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Churches - Taylor County

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Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church

Constituted January 15, 1870. Still active.
Elder Dennis Jones, Pastor
Carlton Jinks, Deacon

July, 1999 Tracer page 1-8.
Membership list from 1870-present.

Howard Methodist Church

Printed in The Taylor Tracer March, 2000

Old Butler Baptist Church

Union Methodist Church

Union Methodist Church today
April, 2000 Tracer pages 1-7

Union Methodist Church "old building"
April, 2000 Tracer pages 1-7

Mt. Nebo Primitive Baptist Church

Mt. Nebo Primitive Baptist Church Charing, Ga.
Constituted September 21, 1886
Elder Fred K. Gordon, Jr., Pastor
Meeting every 4th. Sunday at 10:30 A.M. April, 1996 Tracer, page 3

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Virginia Crilley.

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