Ordinary Court Minutes, Union Co

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Ordinary Court Minutes, Union Co., GA - 1900Roll #RHS 3957 - Georgia

Union County, Georgia - Court of Ordinary

Ordinary Court Minutes - 1891-1903

[Pages 345 thru 362  -- 1900]

Transcribed by Linda Smith Murray on October 30, 2000, from microfilm copy

purchased from the Georgia Archives.

Note:  Most pages are not transcribed verbatim, but contain all pertinent

information.  Please do not copy for the purpose of reproduction or sale.  No

linking to this webpage without written permission from the County Coordinator. 

This webpage page is for 1900 only.





Page 345

Union Court of Ordinary - January Term 1900

Petition of AC Smith at the October Term of this court, asking to be appointed

administrator upon the estate of Bennett Smith, decd., citation having been run

as the law directs, and the case to be heard at the November Term of this court,

but was continued until this court by a motion of attorney for heirs at law of

said Bennett Smith; and now at this term of court, there being no lawful

objections filed, it is ordered by the court that the said AC Smith be and he is

hereby appointed Administrator upon said estate, and that Letters of Permanent

Administration do issue to him upon his subscribing the usual oath and making

good bond for the faithful performance of his duty, in the sum of ....... 


This January 1, 1900 - John T. Colwell, Ordinary




Petition of John F. Colwell for letters of Administration on the estate of

Jeremiah Rogers, late of this county, deceased.  Ordered that citation do issue

and be published in the Blairsville Herald in terms of the law.  January 1, 1900





Page 346

In vacation

Petition of Thomas M. Fleming for letters of dismission from the guardianship of

Hansel E. Rogers, formerly Hansel E. Nicholson, ordered citation do issue and be

published, and that the hearing be on the 1st Monday in March next at my office.

 This 16th January 1900




Application of William Davis, Administrator of George W. Davis, deceased, for

leave to sell rent corn - so ordered upon his advertising the same as the law

directs.  January 30, 1900




Page 347

Union Court of Ordinary - February Term 1900

Application of John F. Calwell at the January term of this court for Letters of

Administration upon the estate of Jerry Rogers, decd.  No objections being

filed, application granted.  February 5, 1900




Page 348

Union Court of Ordinary - March Term 1900

Petition of John F. Calwell asking for leave to sell personal property belonging

to the estate of JM Rogers, decd., of which he is administrator.  Granted. 

March 5, 1900 - John T. Calwell, Ordinary




Letters of Guardianship Dismissal granted to Thomas W. Fleming.  March 5, 1900




Page 349

Union Court of Ordinary - April Term 1900

Ordered by the court that SY Jarrett be appointed to open court as the law

directs, instead of the sheriff who cannot attend on acct. of the session of

Superior Court.  This April 2, 1900 - John T. Colwell, Ordinary




Received of John T. Calwell, Ordinary, three hundred dollars, money borrowed by

him from Larkin Lewis for courthouse fund, this 4th day of April 1900.  James G.

Fields, CT




Application of AJ Lance to probate the LW&T of Danl. Loudermilk in common form;

ordered that the same be probated in common form and admitted to record as the

law directs.  Let Letters Testamentary be issued to AJ Lance upon his making the

usual oath of office. This 2nd April 1900

Application of AJ Lance, Executor of the will of Danl. Loudermilk for leave to

sell the perishable property of said estate - granted upon his posting notice of

the sale at the door of the courthouse and two other public places in the county

for ten days.  April 2, 1900





Page 351

Union Court of Ordinary - May Term 1900

Petition of WM Ross of said county showing that his father, James H. Ross is a

lunatic from old age or otherwise, and therefore not capable of managing his

affairs and ought to have a guardian - said James H. Ross having both personal

and real property of the probable value of $500, wherefore said WJ Ross asks

that commissioners be appointed to investigate the matter as the law directs and

if found incapable of managing his business, that your petitioner be appointed

guardian of his person and property.

Ordered that WJ Ross be appointed guardian of James H. Ross of both person and

property after making bond in the amount of $1000 and taking oath.  This May 7,


Petition of WJ Ross, guardian of James H. Ross, asking for leave to sell the

perishable property belonging to his ward.  Leave to Sell granted.  May 7, 1900





Page 352

Petition of JY Walker, asking leave to encroach on the corpus of the sum

belonging to the minor heirs of Thomas Owenby, deceased, to the amount of $18,

as the profits on the amount belonging to said heirs is not sufficient for their

maintenance. - JY Walker, Guardian

Ordered by the court that he have leave to use the sum of $8 of the corpus

belonging to said heirs for their benefit.  This 7the March 1900





Page 353

Union Court of Ordinary - June Term 1900

Application of Ellen Loudermilk for Year’s Support from estate of Daniel

Loudermilk.  It appearing to the court that the order appointing commissioners

to examine the same was improperly issued and no legal action has been taken by

them.  Ordered by the court, counsel consenting, that new commissioners be

appointed and that the return now in office be declared void and that in the

appointment of said new commissioners, no one shall be suggested by either side,

the court to appoint such as he knows to be upright and intelligent men, such as

are provided by statute.  John T. Colwell, Ordinary

Ordered that Tony? Meadows, Mart Low, Dave Byers, Alf Bruce and Sam Waters be

appointed appraisers to set aside to Ellen Loudermilk a Year’s Support out of

the estate of Daniel Loudermilk and make their report to this court on or before

the 1st Monday in July next.  This 4th June 1900.





Page 354

Received of John T. Colwell, Ordinary, of Union County, Georgia, the sum of

eleven hundred dollars, said money borrowed of FE Conley for courthouse fund. 

June 15, 1900 - JG Fields, CT




Page 355

Union Court of Ordinary - July Term 1900

John J. Self, administrator of the estate of Josiah Daniel, decd., having duly

applied by petition for leave to sell estate and notice of same having been

published as required by S.3450 of the civil code, and it appearing that the

allegations are true, it is ordered that leave be granted to said petitioner to

sell at private sale the following of said estate to wit - Lot #267, 27th

District and 2nd Section of Murray County, Georgia.  This 2nd July 1900




Page 356

Union Court of Ordinary - August Term 1900

Mrs. Nannie Calwell, widow of FA Calwell, deceased, applies for Year’s Support

upon the estate of said FA Calwell, for herself and three minor children.  HL

Carroll, John Haralson, Thomas J. Haralson, Ab Satterfield and William

Satterfield appointed commissioners to lay off said support.  August 7, 1900




The hearing of the caveat filed to the return of the commissioners appointed to

set up a Year’s Support to the widow of Dan Loudermilk, deceased was fixed for

the 1st Monday in September 1900.




Page 357

Union Court of Ordinary - September Term 1900

Application of Mrs. Nannie Calwell, widow of FA Calwell, deceased, for Year’s

Support at the August term of this court, appraisers having made their report

and citation having been run as the law directs - and the case coming to be

heard at this term, and it being made to appear to the court that this court was

disqualified to sit in judgment upon the case on account of relationship, it is

ordered that the case be continued until 1st Monday in October next that another

Ordinary be had to judgment the same.  This 3rd September 1900.  John T.

Colwell, Ordinary




AJ Lance, Executor of Dan Loudermilk vs  . . . . . . . . . . widow, for Year’s

Support - Caveat

Upon hearing this case, it is found that the return of commissioners appointed

to set up Year’s Support was illegal upon the grounds that they were not sworn. 

It is ordered that appraisers make a new return to this court by the 1st Monday

in October 1900.  This September 3, 1900




Page 358

Union County Court of Ordinary - Sitting for County Purposes

September 10, 1900

It is ordered by the court of Ordinary in and for said county that 6 and 3/10

mills or 63 cents be and is hereby levied upon every one hundred dollars worth

of taxable property in said county for the year 1900, for the following


To pay legal indebtedness of the county due on new courthouse -

       30 cents  $1661.71

To repair public buildings and bridges  05 cents $  276.95

To pay sheriff, jail, etc.    10 cents $  553.90

To support paupers     05 cents $  276.95

To pay jurors and courts    13 cents $  720.07

      Total   $3489.58

and the tax collector WA Seabolt is hereby ordered to collect said amount

together with the State Tax and pay same over to the Treasurer of said county,

less his commission, and this order shall be his legal authority for so doing. 

Under my hand and official signature, this 10th day September 1900 - John T.

Colwell, Ordinary





Page 359

Application of Adline Queen, natural guardian of Jessie Lee Queen, asking for

leave to sell the land belonging to said ward which consists of an interest in

the land whereon they now live, left by said ward’s father, Mose Queen,


Ordered that citation issue and be published as the law directs, and the case be

heard at the October term of this court.  This September 3, 1900




Page 360

Union Court Ordinary - October Term 1900

Case of Mrs. Nannie Calwell for Year’s Support - this court disqualified because

of relationship and the case was continued.  Judge Kimsey, Ordinary of Towns

County, was obtained to enter judgment in said case.

Approved and confirmed, this 1st day October, 1900 - JT Kimsey, Ordinary of

Towns County




Page 361

Union Court Ordinary - November Term 1900

Nellie Loudermilk vs _____ Meadows, AA Bruce, Dave Byers, Mort Low and Sam

Waters, appraisers - Caveat to return of said appraisers setting up Year’s

Support - Ordered that the caveat be heard at the December Term of this court.




Page 362

Union Court Ordinary - December Term 1900

In the case of Nellie Loudermilk, widow of Danl. Loudermilk, deceased,

application for Year’s Support caveated the return of appraisers - the case was

set for this court but was continued until 1st Monday in January 1901 on account

of sickness of said Nellie.  This 3rd December, 1900




Application of Jane Rogers, widow of Jeremiah M. Rogers, deceased, for Year’s

Support - appointed Thomas M. Watkins, Ab Satterfield, LC Atkins, Bart Swanson

and HJ Loftus, appraisers to set apart said Year’s Support and make report to

this court within 30 days from this date.  December 3, 1900

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