Ordinary Court Minutes, Union Co

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Ordinary Court Minutes, Union Co., GA - 1903Roll #RHS 3957 - Georgia

Union County, Georgia - Court of Ordinary

Ordinary Court Minutes - 1891-1903

[Pages 422 thru 453  -- 1903]

Transcribed by Linda Smith Murray on November 1, 2000, from microfilm copy

purchased from the Georgia Archives.

Note:  Most pages are not transcribed verbatim, but contain all pertinent

information.  Please do not copy for the purpose of reproduction or sale.  No

linking to this webpage without written permission from the County Coordinator. 

This webpage page is for  1903 only.





Page 422

Union Court of Ordinary - January Term 1903

Petition of SN Pless and John Satterfield, shows that Elliott Bolin died owning

real and personal property and present the LW&T of deceased which shows that

they are named executors.  Request letters issued.

Will supported by affidavit of ML Ledford, one of the supporting witnesses,

ordered same be recorded and Letters issued upon they taking the prescribed

oath.  January 5, 1903





Page 423

Petition of JH Hood, shows that WJ Hood died December 10, 1902, leaving an

estate of real and personal property to the value of $400 and asking for Letters

Administration - Ordered citation issue and be published.  January 5, 1903




Page 424

January Term 1903

 We the widow and heirs at law of George W. McClure, deceased, agree as follows,

to wit:

That the estate of said George W. McClure shall be divided without

administration by HA Brown, John Hampton and BW Swanson, giving to the widow out

of her division of the land her interest covering the dwelling in which she now

lives.  Also to the children of James Scroggins, their interest in the land

covering the dwelling where they now reside, said widow agreeing that said

estate shall be divided equally, share and share alike among her and all the

children of said George McClure, and descendants of children, they being

entitled to the share of the dead parent, after all of what cost has now accrued

has been paid out of the effects of the estate and the personal property named

in the schedule hereto attached turned over to the widow in lieu of her year’s


The charges of the commissioners to divide the estate to be paid out as accrued

cost, they to report to the ordinary their acts and doings in the premises;

The share of George W. McClure, Jr. to be paid in cash and notes when a share is

established.  This agreement to be entered on the minutes of the court of

Ordinary of Union County, GA., and then delivered to the commissioners herein


This 5th day of January 1903.  Witness our hands and seals.  Delia McClure, SC

Carney?, Margaret McClure, James Scroggins, natural guardian for his minor

children and for Franie Scroggins

I approve of this adjustment.  JT Colwell, Ordinary

Schedule of the personal property given to Mrs. Delia McClure, widow of George

W. McClure:  One cow, 1 yearlings, 9 head of sheep, 10 head of hogs, 1 mare, all

of the household and kitchen furniture, all the corn, fodder, hay, and all the

meat.  Recorded January 5, 1903





Page 426

January Term 1903

Following appointed to serve as road commissioners for the years 1903 and 4 for

the named districts:

Arkaquah District - JE Christopher, John Fleming, JW Jones

Brasstown District - Harve Clawell, Zach Bryant, DC Plott

Blairsville District - Alfred Williams, Juan Ross, James L. Haralson

Choestoe District - Jack Shular, James B. Self, TK Jackson

Coopers Creek District - Henry Grizzell, Dave Pickelsimer, Grand Harkins

Coosa District - Ruff, Logan, Joe Higdon

Doola District - AA Bruce, Jasper Byers, Thomas B. Bruce

Gaddistown District - Warren Hendrick?, HT Miller, JA Dockery

Page 427

Gum Log District - CC Loudermilk, Andy Loftus, Bob Henderson

Ivy Log District - John Mitzell, John Hood, James L. Elliott

Lower Young Cane District - Thomas Patterson, Bob Nickolson, Clebe Duvall

Upper Young Cane District - John Medaris, Jr., Gracen Jones, Andrew Payne

Owltown District - William England, TN Berry, Bob Colly




Page 428





Page 429

Union Court of Ordinary - February Term 1903

JH Hood, having made application at the January Term of court in due form to be

appointed administrator on the estate of Jack Hood, deceased, citation

published, and no objections files - ordered that JH Hood be appointed

administrator, giving bond for $800 and taking usual oath.  February 2, 1903

Warrant of Appraisement  - to William H. Swain, JT Wilson, Charley E. Rich, JJ

Collins and WD Shular - you are required to attend and appraise the goods

chattels, lands and tenements, rights and credits, of Jack Hood, late of said

county, deceased, and as may be shown to you by the Administrator JH Hood, or

that comes to your knowledge, and make a perfect inventory of the same and

return the same to this court within two months from this date.  February 2,


Page 430

Petition of JH Hood, Administrator on the estate of Jack Hood, deceased, asks

for leave to sell personal property.  Ordered leave granted.  February 2, 1903





Petition of YTS Townsen for Temporary Letters of Administration on the estate of

Malinda Townsen, deceased.  Ordered he be appointed Temporary Administrator and

letters issued upon taking the usual oath and giving bond in the sum of $50.

February 2, 1903

Page 431

Application of TS Townsen, admr. of Malinda Townsen, deceased, request leave to

sell personal property for the purpose of preserving said property until

Permanent Administration can be had.  Ordered leave to sell personalty upon

posting same at three or more public places in the county at least ten days

before day of sale. - February 2, 1903





Page 432

Union Court of Ordinary - March Term 1903

Application of Nancy Hood, widow of WJ Hood, deceased, for Year’s Support from

the estate of deceased - Ordered that WD Shular, Charley Rich, JJ Collins, John

W. Twiggs, and WH Swain be appointed appraisers to set up a year’s support from

the estate.  March 2, 1903




Page 433

In Vacation

Petition of Rebecca Simpson, widow of James Simpson, deceased, request for

Year’s Support - Ordered that Joseph Stephens, John F. Colwell, Frank Rogers,

Lewis Atkins and Elbert Atkins be appointed commissioners to set apart a year’s

support from said estate and make their return to me within 30 days from date. 

This 23rd March, 1903.  John T. Colwell, Ordinary




Page 434

Union Court of Ordinary - April Term 1903

Return of appraisers appointed to set apart a Year’s Support for Nancy Hood,

widow of WJ Hood, deceased, being filed - ordered that citation issue and be

published as provided by law.  April 6, 1903




Same as above - Rebecca Simpson, widow of James Simpson, deceased.

Page 435

Application of Martha L. Hunter shows that Joseph F. Hunter died May 27, 1897,

leaving a considerable estate; wherefore petitioner asks that she be appointed

permanent administrator upon said estate.  Ordered that the usual citation issue

and be published as the law requires.  April 6, 1903





Page 436 - 453


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