore, married (1) Chris O'Quinn
                               aaa. Robert Earl O'Quinn born 1990
                          (2) Steven Payne
                               aab. Raleigh Steven Payne
                    ab. Jennifer Karen Poore , married (1) Steven Anthony (2) Kirk Manager
          b. Judy Dian Duckworth, June 5, 1948 married (1) Frank Simms.
              (2) Wayne Thomas Humphries
                   aa. Mark Thomas Humphries, 1982 married July 3, 2011 Pessica DePuy
              (3) Trevor Bollors
          c. Frank Allen Duckworth, born 1949, BS ETU.

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