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Troup County Family Group Sheets
These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through, Troup County.
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Family Group Sheet for: Submitted by:
BENNETT, William Harrison Chris Karr
BISSETT, James H. James D Bissett
BOYD, Joseph Newton Padget
BRITTAIN, Jabez Mercer Thomas M. Brittain
BROOK, Charles Simmons Linda Cliett
BROOK, Joshua Linda Cliett
CADENHEAD, Ivy Judith Busch
CALDWELL, Matthew Tanner Netha Dunlap
COOK, James Robb Karen Goudelock
CORBIN, Lyman W. Padget
DELOACH, Charles Augustus Marsha Faulk
DELOACH, Jesse Lee Marsha Faulk
DELOACH, Jesse M. Marsha Faulk
DELOACH, Joseph Marsha Faulk
ESTES, Andrew Jackson Family #1 Sandra Estes Allen
ESTES, Kimbrel Sandra Estes Allen
FARMER, James Ware T. J. Malone
HADAWAY, George Benjamin Marsha Faulk
HAMBY, Esau Elijah Wendy Hamby Madison
JACOBS, Charles Sherard, Sr. TJ Malone
KIMBROUGH, Marshall Bruce sks
LANGLEY, James Gina Heffernan
MCLAUGHLIN, Benjamin Franklin Elaine McLaughlin Bonds
and Ben McLaughlin
MCLAUGHLIN, Josiah Tuck Ben McLaughlin
MCLAUGHLIN, Peter Ben McLaughlin
NORWOOD, James A. Padget
O'KEEFE, John Dennis Susan O'Keefe
PATTILLO, George McIntosh Troup Pat Windschitl
SANDS, William Joseph Rex A. Sands
SMITH, Alexander Bill Derrow
ST. JOHN, James C., Jr. Carolann Stanton St. John
THOMPSON, Charles, II C. W. Barnum
THOMPSON, Edward Young Hill C. W. Barnum
THOMPSON, Seaborn J. (Jones)
Family #1
C. W. Barnum
THOMPSON, Seaborn J. (Jones) C. W. Barnum
WALKER, William Robert N. Hale, Sr.
WALRAVEN, John, Sr. Claudia Brumbalow
WILKERSON, Archibald Diane Cox
WILKINSON, Richard Henry Lee Janis Gilmore
WILKINSON, Sherwood Janis Gilmore
WYNN, Thomas C. Ben McLaughlin
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