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(1) Herman Huet (2) Lucy Hinton (3) Miss Lillie Maude Andrews (Teacher) (4) Alma White (5) Louise Gilson (6) Louise Hammock (7) Clyde Brewer (8) Wynelle Jinks (9) Arbene Chambers (10) Sadie Rawls (11) Robert Wayne Bartlett (12) Inez Waters (13) Jewell Adams (14) Cecil Cox

1. Harman Huel (spelling on back of picture) Could be Harmon Huey
2. Lucy Bell Hinton born September 15, 1901 daughter of Henry A. Hinton and Leola Josephine (Griffith) Hinton. Resided in Butler in 1910. Married Andrew Brannon about 1920 and resided in Muscogee Co., Ga.
3. Miss Lillie Maude Andrews was the teacher for the sixth & seventh grades at Butler Male & Female College for the school year 1917-1918. (BUTLER HERALD, September 6, 1917) She was born October 1, 1893 daughter of Bennette L. Andrews & Alice (Mathews) Andrews. She resided in Crawford Co., Ga with her parents in 1910. Lillie Maude Andrews and her sister, Minnie Alice Andrews, received Elementary General Diplomas from University of Georgia in July, 1915. (Atlanta Constitution, July 31, 1915) She was living with her mother in Crawford Co., Ga at the time of the 1930 Census. She was listed as a teacher. She never married and died December 17, 1986 at the age of 93.
4. Laura Alma White born c1906 daughter of Major Daniel & Martha White of Crawford & Taylor Co., Ga.
5. Clara Louise Gilson born October 15, 1902 daughter of William J. Gilson and Mattie B. (Perkins) Gilson. Resided in Daviston District on Taylor Co., Ga. in 1910. Louise Gilson became a teacher and taught several years at Wesley School. She never married and died January 10, 1987 at Thomaston, Ga. Buried at Union Methodist Church Cemetery, Taylor Co., Ga.
6. Edith Louise Hammock born September 13, 1905 daughter of Nathan Bussey Hammock & Ada Virginia (Fountain) Hammock. She resided in Butler in 1910. Graduated from Butler Male & Female College in 1922. She married John H. Newton.
7. Clyde Brewer born April 19, 1900 daughter of Joseph E. Brewer & Mary Lou (Turner) Brewer. Miss Clyde A. Brewer never married and she and her sister Ouida Brewer lived in Butler. Clyde Brewer died September 29, 1973 and is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Taylor Co., Ga.
8. Wynelle Jinks born March 8, 1905 daughter of Jessie Isaiah Jinks & Leona Katherine (Gullatte) Jinks. She married William J. Gordy. She died in Muscogee Co., Ga January 30, 1997 at the age of 91.
9. Arbene Chambers born June 23, 1903 daughter of Ira Chambers & Naomi R. (Windham) Chambers. She married William Shaw. She died January 28, 1990 in Florida at the age of 87.
10. Sadie Rawls born c1903 daughter of Braxton B. Rawls and Sarah T. (Williams) Rawls.
11. Robert Wayne Bartlett born April 11, 1903 son of Charles M. Bartlett and Lena F. (Rhodes) Bartlett. Robert died October 25, 1918 from pneumonia (Influenza Epidemic 1918) He is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Taylor Co., Ga.
12. Inez Waters born 1904 daughter of Ed E. & Lizzie Waters.
13. Lillie Jewell Adams born June 28, 1902 daughter of John Henry Adams & Nettie Orene (Smith) Adams. She married 1st James Corbett Price on January 4, 1923 in Taylor Co., Ga. He died on April 30, 1929, following an operation for appendicitis. She married 2nd Luke A. Adams on August 21, 1932 in Taylor Co., Ga. They resided in Taylor Co., Ga. Where Luke was a farmer and operated the Gulf Station on the west end of the Taylor County Court House. Lillian Jewell Adams died August 1, 1972. They both are buried at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery in Taylor Co., Ga.
14. Cecil Cox born August 16, 1904 son of Homer Worth Cox and Annie Bell (Wilcher) Cox. He married Marie Fielder and they resided at Junction City, Talbot Co., Ga. Cecil W. Cox served as Postmaster of Junction City for 33 years. He died November 7, 1963.

7th & 8th Grade Butler Male & Female College

Miss Lillie Maude Andrews Class 1917-1918
L-R: (1) Inez Waters (2) Clyde Brewer (3) Ethel Shealy (4) Wynelle Jinks (5) Eloise Peed (6) Edith Louise Hammock (7) Arbene Chambers (8) Sadie Rawls (9) Lucy Hinton (10) Alma White.

All the above are identified in the photo #1 except: (3) Sarah Ethel Shealy born 1903 and married Moses R. Williamson. She died December 12, 1928 and is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Taylor Co., Ga.

(5) Eloise Peed was born April 27, 1903 daughter of Frederick A. Peed & Irene Virginia (McGee) Peed. She married Jack C. Suggs. Eloise Peed Suggs died January 18, 1983 and is buried at Butler Memorial Cemetery Taylor Co., Ga.


L-R: (1) Eloise Peed (2) Sadie Rawls (3) Lillian Jewell Adams

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