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My Family

written and compiled by John Francis Duckworth
contributed by John Francis Duckworth and Jerrell Duckworth
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Appendix B
Jackson Family

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Thomas Kimsey Jackson's Ledger

This ledger was loaned to me by Nina Idaho Jackson Dyer (Mrs. Albert Dyer), Demorest, Georgia, September 22, 1956.

page. 258. March 1922. The Generations of the Jackson: Originally from North Carolina.  Four brothers settled at Cleveland Ga.

My grandfather's name was William Jackson, grandmother's name was Elizabeth Ownsby.

They had the following children:

Girl (1) Rebeccah Jackson who was born May 26, 1816 and married Jonathan Cook who lived together on Arkaquah Union County and died at an old age was buried at Old Liberty Baptist Church. Raised 2 boys and 4 girls. They raised the following children:  Girl: Nettie Cook who married William Brown. They lived and died on Gum Log Union County and raised a large family.

Girl (2) Armelia Jackson born August 3, 1820, and married _______ Neally. Moved to Tennessee and died at an old age. No nothing of this family.

Boy (3) Johile Jackson born June 9, 1822 and married Jane Duckworth daughter of Jonathan Duckworth. They lived and died at old age on Arkaquah Union County Georgia. Raised a large family 4 boys and 4 girls.

Girl (4) Suzy Jackson who was born about 1824. Married John W. Duckworth son of David twin brother to Jonathan Duckworth. They lived and died on Choestoe Union County Ga at an old age. Raised a large family 4 boys and 7 girls.

Boy (5) Kimsey Jackson was born about 1826. Married Sendy Thomas daughter of John Thomas. They lived on Choestoe Union County Ga. Kimsey Jackson got killed with wagon about year 1869. Sendy his wife died near Blairsville about year 1909. They raised 3 boys.

Girl (6) Mira Jackson was born about year 1827. She married Jehen Wimpey. The son of ----Wimpey. They lived and died on Choestoe Union County. Died at about 75 yrs. old.  They were buried at Old Liberty Church. Raised 5 boys & 8 girls.

Boy (7) Marion Jackson my father was born May 9th 1829. He married Rebeccah Goforth who was born March 6th 1833. She was daughter of Miles Goforth. They married December 19th 1850. Rebecca died June 5th 1901 at an age of 68 yrs, 3 mos. 1 day. Marion was born in White County near the foot of Yonah Mountain 2 miles from Cleveland. Was moved to Choestoe Union County in 1831. Rebeccah was born in Buncombe County N.C. was moved to Arkaquah Union County Ga while a girl (her people). They lived and died on Choestoe Union County, buried at Old Liberty Baptist Church of which church they were charter members and Deacon and Deaconess Officers of said church.

Father was 3 yrs. a Federal Soldier in the Civil War. Co --- 2nd. Regiment N.C. He was married 2nd time to Jane Davis in the year 1903. She died and he married 3rd time Marindy Seabolt. She died in April 1911.

Father and mother had born to them 11 children, 3 boys and 8 girls, to wit: Girl (1) Nancy Elizabeth was born November 21, 1851. She married John W. Souther who came from North Carolina while a boy and lived with Johnny Souther his uncle until he married in 1873. They moved to Colorado stayed 3 yrs. came back and stayed 3 years and went back to Colorado. Nancy E. died at about age 45 yrs. John W. was still living in Colorado last I heard from him, near Pueblo Col. They raised 7 or 8 children; 5 boys and 2 or 3 girls.  Their oldest was a girl named Isabel she married and only lived a few years after. Died in Colorado. 2nd was a boy named Van whom I haven't heard from in years. 3rd was a boy James who died when about 21 yrs. old. 4th a boy named Napoleon when last heard from was in Colorado. He was a U.S. Soldier in the Indian War. 5th a boy named Sheridan last heard from was in Colorado. 6th girl nick named Dollie last heard from was in Colorado.  7th thin a girl I do not know her name last heard of in Colorado.

Boy (2) William Miles who was born August 30th 1853 who married Nancy Souther daughter of Jessie and Lendy Souther. She had 4 brothers. Florida 1st married Jasper Shuler son of William D. Shuler. He died leaving her 2 children and she married Lon Shuler son of Fait Shuler. They live now on Choestoe in Union County Ga. Farming.  Lorseany m. should come here. (?)

Girl (3) Sarah Catherine was born Oct 2nd 1858. Married James M. Hood son of Earl and Sallie Hood. Had one sister Nancy 5 brothers Enic, Mac, Jess, Perry, and John W. They lived in Union County Ga. Catherine died with T.B. about year 1905 was buried at Old Liberty Baptist Church. James M., her husband, moved to Lindale, married again and died about the year 1914. Was buried at Lindale. They had born to them 10 children 3 boys & 7 girls. Oldest named (1) Marion Cicero was born January 1st 1873. Married Rendy Turner daughter of William Turner. They lived for a number of years on Choestoe
moved off to Dalton Ga. While there his wife died. He married again at Dalton. He and his first wife had 4 children named Carollis, Ethel, Ader, & Esco. Second child was named (2) Allie. She married Wiley Roads in Union County. They had born to them 2 or 3 children. They moved to cotton factory at Dalton Ga. While there separated.  Afterwards Allie moved to Barnesville Ga and married again. (3) Melvin Corbin was married in Union County to Emer Cook daughter of J. Kimsey and Mary Cook. He was a farmer for some time. Teacher in public schools. Tax receiver of Union County 2 yrs. he is now selling goods on Arkaquah Union Co., Ga. They had born to them 2 children. 1st died in infancy 2nd named Descie who married Archie Jenkins son of Pat Jenkins at Young Harris Ga. (4)th Mattie who now lives in Barnesville Ga. (5)th Jess who of Oakwood Ga.d at Copperhill Tenn. Moved to Arizona to take charge of some cooper mines as he was an expert on smeltering cooper ore. He died with pneumonia fever and was buried in Arizona. They had born to them 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. (6)th Addie Hood.

Girl (4) Larseary M. was born July 17, 1855 died in infancy was buried at Choestoe Cemetery. died Sept. 9, 1856 1 yr. 1 mo. 22 days
Girl (5) Mary Louise was born January 14, 1861 Married A. Benjamin Collins (son of Francis & Bertha Collins). They lived on Choestoe Union Co. Ga. merchandise and farming. Her husband, Ben, died April 4, 1897. Was born to them 4 boys & 4 girls: (1) Francis Author Collins died at 9 mo. (2) Nina Idaho b. 9/9/1881 married Albert Dyer (oldest son of Bud & Sarah Dyer) (3) Mauny Doc Collins b. 7/5/1884 married Winnie Byrd Braxton in Coffee Co., Ga. (4) Laura Elmer b. 1/29/1889 married Edward Shuler son of W. Jack Shuler. (5) Norman Vester Collins b. 8/16/1886 medical doctor Tax
receiver of Union County Ga. 2 yrs. Studied medicine Atlanta Medical College. Practiced 1 or 2 yrs in Union Co. married Gardy Keys of Ringgold Ga., m. 2 Gladys Ward. (6) Callie Kate b. 1/24/1893 teacher married Johnnie Reed of Oakwood Ga. (7) Jean Benjamin b. 2/16/1894 married Jessie Gravitt. (8) Dora Dorothy b. 3/2/1896 married George Sims.

Boy (6) Marion Cicero was born May 20, 1863 and died June 9th 1864. Lived 1 yr 20 days.

Girl (7) Martha Ann born Jan 18th 1866 married William Hunter (Choestoe Ga.) son of John A. & Elizabeth Hunter. He died in a short while leaving her 2 boy children named M. Vannis and William. Some 4 or 5 years later she married John P. Collins. Was born to them three children named Rosey, Parker, and Watson. Her husband John P. Collins died leaving her in lonesome. She was sent to Insane Asylum at Milledgeville and die there.  Was buried in Choestoe Cemetery Union Co. Ga by her first husband's children. Her elder son M. Vanus Hunter was raised by his grandfather (Marion Jackson) who gave him liberal education. He studied dentistry married Miss Lonnie Miller daughter of Bud and Jane Miller. Was practicing dentistry in Commerce Ga. belonged to Baptist Church and F & A.M. Lodge. William Hunter who was sent to & now in Insane Asylum at Milledgeville Ga. Children by second husband: Rosey Collins, Parker, Watson are all at New Holland Cotton Factory near Gainesville Ga.

Boy (8) Thomas Kimsey Jackson (who is writer of this history) was born Dec.17th 1867 and had a limited education. Was teacher for 17 yrs. in public schools and all except 1 yr. was teaching at his home school at Old Liberty. Merchandized farmed all connected. and was married to Mary Jane E. Collins b. 11/26/1869 (daughter of John P. & Fronia Collins) Dec. 13, 1885. Was married by Tompy Collins N.P. Her great uncle. Lived together for 1 yr 1 mo. & 4 days and she died from convulsions caused by giving birth.  Never was conscious any more. dying on 17th Jan 1887. Was buried at the Little
Cemetery near Old Liberty Baptist Church. She was a Christian woman. Consecrated wife and was 17 yrs. 2 mo. & 21 days at her death. She had brother, Jasper M., 4 sisters Anner, Margaret, Olive, & Verdy. On January 13, 1889 I married again Miss Mary Caroline Collins who was 1st cousin to my first wife and daughter of Elijah Kimsey Collins whose father was Archy Collins & grandfather was Thompy Collins. Her father had 6 brothers James N., I. Car, John P., Thomas F., Marion & Issom A. 4 sisters Caroline (who married Jack Sutton), Emiline (who married General Duckworth), Ollie (who married James Nix of White Co), Lenda (who married Frank Wimpey). She (Mary Caroline) also has 2 brothers 1st. William Elisha (who married Sarah Turner) and now living on Arkaquah Union Co. 2nd. Emery Speer (who married Margaret Sullivan) and now living in Texas. and 4 sisters: (1) Sarah (who married George W. Thompson. Now living in Dalton Ga.) (2) Lida (who married Sam Garrett now living in Towns County Ga.), (3) Emily (who married Thomas Turner and are now living in Canton N.C.) (4) Cordia (who was only half sister who is not married living with father on Choestoe Union Co.Ga.

T.K. Jackson's 1st wife gave birth to 1 boy child whose name is Therman Silvester born Jan 15, 1887 was raised by his grandmother Jackson. Never knew what a mother was until he was going on 3 yrs old. He was taken away father and step-mother raising him.  He joined Baptist Church (Old Liberty) in his teens, having lived a Christian obedient life so far. being one of the leaders of his church and Sunday School. Married 12/27/1900 at age 17 to Miss Lolia Souther (daughter of William A. & H----- Souther). They live on Choestoe farming & merchandizing. They have 4 children Emma, Donald, Worth, &

T.K. Jackson and his 2nd wife Mary C. had born to them 15 children 4 boys & 11 girls.  Namely, Rosettia Iowa, Sarah Christine, Thomas Watson, Elmey, Martha Nevada, Fannie Jane, Ollie Mary, Lillie Bell, Mary Leona, Margaret Viola, Pat & Pearl (twins), Anna Maud, T.J. & Hugh Dorsey.

1st. Rosettie Iowa b. Dec. 5th 1889 joined Baptist Church at an early age Married B. Vasco Dyer Dec. 22, 1905 (son of Bud E. & Sarah Dyer). They are farmers living on Choestoe Union Co Ga. They have four children to wit: Ernest, Greely, Mary, Luneda, and Vance.

2nd. Sarah Christine was born Jan 7th 1892. Joined the Baptist Church at an early age.  Married Frank C. Duckworth (son of John F. & Laura Duckworth) April 19th 1908. They are farmers now living on Arkaquah Union County Ga. They have born to them 2 boys Hoke who died in infancy and Ansel who is now 12 yrs. old.

3rd. Thomas Watson who was born Oct 21, 1893. Was an obedient quite and loving boy.  Had entered school at Young Harris with expectation of gaining an education. Had the good will of faculty students and all who knew him. He took typhoid fever and died on the 19th day of January 1910 at 4 o'clock A.M. Was buried in Union Cemetery at Union Baptist Church near Young Harris Ga. He lived to be 16 yrs. 2 months 29 days old. And oh how we did miss him away but it was the Lord's will to take him away from us (The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.)

4th. Elmey who was born August 1st 1895 and died in infancy Oct. 1st 1895. She lived 2 months was buried in Little Cemetery near Old Liberty Church Choestoe Union County Ga.

5th. Martha Nevada was born Aug 2nd. 1896. Joined the Baptist Church at an early age.  Married Dec. 1915 Bob L. Jackson (son of William A. & Elizabeth Jackson). They now live in Young Harris Towns Co. Ga. (Merchandising). They have three girls Willie May, R.C., & Mozelle.

6th Fannie Jane who was born March 14th 1898 joined Union Baptist Church at an early age. Was freshman student at Young Harris College. Taught one public school at Gumlog. Married Earl Penland (son of Homer Penland) 1918. They have one child Lucile. They live 2 1/2 miles north of Young Harris. Farming & teamster.

Noblet Family

The Noblets came from France.

Moses Noblet married Susannah ? Jackson, daughter of Edward Jackson, Grandaughter of Nathan Jackson. Moses and Susannah ? Jackson Noblet had a Son,. John Littleton Noblet, who married Rhoda Spivey, daughter of Leason and Jane Jackson Spivey. John L. and Rhoda Noblet had a daughter, Elsie Noblet, who was the Mother of Laura Jane Noble, married John Francis "Jack:" Duckworth.

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