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Appendix A
The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname DUCKWORTH

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Duckworth Hall

Duckworth Hall, one of the most historic of Oswaldtwistle's homesteads, with recorded evidence of about 800 years, carries us back to the Norman Lords of Oswaldtwistle. It has an added glamour of romance by reason of its association with one of the most noble orders of chivalry, which played a prominent part in the great crusades: the Knights Hospitallers.

Who, today, dream of association Duckworth Hall with romance of bygone ages? The buildings seem so utterly uninteresting and common-place, without special feature to mark its past greatness or ancient history.

So long as the adjoining hostelry bears its designation of "Duckworth Hall Inn" there is no danger of this famous historical site becoming lost to the people of Oswaldtwistle. We do miss a great deal of the pleasures of life by failing to read the lesson to be learnt from old places, the crumbling ruins, and even public house signs, familiar to our ken. It is only when these things are pointed out to us that familiar and commonplace scenes have surrendered some point of interest. So it is with Duckworth Hall, which carries us back, in imagination, to centuries long gone by.

Duckworth was once considered a separate vill, and its name denotes Saxon origin. It emerges from the mist of antiquity in the days of the Normans, when we find that Robert, son of Adam de Chedle, released to Richard de Radcliffe all his right in an oxgang of land in the vill of Duckworth. The Duckworth lands were in part the property of the Knights Hospitallers, and as we have just seen, in part, the property of the Lords of Oswaldtwistle, as the Radcliffes were.

The estate of Duckworth is named in the lot of the Hospitallers' lands as early as 1292.  From that date to the sixteenth century, the Hospitallers' share of the land is often referred to. As to how they became possessed of Duckworth, we have to surmise. Perhaps some devout owner, filled with enthusiasm for the Crusades made a gift to this noble order, which combined religious fervor with benevolent work of relieving the sick and wounded. They were of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and devoted to the aid of the sick, but added to this they became military monks. Throughout the Crusades they were very prominent, and played a part in all the hazardous enterprises of these adventures known in history as the Great Crusades. After the Crusades, the Order remained in existence until the sixteenth century when they had the Island of Malta given to them and continued there, until Napoleon in 1798. It is pleasing to know that the Order was revived in recent times on a firmer basis, and the modern institution in England of Knights of St. John....... (Copied from a paper furnished by Margaret Duckworth Sewell.)

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