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Chapter 1
Early Duckworths in America

One of the earliest records of a Duckworth in America was John Duckworth. Under a four-year indenture, John Duckworth was one of 23 persons "imported into this province .... Registered in the secretary's books of Records," 1 December 1684, upon the account of Wm Dockwra" (Archives of ... New Jersey, first series, v.21, p. 61). William Dockwra (Dockray, Docwrae) was a London merchant and one of the proprietors of East Jersey.

The personal estate of William Duckworth, yeoman, of New Hanover Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, was appraised at L88 - 9 - 6, 7 March 1727/8, by Asher Clayton, John Wright, and Jonathan Fowler. On 15 March 1727/28 William Cook gave bond as administrator of the estate. His accounting of 22 March 1730/1 included charges for "sundrys furnished to the widow in her last sickness," two coffins and digging two graves (Archives of ... New Jersey, first series, v., 23, p. 144). In the May term 1728 the County Court confirmed William Bowgar and William Dean, who were appointed by
Grace Duckworth, widow, during her last illness, as guardians for Joseph, Anna, and Mary Duckworth (Burlington Co., N.J., Minutes of Common Pleas, 1717-1733, p. 330).  These three seem under 14; usually orphans under age, but 14 or over, chose their own guardians.

"Index to Marriage Bonds and Marriage Records in the Office of Secretary of State at Trenton, (1665-1800)," William Nelson, ed. N.J. Archives, v. 22:
(1) William Duckworth & Hannah Clevenger (both of Burlington) 21 Aug 1731
(2) William Duckworth & Mary Wright (both of Burlington) 6 Dec 1731
(3) John Duckworth & Sarah Hankins (both of Burlington) 20 March 1734/5
(4) Joseph Duckworth & Esther Ong (both of Burlington) 1 June 1737
(5) George & Jamima Williamson (both of N.J.) 26 June 1739
(6) Samuel Rose & Anna Duckworth (both of Burlington) 26 Feb. 1739/40
(7) Hugh Hartly & Mary Duckworth (both of Burlington) 29 Dec. 1740

William Duckworth b. 1709 in Burlington County, New Jersey d. 30 January 1761 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, m. 1 Mary Wright in Burlington, New Jersey and they were the parents of: Uriah b. January 1734/35; Sarah b. 1739; Grace b. 1741; Aaron b. 28 January 1741/42; and Rody b. 1743. All born in Burlington, New Jersey.

William Duckworth left his wife Mary and children in New Jersey when he went to Virginia and presumably was a resident of Frederick County by October 1750 when a 235 acre grant was surveyed for him in Lord Fairfax's Northern Neck proprietary. In March 1753, the Frederick County Court named William Duckworth road overseer, a position he held at the time of his death in 1761, and he also served as constable and juror. William Duckworth of Frederick County, Virginia died between 10 and 30 January 1761, while on a trip to Chester County, Pennsylvania. His will left his Virginia property to wife Easlie (Alice, Elsie) and his New Jersey property "in Trent Town: to "my five children....Uriah, Aaron, Sarah, Grace, and Rodey Duckworth" (Duckworth Notes in Virginia by Malcolm Gardner in "The Duckworth Collection").


Although Frederick County was authorized in 1738 to be cut off from Orange, the new county court was not functioning before 1742. In the first 25 years of Frederick County operations, there appear in its records as adult residents at least two, possibly three John Duckworths, a Joseph Duckworth, and two William Duckworths.

On 31 August 1744, the Frederick County Court ordered that John Duckworth and 18 others "& the male Labouring Tithables belonging to them work on the Road where the said [Robert] McKay is now Overseer & Observe his Direction & Orders in Clearing the said Road as the Law Directs."

In an action in debt, 8 March 1744/45, Daniel Stillwell vs. John Duckworth, the defendant Duckworth "Confest Judgement to the Plt. for Eight pounds Ten shillings Pensilvania Money of the Value of Six pounds Seven shillings & Six pence Currt.  Money of Virga." On John Duckworth's complaint in 1748 the Sheriff attached a cow, furniture, and other personal property of Mathias Ardis; the Court ordered the property sold and Duckworth to have his account of L 1 - 12 - 9 and costs (Frederick Co., Va., Order Books 1, pp. 170, 285; 2, p. 463).

In February Court 1748/49, John Duckworth was appointed "Overseer of the Road from the County Road to the Chapple at McCoys Spring," and in the following month the road from "Cedar Creek to Robert McCoys Run" seems added to his district. In February, a John Duckworth was "appointed Constable for the ensuing year." In June 1755, a John Duckworth was named as overseer of the road "from Captain Jacob Funks to his house,” apparently indicating him as a landholder, but the compiler has seen no record of his owning real property (Ibid., Order Books 3, pp. 18,46; 4, p. 377, 6, p. 311).

John Duckworth seems to have spent little time in court, mostly an occasional action in debt (Ibid., Order Books 3, p. 219; 4, p. 165; 5, p. 312). In June 1759, John Hite's action "In Debt" against John Duckworth came before the Court; "The Dft being dead the Suit is Ordered to Abate (ibid., Order Book 8, p.276). The compiler is uncertain if this last is an example of a very slow docket or if it refers to a John Duckworth other than the one who died intestate before 5 April 1757, leaving a widow Sarah who administered his estate (ibid., Order Books 7, p. 221; 9, p. 276). On 4 March 1761, John Larich, Jr. was named road overseer "from McHays Chapple to the widow Duckworths," indicating that a John Duckworth's widow was then still living (ibid., Order Book 9, p. 267).

On 4 April 1753, "Given under my hand and seal of the proprietors office," G.W. Fairfax authorized Robert Rutherford to make a survey: "Whereas John Duckworth of Frederick County hath informed that there are about Four Hundred Acres of Waste, and ungranted L, in the Said County adjoining the No Side of Casper Mires Late Survey on Drie Run And desiring a Warrant to survey the same in order to obtain a Deed, ... provided this be the first Warrant that hath been issued for the same...." Rutherford’s survey plat, with description, is dated 18 April 1753: "Pursuant to a warrant from the Proprietors office
granted to John Duckworth I have surveyed for the said Duckworth" 480 acres in said County "on the westerly side of Shannandoah, on a branch of Crooked Run, ... [joining] Land Surveyed for Samuel Morse ...for Capt John Hite ... for Casper Mire." Chainmen were "Saml Morse & Edward Cartmel." No further action seems to have been taken on final title until after the Revolution. Then similar notations are added to the outside fold of each of the old 1752 survey warrant and plat: "John Duckworth ...480 acres ... 29 Sep. 1789," (Northern Neck Surveys, Frederick Co., Va., Box D-E, John Duckworth)
Malcolm Gardner notes.

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