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March 16, 1928


(Front Page)


From Brother Davidson


          There are at least two things that a preacher really ought not to do.  One is to collect his own salary, another is to be the spokesman in matters concerning the upkeep of the house in which he lives, for it often seems that he only has personal and selfish motives in matters of this kind.  But as it seems that no one else will take the lead in the matter of repairing the parsonage, it falls my lot to do so.  Therefore I am asking that the trustees together with the committee of ladies meet at the parsonage on Saturday afternoon, March 17th at 2:00 o’clock to investigate the needs of the parsonage.

          The trustees of the parsonage are as follows:  B. B. Fite, B. H. Stone, C. Y. Rogers, J. W. Jones, J. M. Allison, Ed Bryant, T. N. Duncan, Reid Burnett, C. A. Duvall, Love Hamby, and J. B. Legg.  The committee of ladies are as follows:  Mrs. Eula Colwell, Mrs. J. W. Jones, Mrs. J. D. Miller, Mrs. Ada Rogers, Mrs. W. A. Rogers, Mrs. T. N. Duncan, Mrs. U. S. Cobb, Miss Grapelle England and Miss Dollie Totherow. 

          I want to urge that each of the above named parties be present.  I want to reemphasize a former statement that since all the churches get the benifit of the pastor’s services, that each church is responsible for the upkeep of the parsonage.  It has been more than a month since the First Quarterly Conference and yet no stops have been taken toward the needed repairs of the parsonage and so if the matter is delayed much longer the year will slip away and nothing be done.  I believe that a preacher’s service ought to be appreciated enough to furnish bread and meat and a comfortable place in which to live.

                                                                   T. M. Davidson


Grand Jurors Drawn for April Term 1928 Superior Court


1.       C. Y. Rogers

2.     Louis H. Ledford

3.     Sam J. Stephens

4.     John W. Jones

5.     W. A. Brookshire

6.     W. C. Self

7.     Mack Prater

8.     A. L. England

9.     T. N. Allison

10.   Milton M. Brown

11.    A. A. McDougald

12.   Thos M. Gillspie

13.   Frank C. Duckworth

14.   A. C. Hemphill

15.   W. W. Battle

16.   W. M. Davenport

17.   W. H. Stroud

18.   G. W. Gooch

19.   M. J. Chastain

20. E. L. Chastain

21.   Joseph W. Rogers

22. John M. Grizzle

23. Wm. K. Jackson

24. Wesley H. Thompson

25. H. L. Colwell

26. A. T. Sullivan

27. W. J. Sullivan

28. B. J. Wilson

29. J. C. Lewis

30. W. R. Rice


          Traverse jurors on page 4.


Extra Special


          Don’t miss it.  Hickman the Fox in moving pictures.  Something worthwhile.  Also in connections other attractions will be shown with it.  Come early and get a good seat.  BONITA THEATRE, Murphy, N. C. Friday and Saturday March 23rd and 24th .  Matinee on Saturday at 3 p.m.


A Correction


          After printing the notice of the Tax Receiver in this issue of the news we find that we have made and error in the dates he will be at Ivy Log and Gum Log.  The correct dates are Ivy Log the 23rd and Gum Log the 24th.


$100. Reward $100.


          Since it has been reported that I once made a false affidavit (swore a lie) before N. C. Forrester and since some of my dear friends (?) are very anxious to find said affidavit, I will pay the first person producing such affidavit One Hundred Dollars ($100.)  This is to make the game more interesting.

                                                                   W. N. Clement

                                                                   Young Cane, GA


(This is the reason that this particular newspaper was found in an old trunk that once belonged to Elbie Dills Clement.  She was the wife of William Narvie Clement.  I was unable to find out many details about why Narvie Clement offered such a tremendous reward for such affidavit, but I do know that it was in relation to property boundaries at Mt. Pleasant 1 Church. The  N. C. Forrester listed in this section was the father-in-law to Narvie’s sister, Vesta Clement Forrester. I can only conclude that Narvie was eminently sure that no such document existed due to the amount of the reward…$100.00 in 1928 was a tremendous amount of money at that time.  He was confident enough to post this amount, therefore asserting his innocence in this situation.)





The North Georgia News

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J. P. Davenport, Editor and Publisher

Entered at the Post Office at Blairsville, GA, as second-class matter, under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.

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Route 2 News


          Mr. Monroe Towery made a very interesting talk at Zebulon Sunday School Sunday.

          Mr. Grady Plott, of Gum Log, was a visitor in our Section Sunday.

          Mr. H. D. Elliott has bought a young team of mules, and Frank seems to like to drive them as he was out taking a wagon ride Sunday.

          We are sorry to report Mrs. Lillie Ross on the sick list at this time, but hope she will soon be on the road to recovery.

          Mr. Roy Jordon spends most of his time Sundays at the home of Miss Nettie Plott.

[Small town newspapers tell a lot about the people that live there…obviously ROY JORDON and NETTIE PLOTT were courting, as evidenced by this quote. Curiosity got the best of me and I researched the 1930 census…sure enough, there was “Ray F. Jardon” (age 21 NC) and “Nettie Gardon” (age 23 GA) listed as living in Blairsville in household #72 on Young Harris Road. ( had these spellings of the names in their index. The actual census was badly faded, which is probably why this was the best the indexer could do in making out the names.)]

          The people of this section are glad to learn that Mr. Frank Duckworth has opened up a new store in Blairsvile.

          Uncle Jim Lovell was a pleasant visitor at the home of Mr. Geo. Stephens one day last week.

          Rev. Harve Stephens will preach at Zebulon next Sunday, March 18th.

          Messers Geo. Stephens and Grady Plott were visitors at the home of Mr. Jess Thomas Sunday afternoon.


Local and Personal Mention


          FOR SALE – 10 therobred jersey pigs, 6 weeks old will sell at $4.50 per head.  See or write Marvin Ross, Blairsville, GA, R.2

          Col. Pat Haralson has purchased a brand new Chevrolet Cabrolet, being among the first in the county to buy a new Chevrolet car. Pat is a great believer in the Genreal Motors Products.

          Mr. carey Earnest of this place is driving a new Overland Whippet coupe.  This is the first Whippet to be bought in the county this season.

          Prof. Hubert L. Butt, of Young Harris, spent the week end at his home here.

          Mr. Vester Collins, of Choestoe, was a pleasant visitor in the News office this week.  Vester has had a good deal of sickness in his family, three cases of pneumonia.  He lost one boy about nine years of age.  We hate to hear of this.

          Prof. G. Price Brown attended services at Philadelphia church in Upper Young Cane Sunday.

          Tilman Clement, student here, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Clement, of Young Cane.  (This should actually read W. N. Clement.)

          Messers F. L. Souther and J. B. Johnson attended court in Atlanta a couple of days this week.

          Mrs. Blanche Nuite is having a brand new coat of paint placed on her new dwelling house this week.  Messers Judge Mitcham and Fred Smith are doing the work.

          Mr. Frank Gillespie, of Arnoldsville, GA, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Foster.

          The residence of Mr. Stone is undergoing a new coat of paint this week.

          Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stroud, Jr. spent Sunday with relatives in Brookton.

          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cook, also Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cook of Cleveland, GA, spent the week end with relatives in Blairsville.

          Mr. B. T. Cagle was a visitor in the city Monday of this week.

          Mr. Edward S. Mauney left Sunday for Florida where he will spend about two weeks.

          We are very glad to report Mrs. Pat Haralson improved at this time, and the doctors say there will be no trouble about her coming right along.

          The play given by the Laconic Society Saturday night was well attended and every one present say that they gave a might good play.  All in the play preformed well.  A nice little sum of money was drived from the sale of tickets which will go for equipment for the school.

          Rev. L. M. Davidsod (Davidson) a couple of mighty interesting sermons at the Methodist Church Sunday morning and Sunday night.  Brother Davidson is a fine young preacher and can deeply interest you.  We are glad to say that both services were well attended.  The people are picking up in church attendance which speaks well for the Blairsville folks.

          Messers Wade Allen and Glen Allen, of Mineral Bluff, were in our town last week on business.  Wade is a live Insurance agent and has sold a great deal of insurance in this county.  He represents a good company, the State Life Insurance Company.

          We are in recept of a copy of the Fannin County High school Commencement program printed by the Sword Printing Company, and must say the programs are fine.

          Mr. Glenn Hemphell, of Morganton, was here the first of the week.  Glenn left a wheel for the old hometown paper a year.

          Mrs. Mary Foster, and little son, Warren, of Brookton, spent several days here last week visiting relatives.  We are always glad to see Mrs. Foster back among her old friends.

          Ned, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Cook, suffered the painful accident of breaking an arm one day this week.

          According to information received at this office, Prohibition Agent Brock will be stationed here for awhile.  We understand that this will be his headquarters and he will work here with Agent Souther.

          Mr. John E. Davenport, of Young Cane, was here on business the first of the week.

          Mr. Frank White returned this week from Athens.  Frank dropped in to see us and left the money for the paper to be sent to an old friend in Arnoldsville.




Legal Advertisements


In the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division

Number 1012 At Law

Proceedings to Condemn Land

The United States vs. 516.20 acres of land in Union & Fannin Counties, Georgia, known as the lands of Crease Head, et al.



Barnard & Chapman, N. B. Bubb, Robert D. Woody, Mrs. Amanda Long, Mrs. Louise Twiggs Strickland, R. D. Woody, Peter E. Long, J. H. Greenway, Coleman Head, Wilburn Greenway, Price Greenway



(a)              The following persons or their heirs at law, whose names and residences are unknown:  Marcus A. Bell, M. A. Bentley, J. E. Brawley, Lewis Delaigh, Lucinda Dunagin or Dunagan, S. T. Forseman, W. R. Forseman, Alice Head, E. B. Hooks, A.S. J. Hall, Henry Johnson, Dela Garrett, William Johnson, P. E> McDaniel, Frank Painters, S. C. Rhodes, R. H. Rhodes, Toccoa River Lumber Company, a corporation, D. H. Weigel, J. F. Wiser, C. R. Woody, Willis R. Woody;

(b)             Heirs at law of the following named persons, whose names and residences are unknown:  L. D. Davis, Lawrence House, R. P. Johnson, Vicie Knight, Jeremiah Newman, Thomas L. Redman, Elizabeth M. Rogers, Lewis Twiggs, Martha Twiggs, Sidney Wright, Pruitt or Prewitt David.




     To all and every other person unknown, or non-resident, who claims any right, title or interest in said described lands, or the funds which may be paid into Court as the result of this proceeding, whether under or in right of any of the above named or otherwise:  YOU AND EACH OF YOU are required and admonished to take notice that the United States has filed a petition in the District Court  of the United States for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlantqa Division, to condemn 516.20 acres of land being in the land lots and land distrcts and counties as follows:

     Being parts of land lots 31, 76, 217, and 323 in District 6, Section, Fannin County, and part of land lot 172 in District 7, Section 1 Fannin County, and  parts of land lots 323 and 324 in District 6, Section 1, lying partly in Union and partly in Fannin County, all lying and being in the State of Georgia and being known as the lands of Crease Head, et al.

     This matter will be heard in the United States Court Room at Atlanta, Georgia, on the 19th day of March 1928, at ten o’clock A. M.  If you or either of you have any rights in the premises, or desire to be heard in the matter, you are required then and there to make known your objections, if any, your claims as to the value of the property, or your respective interest therein, or in the funds arising therefrom, or any other matters material to your respective rights in the property sought to be condemned, otherwise the Court will proceed as to law and justice may appertain.


     In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said United States Court at Atlanta, Georgia this 23rd day of January 1928.

                                           O. C. Fuller

                                           Clerk, United States District Court

                                           Northern District of Georgia


Years Support


GeorgiaUnion County


     Alma Payne, as widow of Raymond Payne, has applied for a years support and a return of appraisers has been filed with me.  This is therefore to cite all interested to show cause before me at the regular April term of this court, why said report should not be approved and made this judgement of this court.

     This March 5, 1928.

                                           V. M. Waldroop



Petition for Equitable Relief


Sarah L. Turner vs.

Abbie Botts, Belvie Grantham Braska Botts, and Maggie Elrod

In the
Superior Court of Union County, April Term, 1928.


Petition for equitable relief TO Gussie Botts and Belva Grantham, Defendants:

     You are hereby commanded to be and appear at the next term of the Superior Court of said county, to be held on the first Monday in April, 1928, and make your answer in the above named and stated case, as required by order of said court.

     Witness the Honorable I. H. Sutton, Judge of the Superior Court, this the 13th day of February, 1928.


                                           C. L. Butt

                                           Clerk of Superior Court


Tax Receiver’s Notice


(Third and Last Round)

     I will be at the different precincts on the following dates for the purpose of receiving Tax returns for the year 1928.



Mar. 14

9 to 3


“ “ “   15

9 to 3


“ “ “   16

9 to 3

Coopers Creek

“ “ “   17

9 to 3


“ “ “   19

9 to 3

Upper Young Cane

“ “ “   20

9 to 3

Lower Young Cane

“ “ “   21

9 to 3


“ “ “   22

9 to 3

Ivy Log

“ “ “   28

9 to 3

Gum Log

“ “ “   25

9 to 3


“ “ “   27

9 to 3


“ “ “   26

9 to 3


“ “ “   28

9 to 3


April 2, 3 and 4th



                                           John Turner, Tax Reciever

                                           Union County




Legal Advertisements


Georgia, Union County


     The application of PFISTER & VOGEL LAND COMPANY for the renewal of its charter respectfully shows:

  1. At the regular April term, 1908, on proper application, the Superior Court of Union County, Georgia, granted a charter to Pfister & Vogel Land Company for the full period of twenty years.  Said order of incorporation was made and granted by said court on the 8th day of April, 1908.
  2. By the terms of said charter, and by operation of law, the same will expire on the 8th day of April, next, and said corporation desires the renewal of its charter for a like period of twenty years from said expiration date.
  3. No amendments to its original charter as granted on April 8th, 1908, have been asked for or granted by the court, and none are now sought by said corporation.
  4. It is the desire of said corporation that its charter be renewed as originally granted, with all the rights, powers and privileges therein given, and as shown by the original act of incorporation.
  5. The renewal of said charter has been authorized by said Pfister & Vogel Land Company as shown by certified copy from the minutes of said corporation, authorizing and directing the renewal of said charter for a period of twenty years, which is attached hereto, marked exhibit A, and made a part of this petition.


WHEREFORE, said corporation files this petition in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Union County, Georgia, and prays that proper notice of the same be given, as required by law, and that its charter, as originally granted by this court, be renewed as allowed by law, for the full period of twenty years, dating from April 8th, 1928, which is the expiration date of its original charter, and that all of the rights, powers and privileges vested by the original act of incorporation be renewed and extended to it, and that the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County be directed to record this petition and the order of renewal of said charter.

                                                     PFISTER & VOGEL LAND COMPANY

                                                     By T. S. Candler, Authorized Attorney


Filed in Office March 5, 1928

C. L. Butt, Clerk         



Pfister & Vogel Land Company

Milwaukee, Wis.


     I hereby certify that the following is a correct extract from the minutes of a certain meeting of the Board of Directors of the Pfister & Vogel Land Company, at which said meeting there was present a quorum of the said Board authorized to transact the business herinafter described:  that the proceedings of the said meeting were in accordance with the Charter and By-Laws of the Company, and that the same have not been revoked, annulled, or amended in any manner whatsoever.

     I hereby certify that I am the custodian of certain records of said Company, including the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors. 

     Meeting held on March 1st, 1928:

On motion of Mr C. Maier, the following resolution was duly adopted:

WHEREAS:  Pfister & Vogel Land Company was granted a charter at the April term, 1908, of Union County, Georgia, Superior Court, held in, and for said County on the eight day of April 1908, and by the terms of said charter and by operation of law, the same will expire on the 8th day of April, next:

RESOLVED:  that T. S. Candler, an attorney residing in Blairsville, Georgia, be, and he is hereby authorized and directed, to file with the Superior Court to be held in and for Union County, Georgia, proper application in the name of said Corporation: Pfister & Vogel Land Company, for the renewal of its charter for a period of twenty years, dating from April 8th, 1928, as provided for by section 2823 (7) of the Code of Georgia, code 1910, and to the amendments relating thereto.


                                                     C. Maier

                                                     Secretary of the Pfister & Vogel

                                                     Land Company

(Corporate Seal)


Georgia, Union County

Office of Clerk of the Superior Court

     I, C. L. Butt, Clerk of the Superior Court for Union County, Georgia, do hereby certify that the forgoing is a true and correct copy of the application for the renewal of the charter of Pfister & Vogel Land Company, as the same appears on file in this office.  This March 5th, 1928.

                                                     C. L. Butt, Clerk

                                                     Superior Court

                                                     Union County, Georgia


Traverse Jurors


  1. Clifford O. Low
  2. Wm. B. Abercrumbie
  3. R. L. Jackson
  4. George W. Jones
  5. W. A. Jones
  6. Ab C. Colwell
  7. Bob B. Butt
  8. S. A. Erwin
  9. George W. Thompson
  10. Wm. J. Ledford
  11. James Mason
  12. Zack W. Onby
  13. Marvin Ross
  14. W. A. Stephens
  15. S. L. Ensley
  16. Wm. L. Davenport
  17. John C. Hood
  18. Wm. H. Helton
  19. Lenord Plott
  20.  John A. Everett
  21. W. A. Seabolt
  22.  Benj. J. Teague, Sr.
  23.  W. L. Rogers
  24.  W. I. Carder
  25.  James M. Taylor
  26.  C. J. Wellborn
  27.  John Harlason
  28.  O. D. Brackett
  29.  Ocean Tate
  30.  Jess Carver
  31.  J. B. Lance
  32.  Robert H. Burns
  33.  Sterling White
  34.  G. W. Mashburn
  35.  Mart Stroud
  36.  Harvey D. Stephens


Dooly News


     Preaching at the Line was attended by a large crowd Saturday and Sunday.

     Mr. George Savage, who has been in Ohio for the past few weeks, returned home Thursday.

     The Singing at Mr. Henry Warren’s was enjoyed by a large crowd Saturday night.

     Miss Thelma Little was visiting Miss Minnie Raper Sunday.

     Miss Emma Voyles spent the week end with Miss Myrtle Pope.

     Mr. and Mrs. Otis Turner, of Murphy, N. C., were visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Thompson Sunday.

     Miss Delta Price was visiting Misses Ethel and Ruby Cook Sunday afternoon.

     Mr. Jack Voyles has been sick for the last few days, but is reported better now.

     Mr. Tom Pope was visiting his daughter, Mrs. Bessie Tilson Sunday.


Some of the advertisements of a local nature listed in this paper:


Light Plant for Sale

     One second-hand Delco Light Plant at a bargain, in good condition, and the price is right.  See or write J. M. Akins, Blairsville, GA


Eggs for Setting

     Full stock Rhode Island Reds at $1.00 per setting of 15, postpaid.  Mrs. Luther Cobb, Hemp, GA.



     I now represent an Old Reliable Insurance Company, and am prepared to write Fire Insurance of all kinds.  I will be glad to handle your Insurance business in Union and adjoining counties.  If I am not able to get around to you right at once, drop in and see me or drop me a line.

T. N. Allison, Blairsville, GA


Spring Time Is Building Time

     If you are going to build anything, it will pay you to see us.  We carry a complete line of Building Materials and the prices are right.  We have just received a car each of Sheetrock, the famous wallboard, Red Cedar Shingles, Barrett’s Roofing and Asphalt Shingles, and galvanized roofing.  See us for your wants.

Moore Supply Company, Murphy, N.C.


Complete Auto Service

     We are qualified to give you quick, efficient service on any trouble that you may have with your car.  Proper equipment and skilled mechanics enable us to give you the maximum at all times with no unnecessary delay or doubt as to whether it is repaired correctly.  Here is our complete service for your convenience:

Mechanical Service, Battery Service, Car Washing, Radiator Repairing, Auto Painting, Top Repairing, Fender and Body Repairing.

Blue Ridge Auto Company, Blue Ridge, GA.


Save Money

     On Furniture, Radios, Hardware, Carey Shingles and Roofing, Building Material, Farm Implements, Fertilizer, Coffins, Caskets, Robes and Flowers.  When you buy from Allen’s.  Same address for 17 years.

Blue Ridge, GA.



     We have just the lumber and materials you want for building residences, garages, barnes, in fact, for any kind of buildings.  Call on us when we can serve you.

M. K. McKinney, Blue Ridge, GA.



     Fire, Life, Auto, Tornado, Theft, Farm, Hail, Health, Accident, Rain, Liability, Rents, Bonds, Surety, Fidelity, Court

     We write more Insurance and Bonds in Union and Towns Counties than all other agencies combined.
The Tabor Agency, Inc. 
Gainesville, GA.