1867 Voter Registrations, Union Co

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1867 Voter Registrations, Union Co., GA - Genealogy 

      Union Co., GA

      1867 Voter Registrations 






      Linda Dalen has copies of 

      Voter Registration Oaths 

      administered in Union Co, July 1867, 

      for the following people below. 

      If you have interest in one, 

      please send a self addressed, stamped small envelope to

      L.J. Dallen,

      10205 Henry Mill Rd, 

      Fairburn, GA 30213.




      John M. Brown

      John M. Dean

      Henry Dillinger

      Thomas M. Lance

      Jessee Loe

      James Medaris

       John Medaris

      William Neely

      George D. Patterson

      Alfred B. Queen

      Isaac Queen

      James A. Reid

      George Sparks

      James Sparks

      James P. Teague

      William M. Teague,

      Hellings D. Tilson


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