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Written by John F. Duckworth

Thomas Kimsey Jackson was born December 17, 1867 Choestoe, Union County, Georgia, son of William Marion and Rebecca Jane Goforth Jackson. He married first, December 13, 1885, Mary Jane Collins, born November 26, 1869 and died January 17, 1887. They had one child born January 15, 1887 and died January 19, 1922. Thomas Kimsey Jackson married second, January 13, 1889, Mary Caroline Collins born April 9, 1872 and died July 3, 1952. They were the parents of fifteen children. Five children died young. He died February 2, 1951. She died July 3, 1952. 

Thomas Kimsey Jackson was a man with many talents. He no doubt was most noted for his school teaching which he followed for seventeen years at Old Baptist Church in Choestoe. Some of his students became of note, Ministers, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Teachers, Business Men, and others. The Atlanta Constitution had an article in the 1930's about the number of College Graduates in Choestoe. Many were former students of Thomas Kimsey Jackson. Jane Hancock in her "Choestoe" published 1984 says Tom Jackson became a fine school master. 

He also was a merchant, operating a general merchandise store which was located adjacent his home which was at the top of the hill above Town Creek. He was also a carpenter and constructed well planned homes over Lower Choestoe, some of which are standing today. He along with other men read the Law Books of Col. Virgal Waldrop which prepared them to be able to write deeds, settle estates, etc. Thomas Kimsey Jackson was a very religious man. He attended Church and took a big hand in the Church Services. He was always present at Association Meetings. 

After some seventeen years teaching school at Old Liberty he sold his home and moved to Young Harris so his children could attend schools of higher education. Here he became involved in politics and was elected Towns County Representative to the Georgia Legislature. 

In later years he sold his property in Young Harris and removed to Danielsville, Georgia where he died February 21, 1951 and is buried at Old Union Baptist Church in Young Harris, Georgia.

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