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Stores - Taylor County

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The Five Points Store

William Allen Jarrell was the owner & operator and is the man standing by the gas pump. Jarrell's is on Ga. 208 (Old Wire Road), just a few miles west of U.S. 19 near the Wesley Community. Photo courtesy of Blanford Jarrell
Published June 2004 Tracer

Jarrell's store 2005

100 anniversary of the Jarrell Store last Saturday, There was plenty of hot dogs, boiled peanuts, soft drinks, and many of the good citizens of Taylor Co., Ga.

"Est. 1905." Currently run by Miss Essie . She has worked at the store since she was 20. She married Fred Jarrell Sr. in 1934.

Floyd Jarrell, opened a dry goods and hardware store in the back of his house originally -- then built the store across the road, expanding to sell much more than groceries.

Jarrell's store 2005

Photos courtesy of John Adams


My Mother and Father did all of their grocery shopping there . When riding the school bus it would always stop there on the way home from school and give all the students on the bus a chance to get some goodies. They have always had the best hoop cheese in the world period.

It has also been the gathering place for people to gather from all around to sit and talk get the latest news etc. At one time you could get your cotton ginned , Buy Gas, Free air and any king of food and soft drinks you wanted.

Mr. Floyd Jarrell was the owner of the store back in the 1940's and he was quite a character; a pleasure to talk with but ruled the place with a strong will. I remember sitting out on the front poach of the store and hearing Mr. Floyd tell some of the people that worked for him "GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL HONEY IF YOU WORK FOR MR. FLOYD YOU GOT TO WORK", and most of them knew he was serious. Mrs. Estelle that operates the store now is one of the finest people you would ever want to meet. Contributed by: Marshall Scott

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Virginia Crilley.

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