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Poems by Claude Glenn Johnson

contributed by his granddaughter, Sharon Houston
narrative by Sharon Houston

"My ancestors lived in Towns Co. - 2  different Johnson families.  I love my old pictures and my grandfather, who attended Young Harris and served in WW I - then worked for several newspapers -  even though he was a lawyer and chose not to practice - wrote many poems about the area - some are like this":

"I am descended like this: John Battles Johnson and Loas Grigg Johnson parents of George Walton Johnson who married Frances Johnson, only child of John Johnson and Elizabeth Callahan Johnson, they had many children - one was Thomas Sherman Johnson who married Ella Matheson Johnson they had 3 sons Roy, Fred and Claude.   Claude is my grandfather.  I have a lot more on this family if anyone is interested (please contact Webmaster)

"I also have photos of the Lorenzo Wellington Matheson family from around the same time and would love to share the history as George Walton Johnson and his brothers left Towns for TN in the Civil War and all served for the North - While the Mathesons served for the South - The Johnson and Matheson children are all on a list of attendees of Young Harris.  George's son Tom married Lorenzo's daughter Ella.  I have a family photo of them also which includes my grandfather Claude - I also have a wonderful diary that my grandfather kept in WW I.  He met my grandmother Gilberte in a little French town where he was billeted before his return to the US.  My grandfather worked for newspapers in Atlanta, Macon, Tampa, and again in Atlanta.  His poems were published in these newspapers.  I think the poetry speaks so much of the North GA Mountains and his love for his home that it gives me so much pleasure to share them with those who love those North GA Mountains and their heritage there.  Just as a side note my Grandfather attended law school with Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy - and I do have some correspondence he exchanged witheither the Gov. or Mayor of NY or NYC - this official wrote him in response to one of his poems about a dog and they exchanged doggie mails for a while.  I believe many of George Walton's children stayed in Towns Co. for a long time - however, some did leave when their homes became part of the lake.

"George Walton Johnson's family is in Jerry Taylor's book The Hearthstones of Home.  One of the other Johnson families in that book is also in my line - the George and Eufanny Johnson family - Eufanny - George's niece (from his brother John) married George Walton Johnson - her name was Frances Johnson.  Their tombstones are in the pictures of graves from the Baptist cemetery near Young Harris."

"This is Thomas Sherman Johnson, son of George W. Johnson with his family, Ella Matheson Johnson, my grandfather, Claude, and his brothers Fred and Roy.  The Tom my grandfather refers to in this poem is his own father.  Ella/s father, Lorenzo Wellington Matheson fought for the South in the Civil War - 6th GA Cavalry."

"I believe this to be George Walton and Frances Johnson - from the age of the kids I would say it was taken in 1870 - I have incorporated one of my grandfather's poems again - it is one of my favorites:  A Night Spent on Bald Mountain.  The picture on the left is of the cemetery where George, Frances, and some of their children are buried."

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