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A tree must have a good root system and a good genealogist must know where to dig. Join us---be a TRACER.

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Officers 2020

President - Gary Page
Vice-President - Mike Buckner
Secretary - Sybil Willingham
Treasurer - Bill Doty
Director - Wayne Wilson 2nd yr 2 yr term
Director - Dorothy Parker begin 2 year term
Director - Gary Bubb Begin 2nd year term
Archivist & Tracer Editors: Edward & Margie Benns
Tracer Editors Emeriti: John and Janice Adams Submit materials to: Edward Benns

Index to back issues of Taylor County Tracer Current Issues - 2013

Index to issues 2012-1997

Back issues available upon request. Edward Benns

Spring 2021

Beechwood Community
H.G. Taunton
Garland T. Byrd Supporters
Butler Schools (Male & Female College, Consolidated High Schol)
Dreizin Dry Good Store
Nat Lucas
Obituary: Rev Joseph W. Jones, Jr.;Coinne Hammer Betts Jarrell; Corene Heath Hobbs
Fort Lawrence Historical Marker Dedication

Winter 2020
Fickling Family
Werewolf Talbot County
Knights of the Golden Circle
Confederate Monument Fund
Grand Theater Burns July 8 1920
Observations Oct 2, 1952
Ft. Lawrence Plaque & Sketch of Fort

Fall 2020
Crawford County Pottery
Wilson's Raiders in Upson County
Early Years of Reynolds (Butler Herald Oct 16 1952)
George H. Goddard on Life in Reynolds 1969 interview
Windell Windham Bomber Crash & Wilderness Survivor
Soldier Memorial Courthouse (UDC)
Sheriff C.J. Wright & Alfred Tauton Injured Aug 37, 1953

Summer 2020
Honky Tonk Row
Charing, History
Rustin's Lake History
Lundsford, Col. J.R. 1955 observations
Mizell, Dr. J.G. died 1940
Neisler, C.H. Tribute 1942
Mitchell, Margaret Author 1949
Bryant, Benjamin Franklin family history
Wilson, J. Rob photo School Bus  ca 1930
Moonlight Follies, Reynolds, 1922
Marshall, C.B.   photo

Spring 2020
Clarence L. Jordan-Millard Fuller - Koinonia Farm
Willis Academy
John S. Pemberton
Alex Crane Drowned
Lewis Minor's monkey escapes
History of Mauk

Winter 2019
Joiner, Prof. Eugene H.
Lindberg at Southern Field
Byrd, Mrs. D.E. (May Bell Gaultney)
Young, James Harold memorial
Old Travelers Rest Montezuma
Lighthouse Yatesville, GA
Sawyer, Gilbert killed Mar 1960
TCHGS Mtg. "Father Whelan, Catholic Priest" by Mark Hale

Fall 2019
Hightower, Rev W.E. Butler Methodist Church
Quilt project 1930's - individuals names
Cochran, J.T. Tribute
West, Mr A.C. Oct 1925 death
Reynolds Public School (1900) 1922 by W.M. Parker
Bennett, J.W. property between White Water Bridge and Rupert
Talbotton Short Line Railroad + map + photos
Whiskey Car captured 1923
McCants, Franklin Ross Tribute
Turner, Jackie killed train-car crash 1945
Strauss, Isidor & Ida Titantic
Wedding Eloise Peed & Walter Suggs  1925
Taylor County Peanut farming 1942

Summer 2019
Pyron, Joseph H.  Biographical Sketch
Byrd, Dozier Eugene Tribute
Butler's biggest fire 1906 (written 1938)
Infant boy abandoned 1942
Saving Macon girl Award to Emmett Wilson 1922
Taylor Factory - Potterville (photos + history)
Taylor Co. Green Project 1954
Old Photos: 
	Old Cotton See Warehouse
	Old Mill house and Patsiliga Creek 1946
	Courthouse 1947
Winchester, Sara and Mystery House
Steed, W.E. tribute 1942

Summer 2019
Corbin, Samuel Peter + map
Porter, Dr. Hugh Tribute
McCrary Adella 105th birthday
Reynolds Observations 1952 by Charles Benns, Sr
Hogg, Wm married Georgia Garret Nov 1883
Hinton & Hollis Stores Reynolds  1954
Restaurants Classic
Future Farmers of America phot 1968
O'Day Marie "Mummy" mummified corpse
Camellias near Ft. Valley - Marshallville
100th Anniversary of Taylor Co. 1952 Photos

Winter 2018
Robert Clifford Montgomery Dr.
Turk Burger and Rabbit Box (Butler)
Dixie Cafe Fire 1938 Butler
Walker's Phramcy and Ford Company 1918
The Wheel Ft. Valley Drive In
Renolds Legion - Fire fighting 1950
Suggs Garage 1935 Butler
7th & 8th Grade Howard School photo 1923-4
Butler Naval Store 1934
Reynolds new fire fighting equipment 1955
Hadacol "Wonder Drug"

Fall 2018
Troutman, Joanna Texas Lone Star Flag
Flintside Restaurant & Motel - Mr. Robert Hale & Clifford Ranow
Dr. Dams & Dr. Whatley Retirement 1995
McGlaun, Dequindre Memorial 1919-2018
Aultman Super Store, Reynolds 1929-1968 
Group Photo 1934 (Ficling, Byrd, Perkins, Joiner, Cox, Davis, Dreizen, Cochran, Daniels, Dreizen
I.F. Peeble, Merchant Butler (1888)
Deepest Hole Known to man
Airplane Explosion Macon 1928
Mummies - Indian Springs fakes (W C Bryant & L J Gregory)
Old Indian Bowl discovered by Donnie Crook 1967
Geologist Mica Deposits 1932

Summer 2018
Whiskey Still (Wm H. Garrett, Enoch, Napoleon, Alfred) 1922
Butler new police car 1959 Photo
Colbert, Judge O.M. 1852-1912
Dr. F.H. Sam's Hospital 1949
Blaisedell Dr. A. Carpetbagger 1858
Shealy Home (1850) Oglethorpe
Asparagus - Taylor Co
Cannonball Ft. Sumter Monument Thomaston  1919
Newsom, N.B. death 1906
McGlaun, Dequindre tribute WWII
Sealey, Archie WWII
James Young WWII
Sumter courthouse sold 1959

Spring 2018
James Dudley Taunton	1
McCants Pond sold to Garland Byrd Aug 30, 1956	4
Chesley Brown Marshall	5
Along the Flint		8
Rural Electrification Come 	11
Wayne Cochran	13
Butler Candy Company Mr. R.J. Pate Jan 1924   13

Winter 2018
Psychics Amanda Mayhayler Lancaster	1
St. EOM -Pasaquan Psychic		2
Mattie Hays		5
Pimento Pepper - Panhandle		7
Homes of Reynolds		6
West Hotel - (Miss Marion West) Butler		7
Butler Water Works (Robert Scandrett)		10
Deer Season			12

Fall 2017
The Old Federal Road & Fort Lawrence    1
Dr. Hugh Mitchell Neisler	4
Land Formerly Growing Peaches  Aug 24, 1944 	6
(Clem Waters place; Mr. H. Watson, Mr. C.H. Matthews)

Modern Hotel erected by Dr. L.R. Dean Mar 2, 1944	6
Sylvia Maxwell Scholarship to Wesleyan College  Jun 28 1962	6
Persons' Lake of Butler		7
Helen Dunwood - Margaret Benns - party Sept 9 1926	7
New Bethel Congregational Methodis Church  Jun 19 1960	11
4-H Boy Champion Pig Richard H. Allen	11
By-Laws	12

Summer 2017

Pre-1950 Hwy travel   1
Magic Hill Mystery  1
1920's Tobacco production Taylor Co 2
Burke, Jack (Butler Marshall) Murder 1914   3
Williamson, Pleas and G.W. murdered Jack Burke 1914 3
Butler U.S. Govt Airport and Weather Bureau 1940 4
Rainbow Trout planted in Whitewater by Game Comm. 1944    5
Civil War Equsitrian Statues     5
Flewellen, E.A. home The Rock 5
The Rock  6
Dugger's Store Post Office 1952  6
Parks, Hoodman dies 1952   6
Church Building (Elder Respess, Rev Frank Bohler)   7
Jarrell new Farm Pond  1947   7
Mystery Building Photo   7
Fortson, Sec of State, hides State Seal 1947    7
McCants, Elizabeth, Feature writer Macon Telegraph 1947 8
Garrett, Emil  Rug bought in China worth $150,000 1947   8
Edwards, J.W. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Windham, J.J. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Smith, G.C. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Peebles, I.F. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Peagler, H.J. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Chambers, Ira prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Steed, Walter E. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Chapman, M.A. prominent Butler Citizen  1912  9
Prominent Butler Citzens 1912   9
Plane crash near Junction City 1948 10
New Hotel - Butler square Dr. Lewis R. Dean 1944  10
McGee, A.J. undertaker 1896 Ad 10
Reynolds organization 1812  (1952 paper) 11
Pike, Gloria Pres Beta Club High School 1952  12
Identify Old Household Items (photos and clues)  12
Minutes of Society, Feb April  13
Minutes of Society March 14
Mystery picture Spring Identified  14

Spring 2017
Butler Bottling Works 8
Carson, Capt Joseph Perryman   1

Cook, Jessie - Last Public Hanging 1939    13

Edwards, Sonny - injured in auto accident  13
Flint River Stable  (Jarrell's Training Harness Race Track) 10
Fort Steadman, Battle  2 - 6

Gaultney, Durward and Cooper, Jim Nat killed in auto accident 1957  12
Hutto, Charlie P - stolen radiator  1953   13
Meriweather County Gold Mines  9
Spring Mystery House  7
Minutes of Society    14
Schedule for 2017 Meetings   15

Winter 2016-2017

Bandits Loot Charing Bank Jan 1932  19
Bell, R.L. Charing Bank  19
Butler Fire Department, history 14
Cement Block industry - Reynolds  13
Crowell Poultry Farm & Hatchery Ad 7
Edwards J.W. II Home fire 14
Georgia's How Got its Shape  10
Jarrell, Thelmon obit 1960
Kaolin Mines 1896-1940 5
Montfort, Theodore 1
Mystery House (Store of Mrs. Eva B.McInvale, Pottersville)
Peach Harvest  6
Pye, Gardner Charing Bank 19
Reynolds Mercantile Sale Ad 1920 12
Turk John & Richard Rescued  11
Winecoff Hotel Fire  70th Anniversary 8
Wilson's Raiders April 1865  15
Young, James Peach 6

Fall 2016
1941 Auto Tags May 30 
Aeroplances Taxi to Gas Station Jan 11, 1940
Barrow, Jamie Store June 11, 1953
Benns, Edward Childhood memories
Buried Treasure Oct 30, 1930
Carsonville Incorporated Nov 26, 1953
Callahan, Doris Weds Hugh H. Howell, Jr. Feb 18, 1960
Callahan, Tossie's Store/Rupert Post Office (Benn's story)
Cochran, Robert melon broker(Benn's story)
Cracker Architecture with photos
Crook, M.L. & Daisy Managers. Lake Henry Supper Club Aug 13, 1953
Civil War Weapons
Eubanks, Dudley accident  Jul 14, 1960
Flournoy, James Mar 9, 1939
Kaolin Mine to Operate June 9, 1914
Marion & Taylor Co Veterans Appomattox Surender
Marion West Tribute
McCrary, Adella Grayer Oldest Centenarian
Miller, Sonny accident  Jul 14, 1960
Neisler, Hugh Charles (1876-1936)
Observations  Jun 18, 1953 Charles Benn Sr
Patsiliga Creek
Peacock, Robert accident  Jul 14, 1960
Roberson, John H. Civil War Veteran by Margie Benns
Sandstone Outcropping + Photos
Surrender at Appomattox by Sybil Williamham
West, Marion. May 7, 1942
Wilchar, Frank murder by Edward Benns
Wire Road Observations
World's oldest cotton bale Troup Co Nov 10, 1960

Summer 2016

Allen, Edwin p.11
Allen, Edwin p.14
Almgren Walter p.11
Almgren, Lamar p.11
Barrow, Homer p. 8
Bazemore, Arman p. 11
Beall, Maggie Glover p.15
Beeland, Homer p.10
Bigfoot investigation p.14
Bone, W.E. p.14
Bone, Z. Taylor, Rev. p.12
Booster Club
Burdeshaw, Ann p.12
Butler Light Company p. 8
Callaway—Ida Cason Gardens p.14
Camellia show attendees 1948 p. 14
Childs, H.A. p.8
Childs, J. A. p.8
Christopher, W. H., Dr. p.15
Cook, Chief J. D. p.13
Cooper, Bobby p.11
Daughters of the Confederacy  Taylor County Chapter p.13
Dean, M. P. p.11
Dixie Haven p.10
Doyle, Lorenzo p. 11 typo
Edwards, J. W.
Edwards, Julian Mrs. Recital p.13
Edwards, Ward p.11
Elliston, William M. Herman p.11
Farrish Block Company Reynolds, GA p.5,6,7
Flint River Bridge Co. p. 9, 10
Gee, LeRoy p.11
Gibson, Wilma p.12
Gilbert, Emory p. 11
Glover, Pauline Christopher p. 15
Griffith , Mary Burke Butt p.1
Griffith,  Beverly  Howard p.1,2
Griffith, Beverly Howard  family in Taylor County  page 1, career2,3,4
Griffith, Jincy A. R. Johnson p.1
Griffith, Jr, James p.1
Griffith, L’Ella p.1,2
Griffith, Mary Butt p.1,2
Griffith, William Butt p.1,2
Guinn, Austin p. 12
Heath, Alton p.11
Hobbs, Corene Heath p.16
Hortman, G. J. p.11
Hortman, Hazel p.11
Jarrell, Estelle Spinks p.16
Joiner, G.W.B. "Uncle Bony", p. 13
Lawhorn, W. R., Rev. p.12
Locke, Bobby  p.11
MacDowell  Music Club p.13
Marshall, C. B. p.9
Matthews, J. A. p.9
McGlaun, Jack p. 12
Memorials 2016 p. 20
Montfort, O. T, p.10
Montgomery, John family photo p.11
Neisler Bridge p.9
Neisler, C. H.  p.9
Pennington, John Saunders p.11
Smith, G. C. 
Taylor County Historical Society Minutes p. 17,18,19
Taylor County Mystery House p. 1
Turk, Ruth Beason p.16
Turners Chapel Church p.12
West Georgia Historic Newspaper website p. 11
Whispering Pines p. 10
Wilson, J. R. p.12
Wilson’s Raiders p. 15
Wright, Elmo p.11

Spring 2016
Bazemore, Bertha's store memories
Butler Progress Mar 1929
Byrd, Lt Garland Silver Star Feb 22, 1945
Childrews, John and Mrs. Bartlett married Sept 1897
Cooper, J. Ran attacked  Jun 26, 1952
Cox, Jamie fell in well Sept 1938
4-H. Club Sept 1961
Frierson, T.H. family
Goddard, George A. block fire Reynolds Dec 1947
Harris/Carraway Family home Talbot Co.
Hill, Edmond killed road accident Sept 1956
Kudzu plants arrive Feb 1943
Kirksey, Mrs. Jack Ltr re husband from John F. Kennedy Nov 11, 1943
Marshall, Chelsey Brown . Reynolds Golf Club (photo of Marshall)
Mumford, Ed miracle rescue Jul 1949
Peed, Ruth Beason married John Martin Turk Jul 24, 1947
Suggs, Walter. 1st Airplane Aug 1944.
Tupin family car accident Apr 1961.
Swimming Pool open. May 12, 1960
Turner, Maxine Thompson obit (1935-2016.
Turner, Aretus Sr. 
Warnum, Samuel tombstone - Talbot Co. Smith Family Cemetery
Water Fountain Courthouse. Lewis L. Minor
Wolf Pit Railroad Turn-table Sept 1938
Wright, C.J. Sheriff shot  June 1952
Young, Jas H. Sgt Bronze Star Aug 9 1945
Winter, Summer being indexed.

June 2015
Allmon, Bobbie Lee graduates Butler High	3		
Amos, Allie Elizabeth graduates Butler High	3		
Annual Harvest Days in old Talbot	1		
Bankston, Obie Bardwell, Jr. birth	5	
Barrow, Miss Susan F. weds Mr. William Tate	9		
Bazemore, Lillian Pearl graduates Butler High	3		
Beason, Dr. locates here to practice medicine	3		
Bloodworth, Ann weds Mr. Thomas Mobley	5		
Bloodworm, Huell graduates Butler High	3		
Bone, Lena Rivers graduates Butler High	3		
Boylston, Miss Ruth weds Dr. James Fountain	5		
Brief history of the TRACER	1		
Butler Herald May 5, 1932-June30, 1932	4-9		
Butler, Mrs. T. C. death announcement	7		
Butt, Paul D. weds Miss Kittye Pearl Collins	9		
Byrd, Lillian Wynell graduates from Reynolds High	2		
Byrd, Mrs. J. S. obituary	7		
Caldwell, Lillian A. graduates Butler High	3		
Chapman, Homer Clyde graduates Butler High	3		
Childres, Ruth Alene graduates Butler High	3		
Collins, Kittye Pearl weds Mr. Paul D. Butt	9		
Cook, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas daughter birth	7		
Coolik, Samuel graduates from Reynolds High	2		
Cooper, John Robert graduates Butler High	3		
Cooper, Miss Eunie weds Mr. Clarence Downs	5		
Cooper, Miss Katie Nell weds Mr. R. C. Pinkard	6		
Downs, Clarence weds Miss Eunie Cooper	5		
Evans, Miss Lily weds Henry Harp	2		
Fain, Gloria Jean & Barbara June twins birth	4		
Fain, Hugh S. graduates Butler High	3		
Forrester, John M. weds Dorothy Nelson Lowe	9		
Fountain, Daniel Respess graduates from Reynolds	2		
Fountain, Dr. James weds Miss Ruth Boylston	5		
Gaultney, Mary Louise Memorial	8		
Gaultney, Mary Louise obituary	2			
Gaultney, Palmer Memorial	7			
Goodman, Sara Henrietta graduates Butler High	3			
Graves, Alma Inez Salutatorian from Reynolds	2			
Griffith, Lucile Ann graduates from Reynolds High	2			
Griffith, Mr. John M. obituary	5			
Hair, Dr. W. M. obituary	10			
Hammock, Annie Mae graduates Butler High	3			
Harp, Henry weds Miss Lily Evans	2			
Heath, Corene H. graduates from Reynolds High	2			
Hogg, Mr. Z. Taylor obituary	8			
Jarrell, Ann Juliet graduates Butler High	3			
Jarrell, Margaret L. graduates from Reynolds High	2			
Jarrell, W. Wilson graduates Butler High	3			
Jones, Leila Grace graduates from Reynolds High	2			
Locke, Edward Evans birth announcement	4			
Lowe, Dorothy Nelson weds Mr. John M. Forrester	9			
Martin, Robert Earl birth	7			
McCants, Howard graduates Butler High	3			
McCants, Mrs. Joanna J. (Aunt Jo) obituary	8			
McCorkle, Betty birth	6			
McDaniel, Eva graduates from Reynolds High	2			
McDonald, Mary Willis weds Mr. Merle J.Wood	10			
Minutes of April TCHGS Meeting	10	
Mobley, Thomas weds Miss Ann Bloodworth	5
Montgomery, Margaret Louise graduates Reynolds	2
Montgomery, Mitchell (Bill) H. graduates Butler	3
Montgomery, Samuel Owen birth	6
Mystery House  15th Dist LL136. Dempsey Andrew Jackson Willis
Orrell, Edith graduates Butler High	3
Parks, Elizabeth Lavenia graduates Butler High	3
Payne, Homer Hubert graduates Butler High	3
Peagler, Miss Louise weds Mr. M. P. Stanley	6
Peterman, Jane obituary	3
Peterman, Sara graduates Butler High	3
Philips, Mrs. Elizabeth T. obituary	4
Pinkard, R. C. weds Miss Katie Nell Cooper	6
Pittman, Clyde Belmont graduates Butler High	3
Ragland, Hon. T. T. death	4
Ray, Lura Mae birth announcement	4
Rogers, Mrs. Lucius obituary	7
Rumph, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis son's birth	6
Rutherford, Clarence & Janie Clayra twins birth	4
Spillers, John F. Memorial	2
Stanley, M. P. weds Miss Louise Peagler	6
Swearingen, Ed & Dorothy Photo	11
Tate, William weds Miss Susan Frances Barrow	9
Theus, Mrs. David (Mary) obituary	5
Turk, Sara Louise graduates Butler High	3
Turner, Ruth graduates Butler High	3
Waters, Joseph Warren graduates Butler High	3
Whatley, Mrs. J. R. Memorial	9
Whatley, Mrs. J. R. obituary	4
White, W. S. son's birth	4
Willingham, Sybil Photo	10
Wood, Merle J. weds Mary Willis McDonald	10
Woodall, Mr. W. A. obituary	6
Woodall, W. A. Memorial	8		

May 2015
Accident on the Rail	3			
Albritton, Miss Thelma weds William G. Fowler	14			
Amos, Mrs. James H., nee Wynelle Pope injured	12			
Bivins, Dave (col) dies in Columbus	14			
Bloodworm, Miss Ann to wed William T. Mobley	13			
Coolik, David home consumed by fire	12			
Culberth, Marcellus killed in train wreck	8			
Cumming Road photo	9			
Ellis, Little Joe obituary	13			
Engineer Oscar D. Touchstone killed in train wreck	8			
Everett, James Abbington obituary	2			
Everett's Station Crawford Co., GA	1-10			
Everett's Station map	9			
Fowler, William G. weds Miss Thelma Albritton	14			
Frierson Captain Thomas Hancock injured on RR	3			
Gaultney, infant of Mr. & Mrs. M. T. Gaultney dies	14			
Hambric, Miss Malissie dies at Ideal	14			
Hill, Miss Nettie B. critically ill with Pneumonia	11			
Hobbs, Rev. H. G. moves to Butler	12			
Howard, Chesley Bostwick obituary	4-5			
Howard, Major John H. obituary	2-3			
Jarrell, James C. weds Miss Margaret Montgomery	11			
Johnson, Will killed in Railroad accident	4			
Johnston, Postal Clerk F. M. injured in RR accident	3-4			
Lumpkin, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. son bom	14			
Map showing Everett's Station	1			
McCrary, Lucretia obituary	13			
McCrary, Richard E,, (col) obituary	13-14			
McDaniel, Mrs. Robert, nee Susie Carpenter Mem.	13			
McGehee, Mary Kline birth	13			
Miller, Archie, (col) found dead on RR tracks	11			
Mitchell, Addison W. killed in RR Accident	3			
Mobley, William T. to wed Miss Ann Bloodworth	13			
Montgomery, Miss Margaret weds James C. Jarrell	11			
Mullings, Engineer T. J. obituary	7-8			
Mystery House Photo	1			
New Members	14			
Nineteen people hurt in wreck on Central RR	7			
Old 96 Highway photo	10			
Peterman, Mrs. Jane, nee Culverhouse	14			
Smith, Miss Effie injured in auto wreck	12			
Spillers, John memorial	14			
Telegraph Man visits Butler & Everett Station	5-6			
Thefts of years are cleared up	6			
Theus, Mrs. James Jasper, nee Mary J. Davis Obit.	11			
Threlkeld, Mrs. Rebecca dies at Ellaville	13			
Turner, Mrs. William C., nee Lucy Harvey obituary	14			
Vann, I. Bradford dies	13			
Wilder, Mr. R. E. killed by lighting	3			
Williams, Fayette charged with theft ofRR property	6			
Willis, Sara obituary	13			
Young & Barber store destroyed by fire at Everett	4			
Young. Abner B. obituary	8		

April 2015
Adams, Britt (2) photo

Adams, Robby (2) photo

Amerson, Red ferryman

Batteau photo

Blackshear Ferry Laurens Co., GA photo

Bridge means end of old Flint River Ferry

Bryan Ferry

Burnt Fort Ferry photo

Cauley, James ferryman

Clark, William (col) ferryman

Coffee, Virginia photo

Cromer, Homer ferryman

Cromer, Homer ferryman (5) photo

Cromer, Homer ferryman (5) photo

Cromer, Homer ferryman photo

Cromer, John Hillard ferryman

Cromer, John Hillard ferryman photo

Cromer, Lester ferryman

Cromer, Lester ferryman photo

Dames Ferry photo

Edwards, Edmond (col) ferryman

English, William (col) ferryman

English, William ferryman (3) photo

Ferries on Flint River by Eugene Anderson

Ferries on the Flint River

Ferry me Across the Water by Christina Rossetti

Ferryman and the Phillospher

Flint River Rising photo

Ford on Timms Creek photo

Frye, Kevin photo

Georgia's last River Ferry 

Ghosts on Flint River

Hogg, Jimmy ferryman

Hogg, Jimmy ferryman photo

Hooks, Elijah (col) ferryman

Johnson, Richard "Dick" (col) ferryman

Jones, David Ferry

Jones, Ruth Roberts Memorial

Lane, Walton Woodrow "Chick" ferryman

Loggins, William J. shoots Tom Massey

Loggins, William Jacob ferryman

Map showing locations of Ferries in Macon Co.

Map showing locations of ferries on Flint River

Marshallville Ferry

Marshallville Ferry leaves the river

Marshallville Ferry photo

Marshallville Ferry photo

Massey, Clyde ferryman

Massey, George ferryman

Massey, Tom shot by Ferryman William J. Loggins

McCrary, Peter (col) ferryman

McDaniel, George Gresham ferryman

Minutes of TCHGS Meeting

Montgomery Ferry Cobb Co., GA photo

New Member

Nixon, Hamp (col) killed by Peter Reynolds (col)

Oconee River Ferry, Putnam Co., GA photo

Reynolds, Unknown ferryman

Richmond County Ferryman

Rush, John killed by Jerry Walker at Gray's Ferry

Sanders Ferry Elbert Co., GA photo

Snow, Littleton Leonidas ferryman

Suggs, Bob photo

Tooke, James (col) ferryman

Travelers Rest Ferry

Wacter, John W. ferryman

Walker, Jerry kills John Rush at Gray's Ferry

Walton, Angie photo

Walton, Mark photo

Wells, Lewis (col) ferryman

Wiley, LeRoy M. Ferry

Williams, Allen Clifton ferryman



March 2015
Adams, Charles F. dies in Texas

Anthony, Imogene photo

Aultman, Rob photo

Aultman's Super Store building today photo

Aultman's Super Store Reynolds photo

Barrow, William photo

Big Oak Hotel photo

Blackmon, James L. obituary

Brewer, Mary E. Johnson obituary

Byrd, Mrs. Epsie Bowers obituary

Carter, Lester Mail Carrier photo

Cheek, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh daughter born

Citizens Oil Company Reynolds photo

Cook's Dime Store Reynolds photo

Crawford, A. J. Ford Dealership photo

Ellison, Robert C. obituary

Evans, Miss Lily weds Henry King Harp

Farmer's & Merchants Bank photo

First National Bank Reynolds photo

Fountain, Antoinette photo

Gaultney, Palmer obituary

Goddard's General Store inside photo

Goddard's General Store photo

Gordon's Service Station Reynolds photo

Harp, Henry King weds Miss Lily Evans

Hill, James Green Drug Store photo

Hill, Mr. A. E. Memoriam

Hill's Grocery Store Reynolds

Hobbs, Lewis obituary

Hollis, E. A. Mail Carrier photo

J. & G. Store Reynolds photo

Jones, Baily Mail Carrier photo

Lawhorn, Miss Verna Memoriam

Lawhorn, Miss Verna obituary

Lee, Miss Ada obituary

McCrary, Will Carson birth

McDaniel, Eva photo

Niesler's Warehouse Reynolds Photo

Nu-Way Lunch Room Reynolds photo

Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Brown son born

Parker, William photo

Phillips, Wesley Warren birth

Reynolds Concrete Products Co. Reynolds photo

Reynolds Dry Cleaners photo

Reynolds Georgia 1919 - Atlanta Constitution

Reynolds Grocery Store photo

Reynolds Hardware Store photo

Reynolds Pharmacy inside Photo

Reynolds Pharmacy photo

Reynolds Post Office photo

Ruffin, Louis photo

Sams, Dr. Frank hospital photo 1940's

Sams, Frank, Jr photo

Saunders, Herman T. Garage photo

Saylor, Jake Mail Carrier photo

Simmons, C. R. Warehouse Reynolds photo

Smith, Benjamin B. obituary

Spillers, John Franklin obituary

Spillers, John obituary

U. S. Post Office Reynolds photo

Walker's Pharmacy photo

Whatley, Clay photo

Whatley, Dr. Edwards hospital photo 1940's

Whatley's Warehouse Reynolds photo

Willingham, Ms Sybil photo

Willingham, Ms Sybil program on State Symbols

Windham, H. Guy Service Station Reynolds photo


February 2015
Adams, Ben photo (3)

Adams, Bobby photo

Adams, Fred photo

Adams, Jewell (2) photo

Adams, John "Ben" Benjamin Memorial

Adams, Luke (2) photo

Adams, Mrs. J. M. obituary

Bigbie, Donnie Ross birth

Biggers, Miss Frances weds W. G.  McGehee

Butler Herald February 18, 1932 - March 24, 1932

Byrd, Josephine Hamilton obituary

Byrd, Mrs. Josephine Hamilton Byrd obituary

Callier, James weds Alice Turner

Cassady,  Ruth Audrey Cotton photo

Cassady, Albert Sidney, Jr. photo

Cassady, Claude Preston photo

Cassady, Estelle Alma photo

Cassady, Family home photo

Cassady, Jonathan Cecil photo

Cassady, Martha Ann Sibley photo

Cassady, Mary Elizabeth Rodgers photo

Childs, R. D. obituary

Collum, Miss Susie weds W. R. Gresham

Cotton, Martha ? photo

Dwight, Mrs. Amanda Jones obituary

Eason, Miss Fannie B. weds Joe Story

Fletcher, Mildred Purvis and child obituary

Fletcher, Mildred Purvis Memorial

Giles, James H. obituary

Glisson, Samuel E. dies in Macon

Gresham, W, R. weds Miss Susie Collum

Gressell, Floyd Emmerson, Jr. birth

Hill, Mrs. Arthur nee Woodall obituary

Hobbs, Miss Bonnie Ray weds Carl Stafford

Houser, Mrs. Mattie Lou obituary

Howell, Macon C. obituary

Hudson, Samuel Hudson obituary

Laubscher, Lt. Col. Sonya Reddick Memorial

Lindsey, John Thomas, Sr. obituary

Lumpkin, Miss Myrtice weds Herbert E. Sayers

McCrary, Aunt Lou (col) obituary

McDaniel, P. T. obituary

McGehee, W. G. weds Miss Frances Biggers

Mystery Photo

Mystery photo winner

Newsom, Barbara Ann birth

Pearce, Claude Wescott obituary

Pool, Ed dies in Thomaston

Robinson, Miss Marie buried at Mt. Zion

Rodgers Family of Georgia and Louisiana

Rodgers Lot at Midway Bapt Cem, Taylor Co., GA

Rodgers, David photo

Rodgers, Elizabeth Hortman photo

Rodgers, Johnathan CSA photo

Rodgers, Johnathan photo

Rodgers, Lucinda Cindy grave photo

Rodgers, Lucius Quenton photo

Rodgers, Mrs. Janett Trussell Memorial

Rodgers, Sarah A. obituary

Rodgers, Thomas Jefferson grave photo

Rush, Weaver D. weds Miss Marie Josie Tyler

Saunders, William Ellis obituary

Sayers, Herbert E. weds Miss Myrtice Lumpkin

Searcy, Miss Betty Jane birth

Slaughter, Charles W. obituary

Stafford, Carl weds Miss Bonnie Ray Hobbs

Stewart, Edgar dies in Schley County

Story, Joe weds Miss Fannie B. Eason

TCHGS Officers

Turner, Alice weds James T. Callier

Turner, Joe Allen obituary

Tyler, Miss Marie Josie weds Weaver D. Rush

Waller, Dr. Robert D., M.D. Memorial

Weathersby, Alma obituary

Youngblood, Merrell Doris obituary


January 2015
Adams, Mr. & Mrs. J. Arch Celebrate 62nd Anniv.

Almgren, Michael Gene Memorial

Argintar, Miss Lena weds Morris Coolik

Averett, George W. obituary

Bivins, R. L. weds Miss Lillian McGlaun

Blair, Louis weds Miss Cora Potts

Blakely, Mary photo

Bronze Star photo

Brown, Lena Mae photo

Butler Herald January 7, 1932 - February 11, 1932

Butler High School Senior Class 1943 photo

Byrd, Clinton, L. obituary

Byrd, Roland E. obituary

Byrd, William Thomas Memorial

Byrd, William Thomas obituary

Childs, R. D. dies at Ideal

Coffee, Dan photo

Combat Infantryman Badge photo

Coolik, Morris weds Miss Lena Argintar

Cooper, E. G. (Dock) weds Miss Bessie McGuffin

Cowan, W. P. weds Mrs. Sorianne Hinton Smith

Duke, Buford Earle birth

Ellis, Paul, Jr. obituary

English, Mrs. W. C., nee Zethel Jones dies 

Flint Energies history

Frederick, Mrs. Caroline Walker obituary

Frierson Homestead burns

Giles, Ben photo

Glasgow, W. P. to wed Miss Annie Middlebrooks

Gorman, Percy L. weds Miss Iris Joiner

Gratigny, weds Miss Ruby Shealy

Gresham, James A. to wed Miss Marie McInvale

Halstead, James photo

Harbuck, Josephine age 17 photo

Harbuck, Josephine photo

Harbuck, Josephine photo

Harbuck, Josephine school photo 1941-42

Harbuck, Virgil & Josephine photo

Harmon, Joseph photo

Hinton, Dorothy photo

Howell, Willie Myrlinene birth

Ingram, Calvin photo

Jarrell, Grace photo

Jarrell, Raiford photo

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs.Olen V. son dies

Johnson, Mrs. O. V. photo

Joiner, Miss Iris weds Percy L. Gorman

Kent, Doris photo

Lucas, Peggy Anne birth

Lumpkin, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. son born Feb. 4th

Mathis, Miss Ann to wed L. M. Robet

McCants, Martha born 2 Jan 1932 in Florida

McCharge, Bentley photo

McCorvey, Marjorie photo

McDaniel, Eugene photo

McDaniel, Sanford B. obituary

McGinty, Frances photo

McGlaun, Miss Lillian weds R. L. Bivins

McGuffin, Miss Bessie weds E. G. (Dock) Cooper

McInvale, Miss Marie to wed James A. Gresham

McLemore, Marian photo

Middlebrooks, Miss Annie to wed W. P. Glasgow

Miller, John Charles, Sr. obituary

Mystery Photo

Neisler, Ann photo

Neisler, Carl photo

Patterson, Alane Welch photo

Perling, David obituary

Peterman, Milton photo

Pittman, Junior photo

Posey, Mrs. A. B. home burns

Potts, Miss Cora weds Lewis Blair

Puente, Wanda Welch photo

Purple Heart photo

Riley, Herbert M. weds Miss Gladys Slade

Robet, L. M. weds Miss Ann Mathis

Ruffin, James photo

Rumph, Virginia photo

Ruptured Duck Pin photo

Scott, Frances photo

Shealy, Miss Ruby weds Jerome Gratigny

Sikes, Norris photo

Slade, Miss Gladys weds Herbert M. Riley

Smith, Corinne Hinton weds William P. Cowan

Smith, Mrs. Sorianne Hinton weds W. P. Cowan

Stewart, Irma Grace photo

Streetman, Henry Edward obituary

Stringfield, Edna photo

Taunton, Helen photo

Trussell, Rufus photo

Welch, Billy photo

Welch, David photo

Welch, E. A., Jr. & Sheba photo

Welch, Edmond A., Jr. & Josephine Family

Welch, Edmond A., Jr. photo (3)

Welch, E. A.,Jr. & Josephine Family photo

Welch, Edmond, Jr. & Josephine photo

Welch, Josephine and her bicycle photo

Welch, Josephine Harbuck photo

Welch, Josephine Harbuck photo (3)

Welch, Junior & Josephine photo

Welch, Junior and his school bus photo

Welch, Pvt. Edmond Allen photo

Welch, Sgt. E. A., Jr. Shadow Box photo

White, Arthur W. obituary

Wilson, Ed opens New Garage

Yankee Division patch photo


December 2014
Adams, Janice photo

Adams, John R. photo

Alexander, Miss Karnese weds Edward H. Merritt

Allen, W. Collier weds Miss Margaret L. Payne

Amos, Miss Gertrude weds E. A. Hill

Barfield, Walter Jack killed by W. E. Chambliss

Bartlett, Homer D. dies

Brown, James Evans photo

Brown, Jeanette photo

Brown, Lillian Sealy obituary

Brown, Lillian Sealy photo

Brown, Lillian Sealy photo

Brown, Mildred photo

Brown, Miss Mary Jewell weds Herbert A. Sealy

Campbell, Davine Vining Memorial

Chambliss, W. E. kills Walter Jack Barfield

Chapman, Martin Talbot obituary

Childree, Miss Alice weds Aubrey Peterman

Clarke, Mrs. L. G. weds Julius Kersey

Claxton, Janet Born, December 5, 1930

Coffee, Dan photo

Doty, Eloise photo

Downs, Mrs. Josie Cooper obituary

Edge, George R. obituary

Fallow, Charlton L. obituary

Fallow, James Richard obituary

Giles, James Henry obituary

Halley, Miss Elizabeth weds Jabez McCorkle, Jr.

Hill, E. A. weds Miss Gertrude Amos

Hobbs, Alsa obituary

Hutcherson, Miss Lydia weds E. S. Jinks

Jarrell, Fred has 100 bushels corn per acre

Jinks, E. S. weds Miss Lydia Hutcherson

Johnson, MIss Janie Illione weds Herbert A. Sealy

Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth obituary

Jones, Rev. Wesley photo

Kersey, Julius weds Mrs. L. G. Clarke

McCorkle, Jabez, Jr. weds Miss Elizabeth Halley

Means, Helen Perkins Memorial

Merritt, Edward H. weds Miss Karnese Alexander

Millirons, Nathan F. Memorial

Mystery Photo

Ogburn, Lonnie (col) crushed by heavy truck

Payne, Miss Margaret L. weds W. Collier Allen

Peterman, Aubrey weds Miss Alice Peterman

Pomery, Mrs. J. F. obituary

Ross, James H. accidently killed by C. V. Powell

Santa Clause Letters

Sealy, Ansley Harris Family

Sealy, Ansley Harris photo (2)

Sealy, Clara Johnson photo

Sealy, Dennie N. photo

Sealy, Dr. Hugh Key, Jr. obituary

Sealy, Dr. Hugh Key, Jr. photo

Sealy, Dr. Will Camp obituary

Sealy, Dr. Will Camp photo

Sealy, E. Clifford obituary

Sealy, E. Clifford photo

Sealy, Herbert A. weds Miss Janie Illone Johnson

Sealy, Herbert A. weds Miss Mary Jewell Brown

Sealy, Herbert Archie photo

Sealy, Herbert Archie photo

Sealy, Hugh Key obituary

Sealy, Hugh Key photo

Sealy, Janie Johnson obituary

Sealy, Marjorie Parker "Parkie" Camp obituary

Sealy, Mary Jewell Brown photo

Sealy, Maude Harris photo

Sealy, Maude Harris photo

Sealy, Mildred SeBelle Carraway photo

Sealy, Mildred SeBelle Carraway photo (2) 

Sealy, Olin Fred photo (2)

Sealy, Parkie Camp photo

Sealy, Pvt. Ansley Harris Confederate photo

Sealy, Wyatt Harris obituary

Sealy, Wyatt Harris photo

Sealy, Wyatt Harris photo (2)

Sealy. Olin Fred photo

Shaw, Jim (col) obituary

Taylor, Mrs. Mary James dies at Americus

TCHGS Minutes for December, 16, 2014

Wilson, Louise Sealy obituary

Wilson, Louise Sealy photo

Wilson, Wayne photo

Winter, Patricia Ann birth November 18, 1931


November 2014
Adams Reunion at Shiloh Church photo

Adams, Eve Stewart photo

Adams, James Ronald "Butch" photo (2)

Adams, James Ronald Memorial

Bartlett, Homer obituary

Bass, Council B. to wed Miss Ora Reid

Bateman, William Clyde photo

Burgamy, Ellen photo

Butler Herald October 29 - November 26,1931

Byrd, Christine celebrated her 8th birthday

Childre, James Joel birth

Cochran, Frances Stewart photo

Crook, James E. obituary

Davis, Alexander F. home on Oak St. burns

Edmonson, Edward accidental gun-shot wound

Edmonson, Edward Memorial

Frierson, Mamie photo

Gill, Dr. Clark weds Miss Lavida Smith

Hall, James William obituary

Hogg, Charles dies from gun accident

Hudson, Talmadge B. obituary

Jones, Alexander Calhoun photo

Jones, David A. & Frances Phillips Jones Family

Jones, David Augustin obituary

Jones, David Augustin photo

Jones, Frances Caroline Phillips obituary

Jones, Gerald Walton birth

Jones, Leah Eve photo

Jones, Lillian Stewart photo

Jones, Lt. Henry Lightfoot obituary

Jones, Lt. Henry Lightfoot photo

Jones, Martha E. Cook photo

Jones, Mrs. T. W. Memorial

Jones, Pleasant Clopton photo

Jones, Robert weds Miss Irma Rowe

Kendrick, Henry B. dies at Woodland

Kirksey, Clifford J. birth

Leigh, J. William obituary

Lemmond, George Eugene obituary

Lipsey, A. P. weds Miss Lois Sorrells

Mangham, James Edwards photo

Montfort, William Gray photo

Mystery House

Nelson, John Pendleton photo

Patterson, Alane Welch photo

Payne, Miss Amanda dies at Ideal, Macon Co., Ga.

Puente, Wanda Welch photo

Reid, Miss Ora to wed Council B. Bass

Rowe, Miss Irma weds Robert Jones

Saunders, Miss Leila Kate weds C. H. Trussell

Smith, Miss Lavida weds Dr. Clark Gill

Sorrells, Miss Lois weds A. P. Lipsey

Steele, Edith Newsome birth

Stewart, Alice Elizabeth photo

Stewart, Edgar photo

Stewart, Frederick photo

Stewart, Frederick photo

Stewart, Lelah Eve Jones obituary

Stewart, Lelah Eve Jones photo

Stewart, Mabel photo

Stewart, Mary Elizabeth Brown photo

Stewart, Mary Frances photo

Taylor Mill School Honor Roll

TCHGS Minutes of November 18, 2014

Trussell, C. H. weds Miss Leila Kate Saunders 

Vaughn, Hallard kills Will Visage

Visage, Will killed by Hallard Vaughn

Visage, Will killed in Crawford County

Wallace, Henry Pierce photo

Welch, Billy photo

Welch, David photo

Welch, Josephine Harbuck photo (2)

West, John Harp photo

West, Ruth Jones obituary

West, Ruth Jones photo

Wood, Alice Stewart photo

Wood, Marcella Di Venuto photo

October 2014
10 Men Discharged WW II

10 Men Inducted WW II

16 White Men discharged WW II

2 White Men inducted WW II

23 Men Discharged WW II

23 Men discharged WW II

3 White Men inducted WW II

5 colored men discharged WW II

Argintar, Miss Lena to weds Morris Coolik

Averett, Mrs. Jincy Olivia Martin obituary

Baldwin Family Reunion

Bankston. O. B. weds Miss Mary Hurdle

Barrow, J. N. fatally hurt

Bentley, Elder Samuel & Sarah Carter family

Bentley, Elder Samuel autobiography

Bentley, Elder Samuel Family

Bentley, Elder Samuel family cemetery lot photo

Bentley, Elder Samuel grave photo

Bentley, Elder Samuel photo

Bentley, Elder Samuel Thomas letter CSA

Bentley, Elder Samuel Thomas obituary

Bentley, Elder Samuel Thomas photo

Bentley, John W. letter home CSA

Bentley, John W. obituary

Bentley, Miss Sarah C. obituary

Bentley, Sarah Carter grave photo

Bradshaw, Andrew obituary

Brewer, J. W. weds Miss Dorothy W. Weaver

Butler Herald  Sept. 17, 1931 - Oct. 8, 1931

Butler Primitive Bapt. building added to Butler HS

Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Golden Wedding

Collier, Joseph H. obituary

Coolik, Morris to weds Miss Lena Argintar

Cox, I. O. Home Destroyed by Fire.

Edwards, Sonny photo

Frazier, W. H. weds Miss Mattie Leila Medlock

Hardwick, Billy photo

Harmon, Dewey weds Miss Ocie Montine Locke

Harmon, Tom H. weds Miss Lillian Locke

Harp, Frances Amanda Bentley obituary

Harp, Frances Amanda Bentley photo

Harp, James Wright photo

Hurdle, Miss Mary weds O. B. Bankston

Jenkins, Joseph R. birth

Linder, Mrs. W. F. obituary

Locke, Miss Lillian weds Tom H. Locke

Locke, Miss Ocie Montine weds Dewey Harmon

Lockett, I. J. (col) four children die in fire

Loyd, Homer Memorial

Medlock, Miss Mattie Leila weds Frazier, W. H.

Mitchell, Mangham dies at Pelham

Mystery House photo

Pate, Mrs. Ella Ruth obituary

Peed, Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Brooks Peed son born

Perkins, Mrs. Clifford obituary

Philpot, Theresa Mariah Bentley grave photo

Philpot, Theresa Mariah Bentley obituary

Philpot, William H. grave photo

Pike, Mr. & Mrs. move to Thomaston

Pinkard, Cary of Roanoke, Al. Principal  Wesley

Rogers, Mrs. J. P. McCordy obituary

Singleton, Miss Melba weds Walter Stephens

Stephens, Walter weds Miss Melba Singleton

Taylor Mill School Honor Roll

Thompson, Mack obituary

Turner, Walter photo

Wainwright, Rufus home lost to fire

Weaver, Miss Dorothy W. Weds J. W. Brewer

Whitley, Mrs. Myrtis daughter born Sept. 21st


September 2014
Arnold, Sandra photo

Averette, Mrs. Jincy Olivia Martin obituary

Birdsong, Sanderford weds Miss Sara Foy

Bland, Judy photo

Bussey, Starlight Respess obituary

Carter, Coach Norman photo

Experience of a Sinner

Foy, Miss Sara weds Sanderford Birdsong

Gaultney, Patsy photo

Hackett, Miss Elizabeth weds Prof. William Knox

Harris, Bunny photo

Holt, Ruth Ella Respess obituary

Jinks, Mrs. Mary celebrates 83rd birthday

Knox, Prof. William weds Miss Elizabeth Hackett

Mangham, Sarah Rachel obituary

Martin, Sissy photo

McDowell, Minnie Respess obituary

Minutes TCHGS

Parker, Mrs. Gussie Walker obituary

Peebles, Kirk daughter dies

Phillips, Harriett Respess grave

Phillips, Harriett Respess obituary

Phillips, Rufus R. grave

Poole, Linda photo

Respess Family of Upson, Schley, & Taylor Co’s

Respess, Churchwell obituary

Respess, Elder John Richard (2) photos

Respess, Elder John Richard grave

Respess, Elder John Richard photo as Young man

Respess, Ella grave

Respess, Jabez obituary

Respess, James Nathan obituary

Respess, John Richard, Jr. obituary

Respess, Richard Pvt. Georgia Troops grave 

Respess, Robert William obituary

Respess, Zach Durand obituary

Taylor Co. Girls Basketball teams 1967-1972 photo

Thompson, Mack obituary

Troutman, Shirley photo (2

August 2014
Adams, John & Janice photo

Adams, Miss Mildred weds Elbert Sullins

Amos, Alicenel has 9th birthday party

Anthony, John Pinkney obituary

Bonifay, Rosa Lee birth August 11, 1931

Brooks, George obituary

Butler Herald August 6 - 27

Cantor, Miss Eva weds Irvin Wolf

Chapman, Ed dies

Coco-Cola Do you remember?

Cummings, Lt. Edwin, Jr. to wed Miss Charlotte Storey

Ellis, Miss Neva weds John S. Gunn

Ether Jags led to Dr. C. W. Long discovery 

Fuller, Lt. Grady gets Air Medal

Giles, J. A. World War II letter

Gower, Miss Mildred to wed Lowry A. Sims

Green, Frank W. to wed Miss Charlye Matthews

Green, Miss Eva Mae struck by car in Reynolds

Gunn, John S. weds Miss Neva Ellis

Hall, Wilber (col) dies while offering prayer

Hammock, George celebrates 10th birthday

Hammock, Lt. William Jack promoted to Captain

Hortman, Elizabeth photo

James, Mr. & Mrs. Syd son born

Jones, President Wesley photo

Liggin, Dr. & Mrs. S. B. hurt in car wreck

Matthews, Miss Charlye to wed Frank W. Green

McCants, Otis G., Jr. promoted to 2nd Lt.

McCrary, Irvin (col) obituary

Mills, Miss Verna weds Carroll Purvis

Mitchell, James Evans obituary

Moore, Robert arm amputated by auto accident

Murray, Arthur Chappell obituary

Oliver, Miss Lena weds Wonzie Peterman

Peterman, Wonzie weds Miss Lena Oliver

Primitive Baptist Church at Butler sold to BOE

Purvis, Carroll weds Miss Verna Mills

Rodgers, Lucius Quenton photo

Rustin, Sidney B. & Frances celebrate birthday

Scandrett, Miss Carolyn weds Kermit Worthington

Sims, Lowry A. to wed Miss Mildred Gower

Storey, Miss Charlotte to wed Lt. Edwin Cummings, Jr.

Stubbs, Mrs. Ophelia Cook obituary

Sullins, Elbert weds Miss Mildred Adams

Sullivan, Thomas Berry obituary

Taylor County People in World War II

Tondee, T. C. Obituary

Wainwright, Chanley Gray photo

Wainwright, Chanley Gray photo

Wainwright, Kathryn Janette photo

Wainwright, Robert E. & Samantha Hinton Family

Wainwright, Robert Emmit photo

Wainwright, Robert Morgan photo

Wainwright, Robert Morgan photo

Wainwright, Samantha Hinton photo

Wainwright, Samantha Mintie Hinton photo

Wainwright, Shedrick Willard photo

Walker, Pfc. Murray Y.  Awarded Bronze Star

Wolf, Irvin weds Miss Eva Cantor

Yarbrough, Laura Gertrude photo

July 2014
Adams, Rob Roy weds Miss Mary Elma Poole

Allmon, Ben weds Mrs. Jane Beasley Belcher

Atomic bomb dropped on Japan

Bazemore, Gloria Anne birth

Bazemore, Miss Christine weds James McManus

Brigman, William Thomas born June 9, 1931

Butler Herald June 11 to July 30, 1931

Byrd, Amos Enoch Memorial

Central of Georgia Train Strikes Truck at Butler

Chapman, Duncan weds Miss Mary B. Clements

Clements, Miss Mary B. weds Duncan Chapman

Comer, Jim photo

Comer, Phil photo

Covered Graves in Taylor County GA

Covered Graves photo

Foy, Robert weds Miss Nellye Pye

Frye, Mrs. Ethel Brown dies in Ohio

Guy, Irvin Jordan obituary

Harp, Cleveland J. Jr. photo

Harp, Frances Amanda Bentley obituary

Harp, Frances Amanda Bentley photo

Harp, Lt. William Dixon killed in Pacific

Harp, Lt. William Dixon, III "Billy" photo

Harp, William Dixon, Jr. photo

Haywood, Herbert Carlton birth

Head, William weds Miss Mary Pumpelly

Hogg, Miss Nettylee weds Charles D. McIntyre

Huff, John H. obituary

Johnson, Miss Elizabeth weds Pendergrast, John

Kennedy, Eliza W. dies at Mt. Zion

Lewis, Gertrude Memorial

Lumpkin, Betty birth July 19, 1931

Maxwell, Miss Lizzie killed by bull

McIntyre, Charles D. weds Miss Nettylee Hogg

McManus, James weds Miss Christine Bazemore

Montgomery, Byron weds Miss Gladys Phillips

Montgomery, Cherrye Louise birth

Pendergrast, John weds Miss Elizabeth Johnson

Peterman, Miss Iva Lee weds J. W. Stanley

Phillips, Miss Gladys weds Byron Montgomery

Pierce, Mrs. Lanis Davis obituary

Poole, Miss Mary Elma weds Rob Roy Adams

Pumpelly, Miss Mary weds William Head

Pye, Miss Nellye weds Robert Foy

Reynolds High School Class 1936-37 photo

Rogers, Robert L. killed in car accident in Texas

Rumph, Lewis Adolphus obituary

Stanley, J. W. weds Miss Iva Lee Peterman

Taylor County People in World War II

Taylor, Robert Cook obituary

Train and Truck Accident Drawing

Wainwright, Captain John W. killed in plane crash

Wainwright, Captain John W. photo

Walker, Allen Mack obituary

Wall, Henry T. obituary

Waters, Camilla Holder obituary

Watson, Lila Gray obituary

West, James Luther obituary

Whatley, W. T. (Troy) obituary

Wiley, Leroy M. by Phil Comer  (program)

Williams, Miss Geraldine birth

Woodall, Henry T. passes at Woodland

Woodall, Irma C. born June 21, 1931

June 2014
Aultman, R. E. by Eugene Anderson

Barkley, Miss Emily weds Dr. William Searcy, Jr.

Barrow, Henry Millard birth

Bates, Angela Park Ranger photo

Brewer, B. H. dies in Texas

Bryan, Bernie Hurst obituary

Butler Herald May 7, 1931-June 4, 1931

Cadenheade, Mrs. Ella obituary

Carter, Miss Evelyn Elise weds Horace L. Tillman

Cheek, Prof. Hugh weds Miss Cathryn Jarrell

Corbin, Sammie driving R. G. Tomlin buggy photo

Cowing, A. L. obituary

Downs, Miss Susie Lee weds John Loren Wilson

Dunn, Phyllis Earlynne birth

Edmonson, T-5 Albert L. awarded Bronze Star

Ethridge, J. R. dies Schley County's last CSA Vet

Foy, Robert Holsey weds Miss Nellye Pye

Gholson, J. W. obituary

Ham, Aretus dies at Columbus, Miss.

Hanson, G. W. dies at Birmingham

Hardy, Miss Virginia R. weds Joel F. Reeves

Hill, Miss Roberta weds Blanchard Philips

Hodges, Henry V. weds Miss Mary Pearl Moores

Jarrell, Miss Cathryn weds Prof. Hugh Cheek

Jinks, Otha obituary

Jinks, Pvt. Otha freed from German prison

Johnson, Lewis obituary

Jones, Rev. Wesley photo

Justice, George dies at Oglethorpe

Kent, Elmer killed by L. S. McChargue

Kent, Elmer W. Memorial

Locke, Rev. John weds Mrs. Annie Miller

Martin, Oscar weds Miss Nellie Ruth Williams

McChargue, L. S. kills Elmer Kent

McGlon, J. H. obituary

Miller, Mrs. Annie weds Rev. John Locke

Minutes Taylor County Historical-Genealogical 

Moores, Miss Mary Pearl weds Henry V. Hodges

Mussolini, Benito killed

Oliver, James Otis birth

Parker, Henry Martin, Jr. birth

Parker, Pfc. Grady freed from German prison

Peebles, I. F. obituary

Peterman, Kenneth birth

Philips, Blanchard weds Miss Roberta Hill

Philmon, Gussie Virginia birth

Program on Ocmulgee National Monument

Pye, Miss Nellye weds Robert Holsey Foy

Reeves, Joel F. weds Miss Virginia R. Hardy

Reid, Miss Tressie weds Jack Windham

Saunders, Mr. & Mrs. George infant dies

Searcy, Dr. William weds Miss Emily Barkley

Spell, Mrs. Virginia Payne obituary

Steed, Walter E. Bio. by Oscar Adams

Stringfield, Pfc. Leroy freed from German prison

Taylor, 1st Lt. Matthew killed in Pacific

Tillman, Horace L. weds Miss Evelyn Elise

Tomlin Family Cemetery Lot photo

Tomlin, Mary Wilkerson Long Memorial

Tomlin, Mary Wilkerson Long obituary

Tomlin, Robert Gordon falls from his buggy

Tomlin, Robert Gordon Family

Tomlin, Robert Gordon obituary

Tomlin, Robert Gordon Tombstone photo

Tomlin, Sarah obituary

Waller, Bernice birth

Waters, Susannah Tomlin obituary

Whitley, B. H. obituary

Wilkes, W. R., Jr. obituary

Williams, Miss Nellie Ruth weds Oscar Martin

Willis, Weaver killed by fall from train

Wilson, John Loren weds Miss Susie Lee Downs

Windham, Jack weds Miss Tressie Reid

Woodward, Mrs. Nora Mitchell obituary

Wright, Geraldine Tomlin obituary

Wright, Leonard Rudolph obituary

Wright, Leonard Rudolph, Jr. obituary


May 2014
Amerson, A. Jack obituary

Bardwell, Edward L. weds Miss Mary Mahone

Barry, George L. dies in Bowie, Texas

Beechwood Band Mill Company

Beechwood Beechwood Mill has heavy loss by fire

Beechwood Lumber Yard photo

Beechwood Swamp Road photo

Bivins, John Lee weds Miss Ioner Howell

Bivins, Miss Ethyleene weds Edison L. Howell

Brown, Charles M. obituary

Brown, Louis DeWitt weds Miss Whittle

Brown, Miss Mary weds Gurvis Dixon Locke

Butler Herald April 2, 1931 - April 23, 1931

Byrd, Lt. Garland Awarded Silver Star Medal

Byrd, Lt. Garland T. gets 2nd Citation for Bravery

Carter, Pvt. Thomas wounded in action in France

Chapman, Martin Tolbert obituary

Childres, H. I. weds Miss Mabel C. McCrary

de Estorie, Miss Maureen weds Pvt. A. W. King

Downs, Miss Evelyn weds Rupert Edward Willis

Dreizin, Sgt. Aaron awarded Air Medal

Edwards, Dr. Wanzie Ward obituary

Edwards, Dr. Wanzie Ward photo

Edwards, Miss Lillian obituary

Fitzgibbons, Anna Torphy photo

Fitzgibbons, Anna Torphy photo

Fitzgibbons, Joseph Garrett photo

Fitzgibbons, Mary Josephine photo

Fitzgibbons, Mary Josephine photo

Fitzgibbons, Mary Josephine photo (2)

Fitzgibbons, Patrick F. home at Beechwood photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick F. photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick F. photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick F. photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick F., Jr. photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick Francis family

Fitzgibbons, Patrick Francis photo

Fitzgibbons, Patrick Francis, Sr. photo

Greathouse, Eugene weds Miss Mattie P. McDaniel

Harmon, L. H. obituary (col)

Howell, Edison L. weds Miss Ethyleen Bivins

Howell, Miss Ioner weds John Lee Bivins

Johnson, Lewis obituary

Johnson, Pvt. Henry Edward killed in action

Joiner, Miss Welma weds R. L. Melvin

Kent, Mrs. Ludie obituary

King, Pvt. A. W. weds Miss Maureen de Estorie

Lewis, Miss Helen weds A. C. Robinson

Locke, Gurvis Dixon weds Miss Mary Brown

Mahone, Miss Mary weds Edward L. Bardwell

McCarthy, M. C., Jr. kills Rosa Lee McCarthy

McCrary, Miss Mabel C. weds H. I. Childres

McDaniel, Miss Mattie P. weds Eugene Greathouse

Melvin, R. L. weds Miss Welma Joiner

Moore, Pvt. Cecil J. killed in action 

New Members

Philpott, Lt. Awarded DFC for Bombing in Reich

Philpott, Lt. General Jammie M. obituary

Purvis, Pfc. James Paris dies from wounds

Purvis, Pfc. James Paris Memorial services 

Renow, John A. obituary

Robinson, A. C. weds Miss Helen Lewis

Rogers, James M. obituary

Rustin, Pvt. Sidney B. Gets Combat Decoration 

Shirley, Pfc. John Henry killed in action

Shockley, M. B. obituary

Simmons, Miss Beth weds W. H. Snider

Smith, J. O. dies at Buena Vista

Snider, W. H. weds Miss Beth Simmons

Stewart, Consul-Gen. Nathan B. obituary

Stringfield, Pfc. Leroy missing in action in Italy

Walker, Pfc. Murray awarded Presidential Citation

Whittle, Miss weds Louis DeWitt Brown

Willis, Rupert Edward weds Miss Evelyn Downs

Windham, Sgt. Oscar Wendell missing in action

Windham, Sgt. Oscar Wendell safe in Alaska

Wise, Mrs. Louise Lamar obituary


April 2014
Adams, Rev. Joseph Tallie obituary

Adams, Rev. Joseph Tallie photo

Albritton, Ann photo 1953

Albritton, Bert photo 1953

Albritton, Jacquline photo 1953

Albritton, Mary Joe photo 1953

Albritton, Pete photo 1953

Albritton, Roscoe, Jr. photo 1953

Allmon, M. G., Principal photo

Amos, Mrs. Eliza Smith obituary

Amso, Miss Adna weds Olen V. Johnson

Bell, Larry photo 1953

Benefield, Lt. A. L. prisoner of war in Germany

Blakely, Elizabeth photo 1953

Blakely, Glenda photo 1953

Bodiford, Johnnie photo 1953

Brewer, Betty Ann photo 1953

Brewer, Jo Ann photo 1953

Brewer, Linda photo 1953

Brewer, Willard photo 1953 

Burkett, Dian photo 1953

Butler Herald March 5 - 19, 1931

Callahan, Lucille teacher photo

Carpenter, Bernette photo 1953

Carpenter, Gloria photo 1953

Carpenter, Jerry photo 1953

Childree, Alvin awarded Bronze Star

Coachman, S. S. obituary

Cooper, Gloria photo 1953

Cooper, Jackie photo 1953

Cooper, Pat photo 1953

Cooper, Ran, Jr. photo 1953

Cosey, Pvt. Hansel killed in action

Cox, John Ernest obituary

Davis, Benjamin C. obituary

DeLoach, Capt. Samuel killed in plane crash

Dreizin, Isaac Commissioned as Ensign

Elliston, William Herman photo

Eubanks, First Sgt. Robert S. killed in action 

Eubanks, First Sgt. Robert S. photo

Eubanks, Miss Mary Julia obituary

Fallow, Charles L. grave in Neupre, Belgium

Fallow, Pfc. C. L. killed in Azores Island

Giles, Mike photo 1953

Giles, Pat photo 1953

Guy, Pfc. Jack wounded in action

Hammock, Mrs. Alene Martin obituary

Harris, Edna photo 1953

Harris, Gertrude photo 1953

Harris, Hatherlene photo 1953

Harris, Lelious photo 1953

Harris, Linda photo 1953

Harris, Patricia photo 1953

Harvey, Ethel teacher photo

Harvey, James photo 1953

Harvey, Robin photo 1953

Johnson, Olen V, weds Miss Adna Amos

Johnson, Slick kills Tobe Johnson

Joiner, Charlie photo 1953

Joiner, Dennis photo 1953

Joiner, Phoebe photo 1953

Jones, Kenneth photo 1953

Jones, Mary Helen photo 1953

Jordan, Billy photo 1953

Jordan, Bobbie Dean photo 1953

Kirksey, Pvt Roy T. missing in action

Lawhorn, Elizabeth photo 1953

Lawhorn, Ralph photo 1953

McDowell, Pfc. Burnell killed in South Pacific

Millirons, Agnes photo 1953

Millirons, Dorsey photo 1953

Moulton, Marie photo 1953

Murray, Miss Alice weds Robert B. Whittington

Parks, Betty Joyce photo 1953

Parks, Kenneth photo 1953

Parks, Robert photo 1953

Peed, Sgt Eugene injured in action

Riley, Judge Alexander Hamilton obituary

Riley, Walter James, Jr. grave marker

Riley, Walter James, Jr. photo

Riley, Walter James, Jr. photo

Roberts, Tobe killed by "Slick" Johnson

Rodgers, Robert photo 1953

Rupert School 1936 photo

Rupert School short history

Sawyer, Judy photo 1953

Sawyer, Mike photo 1953

Smith, Miss Bertha Helen birth

Taylor County People in World War II

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Job lose infant son

Theus, Bud photo 1953

Theus, Jane photo 1953

Theus, Lupearl photo 1953

Wadsworth, Jim obituary

Weaver, 1st Lt. Zack  injured in action

Whittington, G. W. obituary

Williamson, Ernestine photo 1953

Williamson, Wayne photo 1953

Williamson, Yvonne photo 1953

Wilson, Pfc. Robert F. Awarded Combat Badge

Wilson, Pvt. Robert F. photo

Wilson, Robert Franklin photo

Wilson, Ruby Morris photo

Windham, Ann Elaine birth

Windham, Sgt. Oscar Windell missing in action

Wright, Ensign Eugene missing in action


March 2014
Adams, Mary Jean birth

Albritton, H. G. weds Miss Mamie K. Johnson

Allman, Mrs. Laura Averett obituary

Antique appraising by John Page

Barrow, Constance birth

Bell, D. C., Jr. birth

Blair, Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. infant son dies

Bone, Pvt. Joseph Eugene killed in Italy

Butler Herald January 29 - February 26, 1931

Butler, Railroad Depot

Callaway, Lola Pearl Adams obituary

Childres, David Alton birth

Dabbs, Miss Lucile weds Murray Welch

Draughon, James H. obituary

Dreizen, Sgt. Aaron missing in action over Germany

Dreizen, Staff Sgt Aaron killed in action in Germany

Eubanks, Miss Mary Julia obituary

Farris, Mr. & Mrs. M. O. infant dies at Columbus, Ga.

Fuller, Mary Julia Louise birth

Gantt, Drayton Kelley obituary

Geneva Confederate Medical Supplies order

Geneva Georgia before and after War Between States

Geneva, Past and Present

Geneva, Talbot County Georgia Map

Hambrick, Mrs. Sam (Eula Phillips) obituary

Hinton, Coxswain Carson J. killed in Philippines

Historic Bell in Thomaston

Hodges, Lt. Benjamin H. killed in action over France

Hodges, Lt. Benjamin H. photo

Indians furnished bedfellows

Johnson, Miss Mamie K. weds H. G. Albritton

Lecture on marriage by Uncle Tobey

Leitner, Dr. Charles Burckner 

Lunquest, Bailey dies at Clareendon, Va.

Map Railroad Columbus to Butler

Map Railroad Geneva to Griswoldville 

McCants, Mary Anna Pope Memorial

McCorkle, Pvt. Andrew killed in France

McGinty, Mrs. M. J. card of thanks

Moulton, Sgt. William F. drowns at Key West, Fla.

Muscogee Railroad 1863 fares

Page, John photo

Parker, Andrew Willis photo

Parker, Bertha Lee Smith photo

Pittman, Malcom B., Jr. photo

Powell, Allmon loses arm in saw accident

Purvis, John W. injured in Pacific

Rawls, Mrs. Joe obituary

Salzer, Lt. Charles E. missing in action in Germany

Saunders, Pvt. Edward killed in action in France

Saunders, Pvt. Edward photo

Simpson, Delores Nannette birth

Stout's Confederate Hospitals map

Taunton, Mary Elizabeth Bone obituary

TCHGS Officers

Welch, G. Warren birth

Welch, Murray weds Miss Lucile Dabbs

Whatley, Daniel grave marker photo

Whatley, Daniel obituary

Whatley, Daniel Revolutionary Soldier marker

Wilson, James killed in action in Italy

Windham, Clyde Wiggins birth

Windham, Pfc. Willie killed in Italy



February 2014
Adams, Anna Irene Waters
Adams, Aunt Alma Jefferson Parks Adams photo
Adams, Aunt Mae T. Hays photo Adams, Aunt Mary Lou photo
Adams, Coz Dora Bius Adams photo
Adams, George Gresham photo
Adams, Grandma - Mary Caldwell Adams photo
Adams, Grandpa - Joseph Randall Adams photo
Adams, Guy Smith  photo
Adams, John Henry "Papa" photo
Adams, Joseph Grady Adams
Adams, Joseph Roy Adams
Adams, Lillian Jewell photo
Adams, Little Brother Bentley  photo
Adams, Mary Margaret photo
Adams, Nettie Orene Smith "Mama" photo
Adams, Pearl photo
Adams, Pearl weds William Callaway
Adams, Uncle Abb - Albert Creed Adams photo
Adams, Uncle Joseph Lee photo
Adams, Uncle Will - William Benjamin Adams photo
Amos, Iva Alice
Amos, James Herman photo
Amos, Maud photo
Amos, Mr. Tea - Thomas Jefferson Amos
Andrews, Laura photo
Baldwin, Lucile Heath
Baldwin, Walter Baker
Battle, Mrs. Leila KIng
Bazemore, Bonard Heath
Bazemore, Susie
Beeland, Laura
Bentley, Aunt Lizzie - Sarah Elizabeth Calhoun Bentley
Bentley, Bro. - Elder Samuel Thomas Bentley
Brown, Eloise
Brown, Mrs. Joe - Martha Augusta Loyd
Childres, Edd A. photo
Childs, Atholine
Childs, Aurelia
Childs, Jewell photo
Childs, Mr. William Carter
Childs, Orman C.
Cosey, Lydia Kate
Cosey, Mangham
Cosey, Mrs. - Roxie E. Hammock Cosey
Davant, Robert Mathews photo
Downs, Mercer Penny photo
Ellington, Bernice photo
Ellington, Braxton photo
Ellington, Lillie Abigail Adams photo
England, Nellie - Ellen Reed Neisler
Fuller, Bertie
Fuller, Elder F. L.
Fuller, Marian
Garrett, Dr. William Eli Garrett
Goode, Runa
Gresham, Miss Cleo
Guy, Miss Julia
Guy, Miss Mary
Halstead, Robert Hicks photo
Hays, Emily Elizabeth Adams photo
Hays, Miss Mattie photo
Hays, Mrs. Lydia Lanier Hays
Haywood, Gladys
Haywood, James Curtis
Heath, Archie Eugene
Heath, Jessie
Heath, Lois photo
Heath, Lois photo
Heath, Lucile
Heath, Margaret
Heath, Mr. John Alexander
Heath, Ralph Bernard
Herring, Miss Gladys
Hooks, J. D. - James Draper Hooks
Hooks, Mrs.Clara Belle Davenport Hooks
Jarrell, Floyd Cannon
Mangham, Dr. James Edward
Mangham, Mrs. Rachael Respess
Mathews, Mack - Walter McMichael Matthews
Monsees, Mrs. Onie McGee
Peed, Eloise photo
Perkins, Emmie - Emily Clyde Perkins
Perkins, Herbert Eugene "Hugh"
Pope, Baby - Horace James
Pope, Laura Wynelle
Pope, Lewise Adams photo
Pope, Mrs. Mintie Louise Adams
Pope, Wynelle photo
Posey, Mr. & Mrs. - Jesse Ferrell Posey
Royal, Ina Mae
Scott, Little Mary
Sealy, Clifford photo
Sealy, Dennie N.
Sealy, Elizabeth photo
Sealy, Herbert A.
Sealy, Herbert Archie photo
Sealy, Mary brown photo
Sealy, Wyatt Harris photo
Searcy, Henry Mitchell photo
Shealy, Gladys
Slaughter, Charles Frank photo
Slaughter, Mattie E.
Smith, Bonnie W.
Smith, Garnett
Smith, George
Smith, Grady
Smith, James Clifford photo
Smith, Lemuel Blanford "Lem" photo
Smith, Miss Garnett
Smith, Nettie R. photo
Snyder, Charlie
Snyder, Dr. Oscar Henly Snyder photo
Spinks, Lena Mae photo
Spinks, Lumus Lester
Spinks, Miss Livy - Olivia "Livie" Spinks
Spinks, P. M. - Pierce Monroe Spinks
Spinks, Roland Alonza
Suggs, Mary photo
Suggs, Mr. Robert McGowen
Suggs, Walter Heath photo
Vanlandingham, Miss Mae photo
Vanlandingham, Miss Mattie Julia photo
Wall, Alma
Wall, Joe - Joseph Wall
Wall, Mrs. Louise Hammock Wall
Wallace, Mr. Archibald Steele Wallace
Waters, Clem photo
Waters, Estelle
Waters, Lola Sprinkle Adams photo
Waters, Martha Myrtle
Waters, Nora J. Parker Waters
Whatley, Janie Willis, Clara B. Wilson
Willis, Mrs. Ben - Sarah Elizabeth Bickley Willis
Wilson, Cledie Mae Greathouse photo
Wilson, Gussie Vera
Wilson, Lillie Ruth
Wilson, Luther
Wilson, Mrs. Emma Royal Wilson
Wilson, Thomas "Tom" Franklin photo

January 2014
Adams, William Benjamin obituary

Allman, Miss Ethel weds Morris Harvey

Allman, Mrs. Laura Averett obituary

Anglin, Pvt. W. R. WW II

Anglin, Pvt. W. R. WW II

Anglin, Seaman Julian WW II

Barfield, Leslie C. killed in auto accident

Bazemore, Sgt. Lester WW II

Benns, Ann  photo

Benns, Edward photo

Bohler, Cpl. Roy WW II

Butler Herald January 8 - 22, 1931

Butt, Cecil W. WW II

Butt, Cecil W. WW II

Carson, Charles Ferinand weds Miss Elmer Jackson

Cooper, Pvt. Willie Dock WW II

Cosey, Thelma birth January 2, 1931

Cromer, Miss Ruby Mae weds Lewis Frederick

Culverhouse, Pvt. Clinton S. WW II

Davis, Seaman 1st Class Harold WW II

DeLoach, Houston D. weds Miss Rachel Duckworth

Dennard, Anthony photo

Dennard, Anthony photo

Downer, 2nd. Lt. Sanders Curtis WW II

Downs, Priscilla photo

Duckworth, Miss Rachel weds Houston D. DeLoach

Duke, Cleo Eugene birth

Dunaway, Susan photo

Dunn, Kay photo

Elliston, Seaman 3rd. Class George WW II

Elliston, Seaman Herman WW II

Elliston, Seaman Jason WW II

England, John Breckenridge, Jr. obituary

England, Pvt. Frank WW II

Ford, Harrell weds Miss Willie Mae Rutherford

Fowler, Mrs. Isabella Layfield obituary

Frederick, Lewis weds Miss Ruby Mae Cromer

Futch, Miss Aline weds Ralph Thomas Layfield

Gaultney, 1st. Sgt. Edmond T. WW II

Gill, Lt. Leon WW II

Glover, Elder David S. obituary

Goodwin, Pfc. James M. WW II

Gray, Pfc. William F., Jr. WW II

Hammock, Lt. Jack letter WW II

Hammock, Lt. Jack WW II

Hammock Betty Jo photo

Harmon, Seaman 2nd Class James H. WW II

Harvey, Morris weds Miss Ethel Allman

Hicks Family of Crawford & Macon Counties

Hicks Mill photo (2)

Hicks, Albert photo

Hicks, Aretus Williams obituary

Hicks, Daniel W. & Grace Beck Grave photo

Hicks, Daniel W. & Grace Beck tomb photo (2)

Hicks, Dr. Milton Jones obituary

Hicks, Elizabeth "Betsy" Howe obituary

Hicks, Elizabeth Howe photo

Hicks, Fred photo

Hicks, Jones & Elizabeth Howe Family

Hicks, Jones house Macon Co., GA photo

Hicks, Jones photo

Hicks, Julian Gray photo

Hicks, Kate Eloise photo

Hicks, Kate McMichael photo

Hicks, Katherine photo

Hicks, Lewis B. HIcks obituary

Hicks, Martha Raines photo

Hicks, Mrs. Mattie Carson obituary

Hicks, Private Daniel obituary

Hicks, Uncle Ned photo

Hicks, Will photo

Hicks, William Rufus obituary

Hicks, William Rufus photo

Hill, Pfc. Herman WW II

Hobbs, Carlene photo

Jackson, Miss Elmer weds Charles Ferinand Carson

James, Cpl. John R. WW II

James, Sgt. John R. WW II

Jenkins, Pvt. Edmond WW II

Jinks, Cpl. Roy WW II

Jinks, Pvt. Otha missing WW II

Jinks, Pvt. Otha Prisoner captured in Italy

Johns, Sgt. Willard WW II

King, Mrs. John dies in Thomaston

Kirksey, Andrew J. letter from Capt. John F. Kennedy

Kirksey, Andrew Jackson photo WW II (3)

Knepley, Avation Cadet Robert J. WW II

Lail, Cpl. Carl L. WW II

Lail, Pvt. Charles W. WW II

Lail, Pvt. James R. WW II

Layfield, Ralph Thomas weds Miss Aline Futch

Lucas, James Hamp obituary

McCants, Chief Petty Officer Clifton WW II

Montgomery, Cpl. John S. WW II

Morrison, Mrs. E. H. dies in Ellaville

Neisler, Pfc. Ben WW II

Neisler, Pfc. Ben WW II

Neisler, Pfc. Walton WW II

Orrell, Seaman 1st Class Harry WW II

Payne, Pvt. Hubert WW II

Peterman, Sgt. Charles J. WW II

PT-109 Crew WW II photo

Rachel, Aunt photo

Rutherford, Miss Willie Mae weds Harrell Ford

Smith, Betty photo

Smith, Bobby photo

Smith, Bobby photo

Smith, Mrs. Georgia Brewer obituary

Spiller, Cleve photo

Spillers, Allan photo

Spillers, Danny photo

Spillers, Marilyn photo

Standridge, Sgt. Robert E. WW II

Stevens, 2nd Class Petty Officer Millard WW II

Straus, Nathan obituary

Straus, Nathan photo

Swain, Marvin photo

Tante, Margaret photo

Taunton, Sgt. William WW II

Tisinger, Dr. Louis dies in Eufaula, Ala.

Turk, Pfc. Ross C. WW II

Welch, Pfc. Joseph WW II

Watson, Hugh Reginald birth December 28, 1930

West, Mrs. Minnie Mulkey Obituary

Whatley, A. S. Donald B. WW II

Willis, Kenny photo

Windham, Cpl. Wendell WW II

Windham, Cpl. Willis WW II

Windham, Pfc. Millard H. WW II

Windham, Pfc. Willie A. WW II

Windham, Seaman 2nd Class Fred WW II

Wright, Leonard Rudolph obituary

Wright, Linda photo

Wright, Sgt. Robert WW II

December 2013
Adams, Carl photo

Adams, Debbie photo

Adams, Elder Bentley at Shiloh Church photo

Adams, Elder Bentley photo

Adams, Elder Bentley photo

Adams, Elder Bentley photo

Adams, Elder Bentley photo

Adams, Elder Bentley photo

Adams, Florine Beeland photo

Adams, Florine being baptized photo

Adams, Henrietta Goodman photo

Adams, J. D. photo

Adams, John R. photo

Adams, Mary Lou Gresham photo

Adams, Robby photo

Adams, Steve photo

Bentley, Elder Samuel photo

Bentley, Elder Samuel Thomas photo

Bishop, Elder Lifley O. photo

Bullard, Argin E. Mills photo

Bullard, Elder Warren M. photo

Cleveland, Elder Washington Cleveland photo

Darity, Elder Cecil photo

Gassett, Betty photo

Gassett, Beulah Bickley photo

Gassett, Beulah Bickley photo

Gordon, Elder Fred K., Jr. photo

Hall, Elder M. A. photo

Hancock, Elder W. H. photo

Hanks, Elder Lee photo

Hartley, Elder John W. and wife photo

Hartley, Elder John W. photo

Ingram, Earl photo

Ingram, James W. photo

Ingram, Lois Parker photo

Ingram, Lois Parker photo

King, Elder Frank photo

Land, Elder James photo

Land, Elder James photo

Mangham, Elder James photo

Map of old Shiloh Church location 1840

Map of Shiloh Church old and new location 

McCorkle, Elder Sylvester H. baptizing photo

McCorkle, Elder Sylvester Hassell photo

Monsees, Elder James A. photo

Mott, J. W. photo

Murray, Elder James Monroe photo

Murray, Mary Ammons Lightner photo

Parker, Ernest Allen photo

Parker, Ernest Allen photo

Parker, Gerald photo

Parker, John W. photo

Parker, John W. photo

Parker, Ronnie photo

Parker, Sara Peterman photo

Phillips, Elder Casey photo

Phillips, Elder Casey photo

Price, Deacon Jesse Veasley photo

Price, Elder Thomas Veasley photo

Shiloh Church building photo

Shiloh Church ceiling joists photo

Shiloh Church clerks 1900-1912

Shiloh Church Ministers 1840-2012

Shiloh Church rafters photo

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church History

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church photo

Spillers, Claire Photo

Vinson, Elder Louis photo

Wainwright, Jeff photo

Walker, Elder Larry O. photo

Walker, Elder Mose photo

Walker, Elder Mose Wilburn photo

Walker, Sarah Green photo

White, Elder James Oscar photo

Woodall, Elder Dela Fletcher photo

November 2013
Adams, Clarence letter to Santa

Adams, Doris letter to Santa

Adams, Dorothy letter to Santa

Adams, Frances letter to Santa

Adams, Jessie letter to Santa

Adams, Jewel letter to Santa

Adams, Miss Jewel weds Johnson, Philip

Adams, Miss Sara Clyde weds John K. Brown

Adams, Morris letter to Santa

Averett, Pvt. Floyd WW II

Barrow, Dorothy letter to Santa

Bazemore, Alva Walker Memorial

Bazemore, Alva Walker photo

Bazemore, Carolyn letter to Santa

Bazemore, Dorothy letter to Santa

Bazemore, Helen letter to Santa

Bazemore, Ruth letter to Santa

Beeland, Maj. Dan S. WW II

Blackston, Gordon weds Miss Sarah Johnson

Bloodworth, Mary L. letter to Santa

Bloodworth, Sgt. Oscar H. killed  WW II

Braddy, James WW II

Braddy, Pfc. James A. WW II

Braddy, Pvt. James WW II

Brown, John K. weds Miss Sara Clyde Adams

Butler Herald December 25, 1930

Byrd, James letter to Santa

Chandler, Pfc. William R. WW II

Chapman, Pvt. Hughland WW II

Childres, Cpl. Milton WW II

Christmas by John R. Adams

Coolik, Lt. (j.g.) Sammie WW II

Cooper, Bobbie letter to Santa

Cooper, Jim N. letter to Santa

Cooper, Leroy letter to Santa

Davis,  Dr. David photo

Davis, Dr. David present program to TCHGS

Douglas, Virginia O'Hanlon photo (2)

Dreizin, Sgt. Aaron WW II

Driskell, Petty Officer 3c J. C. WW II

Driskell, Petty Officer J. C. WW II

Duke, Bertha Nell letter to Santa

Duke, Jananne letter to Santa

Duke, Mary Edna letter to Santa

Duke, Ned letter to Santa

Duncan, Cpl George W. WW II

Elliston, Seaman George C.

English, Elizabeth letter to Santa

English, Virginia letter to Santa

Eubanks, Cpl. Ralph daughter born

Gaultney, J. T. letter to Santa

Gaultney, Sgt. William J. dies in Jap prison WW II

Harbuck, James letter to Santa

Hardage, Harper weds Miss Alice Louise Peterman

Haywood, Ethelyn letter to Santa

Haywood, Mervin letter to Santa

Hill, Chasso letter to Santa

Holt, Mrs. Ellen Dougherty weds Leslie Lipsey

Jarrell, Clarice letter to Santa

Jarrell, Ethel letter to Santa

Jarrell, Helen letter to Santa

Jenkins, Edmund letter to Santa

Jenkins, Kathryn letter to Santa

Jenkins, Wales letter to Santa

Johnson, Miss Sarah weds Gordon Blackston

Johnson, Philip weds Miss Jewel Adams

Jones, Lt. Edwin wins honors WW II

Jones, Lucile letter to Santa

Jones, Wesley photo

Keen, Pvt. O. C. Jr. WW II

Lawhorn, Pharmacist Mate Edward WW II

Letters to Santa Claus 

Lipsey. Leslie weds Mrs. Ellen Dougherty Holt

Lumpkin, Randall letter to Santa

McCants, Elizabeth letter to Santa

McChargue. Robert letter to Santa

McCorey, Marjorie letter to Santa

McGinty, Frances letter to Santa

Montgomery, Evelyn letter to Santa

Montgomery, Seaman Stewart Wayne WW II

Moore, Lillian letter to Santa

Neisler, Ben H. WW II

Neisler, Pfc. Walton T. WW II

O'Hanlon, Virginia letter to The New York Sun

O'Hanlon, Virginia photo

Parker, Pvt. Grady Prisoner of Germans

Parker, Sgt. Horace WW II

Parker, Sgt. William WW II

Parks, Lt. Cecil WW II

Payne, Pvt Hubert WW II

Peacock, Carl letter to Santa

Peed, Pvt. Joel WW II

Pennington, Pvt. John WW II

Persons, Lt. Ben S. WW II

Persons, Lt. Ben S. WW II

Peterman, Felton letter to Santa

Peterman, Margaret letter to Santa

Peterman, Miss Alice Louise weds Harper Hardage

Posey, Thomas letter to Santa

Purvis, Lillian letter to Santa

Purvis, Pvt James P. WW II

Riley, Lt. Harley missing in action WW II

Riley, Lt. Harley, Jr. WW II

Rustin, Pauline letter to Santa

Santa Claus photo

Satlof, Dave WW II

Saunders, Pvt. Edward C. WW II

Spillers, Florence letter to Santa

Stalnaker, Reba letter to Santa

Standridge, Cpl. Robert WW II

Taunton, Atholine letter to Santa

Taunton, D letter to Santa

Taunton, Dorothy letter to Santa

Theus, James obituary

Tounton, Dorothy letter to Santa

Trussell, Pfc. Luther O. WW II

Trussell, Seaman 1st Class J. E. WW II

Upton, Thomas H. WW II

Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Wainwright, Christine letter to Santa

Wainwright, Cleo letter to Santa

Wainwright, Robert Jr. letter to Santa

Wainwright, Shedrice letter to Santa

Wainwright, William letter to Santa

Waller, Girson letter to Santa

Walls, Mary D. letter to Santa

Watson, Robert letter to Santa

Weaver, Lt. Zack  Alexander WW II

Whitley, Bessie letter to Santa

Whitley, Clyde letter to Santa

Windham, Donald WW II

Woodall, Mary letter to Santa

Wright, Sgt. Charles T. WW II

Young, Eleanor letter to Santa

Young, James letter to Santa

Young, Virginia letter to Santa

October 2013
Amos, Cpl. Millard L. Thoughts of Marine WW II

Amos, Cpl. Millard L. WW II

Anglin, Pvt. W. R. WW II

Anglin, Seaman First Class Julian WW II

Anthony, Robert 1913 Graduate CI

Barbara Ann Allen birth

Barrow, Hazel 1914 Graduate CI

Barrow, Miss Marie 1909 Graduate CI

Barrow, Miss Willie Marie obituary

Barrow, Willie Marie photo (2)

Blackmon, Miss Ruth 1912 Graduate CI

Blair, Staff Sgt Arthur WW II

Blakely, Robert Eugene birth

Bone, Mabel Ann birth

Bozeman, Amy photo

Brown, Cpl. Forest WW II

Bryan, R. Hunter WW II

Bryd, 2nd. Lt. Garland T. WW II

Buckner, W. H. weds Miss Voncile Parks

Butler Garden Club History

Butler Herald November 20 - December 18, 1930

Butt, Chief Petty Officer Cecil WW II

Carson, Ricks 1912 Graduate CI

Carter, Evelyn photo

Chapman, 1st Sgt Carl E. WW II  letter

Childree, Pvt. Alvin D. WW II

Coleman Institute 1915 photo

Coleman Institute burns spring of 1916

Coleman Institute Class of 1909 photo

Coleman Institute Graduates 1909

Coleman Institute Graduates 1910

Coleman Institute Graduates 1911-1912

Coleman Institute Graduates 1913

Coleman Institute Graduates 1914

Coleman Institute Graduates 1915

Coleman Institute Graduates 1916

Coleman Institute Graduates 1917

Coleman Institute photo

Coleman Institute Reynolds GA

Coleman Institute Roster of Pupils 1909-1910

Coleman, Judge Henry T. obituary

Cooper, Sara photo

Cosey, Seaman 2nd Class Lewis WW II

Cox, Seaman Otis B. WW II

Cozart, John Glenn weds Miss Edith Moore

Cromer, Sgt. Clifton WW II

Culverhouse, Pvt. Clinton S. WW II

Daniel, Grady 1915 Graduate CI

Davis, Louise photo

Davis, Myrtle 1916 Graduate CI

Downs, Dennis L. obituary

Draughon, Eva photo

Dreizin, Cpl. Aaron WW II

Elliston, George WW II

Fountain, Lucile photo

Fountain, Miss Nettie 1915 Graduate CI

Foy, Mary Crystal birth

Freeman, Sidney B. birth

Gill, Pvt. Leon M. improving WW II

Gill, Pvt. Leon M. wounded in action WW II

Griffith, Elam 1909 Graduate CI

Griffith, Elam Hansom photo

Griffith, Miss Alice 1913 Graduate CI

Griffith, Mrs. Sarah Louise, nee Vaughan obituary

Harp, Sam 1910 Graduate CI

Harrielson, Mrs. E. E., nee Rowell dies in Fla.

Hicks, Harriet photo

Hill, Miss Allie Lee 1917 Graduate CI

Hill, Pvt. Darrell WW II

Hinton, Miss Virginia 1910 Graduate CI

Hodges, Bryan 1915 Graduate CI

Hodges, Marion photo

Hodges, Miss Helen 1917 Graduate CI

Hodges, Paul 1912 Graduate CI

Hollis, Sara Mae photo

Ingram, Mary photo

Ingram, Miss Clara B. 1910 Graduate CI

Ingram, Miss Mary 1916 Graduate CI

Ingram, Wales 1909 Graduate CI

Ingram, Wales Bryan photo

James, Miss Ethel 1917 Graduate CI

Jinks, Cpl. John R. WW II

Joiner, Eugene Harris Bio

Joiner, Eugene Harris photo

Joiner, Theron, Jr. birth

Jordan, Miss Clara 1917 Graduate CI

Kirksey, Cpl. Horace L. WW II

Lawhorn, Pharmacists 1st Class Edward WW II

Lewis, B. L. obituary

Lovins, James Russell, Jr. birth

Lowe, Pfc. Milton L. WW-2

Lunsford, Lt. Jr. Grade Julius R., Jr. WW II

Marshall, Chesley Brown Tribute

Marshall, Miss Anita 1914 Graduate CI

McAuley, Miss Minnie 1915 Graduate CI

McChargue, Pvt. James C. WW II

Montfort, David 1912 Graduate CI

Montgomery, Paul Rudolph birth

Moore, Charles Clifford birth

Moore, Miss Edith weds John Glenn Cozart

Mott, Pvt. Julian H. WW II

Musselwhite, Clara photo

Musselwhite, Kate photo

Musselwhite, Mary Lou photo

Musselwhite, Miss Clara 1909 Graduate CI

Musselwhite, Miss Nellie 1910 Graduate CI

Musselwhite, Miss Ruth 1916 Graduate CI

Newsom, Miss Winnie 1913 Graduate CI

Parks, Miss Voncile weds W. H. Buckner

Parr, Hon. Emory Franklin Tribute

Payne, Cpl. Hubert WW II

Payne, Susie photo

Peed, Clarence Lester birth

Pool, Miss Sara 1915 Graduate CI

Posey, Aviation Cadet Henry WW-2

Powell, Miss Martha 1916 Graduate CI

Program presented by Amy Bozeman

Rickerson, C. W. obituary

Riley, Cadet Frank M. WW II

Riley, Lt. Harley, Jr. WW II

Rustin, Newton T. obituary

Saunders, Leila photo

Saunders, Margaret photo

Schrimpsher, Eugenia Montgomery obituary

Schrimpsher, Mrs. Eugenia Montgomery Mem.

Seay, Agnes Pauline photo

Seay, Miss Eloise 1912 Graduate CI

Seay, T. D. 1916 Graduate CI

Smith, Miss Inez 1916 Graduate CI

Standridge, Pvt. Robert E. WW II

Suggs, Capt. Jack C. WW II

Taunton, Mary Elizabeth Bone obituary

Trapp, Horace 1913 Graduate CI

Trussell, Walter Joe birth

Turk, Florine photo

Wade, Miss Cora 1913 Graduate CI

Wash Hodge place burns

West, Miss Clara 1912 Graduate CI

West, Miss Marion Tribute

Whatley, Ann L. photo

Whatley, Miss Lelia 1912 Graduate CI

Whatley, Miss Mattie Julia Memorial

Whittington, Syd WW II letter 

Wilson, Miss Annie L. 1914 Graduate CI

Windham, Cpl. Oscar Windell WW II

Windham, Miss Maud 1912 Graduate CI



September 2013
Adams, Clem photo

Adams, Emory photo

Adams, James photo

Adams, Jewell photo

Adams, Marvin photo

Adams, Pearl photo

Allen, Curtis photo

Amos, Allie Elizabeth photo

Amos, Bernard photo

Amos, Cecil photo

Amos, Lillian photo

Amos, Maude photo

Amos, Peggie photo

Armstrong, Miss Blanche photo

Bazemore, Frances photo

Bazemore, Frances photo

Bazemore, Frances photo

Bazemore, James photo

Bickey, Jacob W. photo

Bickley, Bessie photo

Bickley, Bob photo

Bickley, Charlie J. photo

Bickley, Elma J. photo (2) 

Bickley, Euna photo

Bickley, Euna photo (2)

Bickley, Jacob W. photo

Bickley, Robert photo

Booth, Hugh photo

Booth, Mary photo

Braddy, Louise photo

Brake, Robert photo

Butler Herald Nov. 13 - 20, 1930

Byers, Louise photo

Byers, Louise photo

Carter, Ellen photo

Carter, Emily photo

Carter, James photo

Carter, Mary L. photo

Carter, Mary photo

Carter, Mattie M. photo

Carter, Nell photo

Carter, T. J. photo

Carter, Unknown photo

Carter, Will photo

Childres, Lee obituary

Childs, Miss Bessie photo

Childs, Miss Bessie photo

Christopher, Gazelle photo

Christopher, Gazelle photo

Christopher, Miss Mattie obituary

Culverhouse, Archie photo

Culverhouse, Clarence photo

Culverhouse, Clinton photo

Culverhouse, Doris photo

Culverhouse, Douglas photo

Culverhouse, Douglas photo

Culverhouse, Edna photo

Culverhouse, Eli photo

Culverhouse, Eva photo

Culverhouse, Flem photo

Culverhouse, Flora photo

Culverhouse, George photo

Culverhouse, Ida photo

Culverhouse, Julian photo

Cuverhouse, Marzelle photo

Downs, Miss Clara weds Howell Winchester

Edmonson, Alma photo

Edmonson, Effie photo

Fallow, Dick photo

Garrett, Lewis photo

Gassett, Evelyn photo

Gassett, Louise photo

Gassett, Murray photo

Gassett, Murray photo

Gilson. Hugh photo

Greathouse, Cletie Mae photo

Greathouse, Cletie Mae photo

Halsted, James photo

Hammock, Charles photo

Hammock, James photo

Hammock, John photo

Heath, Anna photo

Heath, Anna photo

Heath, Elsie photo

Heath, Elsie photo

Heath, Jessie photo

Heath, Lois photo

Heath, Lois photo (3)

Hill, William Monroe obituary

Hinton, J. Frank killed at saw mill

Hogg, Annie Julia photo

Jinks, Ruth photo

Lowery, Estelle photo

Map of Wesley School District

McCants, Alice photo

McGuffin, Miss Bessie photo

Millirons, Nathan dies in auto wreck

Parker, Lois photo

Parker, Lois photo

Parker, Lois photo

Parker, Lonnie photo

Payne, Leola photo

Payne, Miss Marie photo

Pike, Addis photo

Pike, Jessie Belle photo

Pike, Jessie photo

Pike, Odelle photo

Pinkard, Carey Principal photo

Pope, Wynelle photo

Royal, Ina Mae photo

Sams, Eva photo

Sams, Iva photo

Sams, Jeff photo

Sams, john photo

Sams, Walter photo

Sealy, Brown  photo

Sealy, Brown photo

Sealy, Elizabeth photo (2)

Sealy, Lydia photo

Sealy, Mildred photo

Sealy, Mildred photo

Sealy, Mildred photo

Searcy, Monnie photo

Smith,  Hazel photo

Smith, Alice photo

Smith, Garmon photo

Smith, John A. photo

Smith, Leonard photo

Smith, Lillie Mae photo

Smith, Margaret photo

Smith, Nettie R. photo

Smith, Virginia photo

Spinks, Estelle photo

Spinks, Estelle photo

Spinks, Johnnie photo

Spinks, Lester photo

Stringfield, Edna photo

Stringfield, Joseph L. photo

Suggs, Mary photo

Suggs, Mary photo (3)

Turner, Mitchell photo

Wade, Alma Ruth photo

Wade, Hazel Wynell photo

Wade, J. R. photo

Wade, Willie photo

Wesley School 1926-27 photo

Wesley School 1928-29 photo

Wesley School Bessie McGuffin's class photo

Wesley School Miss Marie Payne's class 1931

Wesley School Students 1929-30 photo

Wesley School Taylor Co., Ga. 1934 photo

Wesley School Taylor County, Ga. History

Whatley, ? photo

Whatley, Albert photo

Whatley, Albert photo

Whatley, C. B. photo

Whatley, Clifford photo

Whatley, Mattie Julia photo

Whatley, Rochelle photo

Whatley, Rochelle photo

Whatley, Royce photo

Whatley, Royce photo

Willis, Frances photo

Willis, Louise photo

Wilson, Alfred photo

Wilson, Cecil photo

Wilson, Cecil photo

Wilson, Charlie photo

Wilson, James photo

Wilson, Robert photo

Wilson, Sara photo

Winchester, Howell weds Miss Clara Downs


August 2013

Albritton, Walter weds Miss Musette Pittman

Alsobrooks, Miss Bessie killed in wreck

Anglin, Cpl. Leo WW II

Anglin, Pvt. W. R. WW II

Anglin, Seaman Raymond WW II

Aultman, Pvt. John H. WW II

Beason, Master Sgt. David L. WW II

Beason, Seaman 1st Class James G. WW II

Beason, Sgt. David L. WW II

Beatty, Seaman Second Class Lester J. WW II

Benford, Sgt. Howard G. WW II

Borom, Capt. Samuel T. WW II

Brooks, Thomas Sanford obituary

Brown, Cpl. Forest WW II

Brown, Cpl. Forest WW II

Butler Herald October 23 - October 30, 1930

Carithers, Lizzie grave

Carithers, Robert grave

Carithers, Robert obituary

Carithers, William H. grave

Carithers, William H. obituary

Chambliss, Gen. Peter Corbin grave photo

Childs, Bert WW II

Corbin Family information

Corbin Grays formed at Reynolds

Corbin, Louisa C. grave

Corbin, Mrs. Caroline grave

Corbin, Mrs. Caroline M., nee Saylor obituary

Corbin, Samuel Peter family

Corbin, Samuel Peter, Jr. grave

Corbin-Carithers Cemetery

Corbin-Carithers Cemetery photo

Cosey, Seaman 2nd Class Lewis E. WW II

Downs, Dennie L. obituary

England, Pvt. Frank WW II

Fuller, Jack Darling WW II

Gay, Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class WW II

Gibson, Capt. James A. WW II

Goddard, Ensign Edward McCoy WW II

Goodwin, Pvt. Willie D. WW II

Greer, Chief Petty Officer Bluford H. WW II

Hawkins' Marker to be erected in Roberta

Hicks, Miss Kate Eloise Tribute

Hicks, Miss Kate obituary

Hicks, Miss Kate photo

Hodges, Lt. Benjamin H. Memorial Marker photo

Hodges, Lt. Benjamin H. photo

Jarrell, Hinton  weds Mrs. Monnie McCants Windham

Jinks, Corporal John WW II

Jinks, Pfc. Randal WW II

Keen, Pvt. Ofrey C., Jr. WW II

Lundy, Dorothy Iva birth October 3

Memorial, Benjamin Hawkins photo

Moore, Lt. Ben Gray WW II

Mott, Pvt. Julian H. WW II

Mountain Stewards and Indian Trails

Neisler, Pvt. Charles Hugh WW II

Parker, G. J. letter from Domaine Saint Pierre WW II

Parker, Mitchell WW II

Pittman, Malcolm B. Jr. photo WW II

Pittman, Miss Musette weds Walter Albritton

Pittman, Seaman Clyde Belmont WW II photo

Pittman, John William "Duke" WW II photo

Posey, Aviation Cadet Henry Posey WW II

Purvis, Pfc. Feston Marion WW II

Purvis, Pfc. John Douglas WW II

Purvis, Pvt. James P. WW II

Respess, Zach D., Sr. obituary

Riley, Frank WW II

Riley, Lt. Harley H. Jr. WW II

Riley, Walter, Jr. WW II

Shirah, Mrs. Arzanda, nee Julia Turner obituary

Stuart, Isabella Corbin Gray grave

Swan Point Cemetery photos

Swearingen, Rice A. obituary

Taylor County Citizens in WW II

Trussell, Luther WW II

USS Houston sank in Java Sea 1 Mar 1942 WW II

Wells, Don photo

Whittington, Cpl. Sid letter WW II

Wilbur Brothers from Rhode Island to Dixie

Wilbur Hall and Wilbur Home Place map

Wilbur Hall Church photo

Wilbur, Mary Lee Pardee obituary

Wilbur, Mrs. Louisa real estate map

Wilbur, Oliver C., Jr. obituary

Windham, Mrs. Monnie McCants weds Hinton  Jarrell

Wright, Cpl. Charles J. WW II

July 2013
Anglin, Cpl. Leo WW II

Anthony, 1st. Lt. John P. WW II

Barfield, Pvt. Harold WW II

Blair, Staff Sgt. Arthur WW II

Bledsoe, W. H. obituary

Brown Brothers Sand Co. History by Greg Brown

Brown, Greg photo

Byrd, Nellie photo

Byrd, Seaman Mercer Eugene WW II

Carter, Lester photo

Chapman, Miss Susan weds E. L. Harris

Childree, Pvt. Hugh M. WW II

Childree, Pvt. Talmadge C. WW II

Childree, Tech Sgt. Edward M. WW II

Childres, Hugh Milton WW II

Childres, Seaman 2nd Class J. H. WW II

Coolik, Sammie photo

Cosey, Pvt. J. D. WW II

Cotney, Douglas weds Miss Louise Joiner

Cox, Madison Luther photo WW II

Cox, Seaman Otis B. WW II

Cox, Seaman Otis Benns WW II

Davis, Seaman Harold WW II

Dent, Mrs. Lydia Bryan obituary

Driskell, Seaman J. C. WW II

Edmonson, T-5 Albert Lee photo WW II

Elliston, A.M.M. 2-c Herman WW II

Elliston, Seaman George WW II

Elliston, Seaman Jason WW II

Emerson, Miss Essie weds Oswell Williams

England, Pvt. Frank WW II

England, Pvt. Frank WW II

Fickling, Boatsman 2nd. Class Charles WW II

Fickling, Boatsman Charles WW II

Fountain, Dan photo

Freeman, Walter obituary

Fuller, Elizabeth Barron birth

Fuller, Master Sgt. Grady Barron WW II

Gander-Pullings photo

Gassett, Mrs. Beulah Bickley photo WW II

Gassett, Mrs. Iona weds Otis D. Windham

Gassett, Pvt. Thomas O. photo WW II

Gassett, SSgt. William H. photo WW II

Gaultney, Pvt. Cecil WW II

Graves, Alma photo

Gray, J. Thomas victim of stroke

Griffin, Lucille photo

Griggs, Pvt. Ernest N. WW II

Griggs, Pvt. James E. WW II

Harris, E. L. weds Miss Susan Chapman

Harris, Seaman E. L., Jr. WW II

Heath, Corene photo

Hill, Pvt. Herman WW II

Hinton, Ben photo

Hogg, John killed in leap from truck

Hutcherson, 1st. Lt. Guy Allen WW II

James, Corporal John WW II

James, Cpl. John R. WW II

Jenkins, Pvt. Edmond WW II

Jenkins, Pvt. Edmund letter WW II

Joiner, Eugene Harris photo

Joiner, Henry Lucious Memoriam

Joiner, Miss Louise weds Douglas Cotney

Joiner, Prof. Eugene Harris bio by Gloria Whatley

Jones, Grace photo

Kirksey, Pvt. Horace L. WW II

Lundy, Dorothy Iva birth

McChargue, Pvt. James WW II

McCrary, Alfonso fractures leg

McDaniel, Eva photo

McInvale, 1st. Lt. Frances Laurette WW II

Miona Springs Bandstand photo

Miona Springs History

Miona Springs Hotel Photo

Miona Springs Swimming Pool photo

Miona Springs Tennis Court & Bowling Alley photo

Mitchell, Seaman W. Grady letter WW II

Montgomery, Margaret photo

Mott, Pvt. Julian WW II

Myrick, Ruth birth

Neisler, Pvt. Ben WW II

Newsome Family Orchestor photo

Newsome, Bonnie photo

Newsome, Eric photo

Newsome, Helen photo

Newsome, Walker photo

Newsome, Winnie photo

O'Neal, Cpl. Herman WW II

O'Neal, Pvt. William WW II

Orrill, Harry WW II

Parks, Corporal John R. WW II

Parks, Lt. Cecil W WW II

Parks, Pvt. J. G. WW II

Peed, Pvt Eugene WW II

Pennington, Pvt. John B. WW II

Persons, Lt. Ben S. WW II

Persons, Lt. Benjamin S. WW II

Poole, Lovic Hudson WW II

Posey, Cadet Henry WW II

Posey, T-3 Freeney Edgar WW II photo

Purvis, Pvt. Felton M. WW II

Purvis, Pvt. James P. WW II

Purvis, Pvt. John D. WW II

Reynolds High School Class of 1932

Ricks, Theddeus WW II

Riley, 2nd. Lt. Harley WW II

Rogers, Jack obituary

Ruffin, Lewis photo

Sanders, Seaman Morris WW II

Saunders, Cpl. Hendley M. WW II

Saylor, Henry E. obituary

Seay, Faxton photo

Shehee, L. H. weds Miss Mittie Simmons

Simmons, Miss Mittie weds L. H. Shehee

Taylor County GA Men & Women in WW II

Trapp, Sgt. Robert L. WW II

Trussell, Pfc. Grady letter WW II

Trussell, Seaman 2nd Class J. E. WW II

Trussell, Seaman J. E. WW II 

Wadsworth, 2nd. Lt. Carolyn WW II

Walker, Claude dies at Roberta

Watson, Julia Memorial

Weldon, Pvt. Dewey L., Jr. WW II

Williams, Oswell weds Miss Essie Emerson

Wilson, Dorothy Elizabeth birth

Windham, Cpl. Willis WW II

Windham, Otis D. weds Mrs. Iona Gassett

Windham, Pfc. Millard H. letter WW II

Windham, Pfc. W. Gray letter WW II

Windham, Riley weds Miss Blanche Youngblood

Wright, Pvt Charlie J. WW II

Youngblood, Miss Blanche weds Riley Windham

June 2013
Adams, Carlton photo

Adams, Lucile photo

Adams, Margaret photo

Adams, Mildred photo

Aultman, Mattie Clyde photo

Beeland, Florine photo

Beeland, Johnnie Fred photo

Beeland, Julian photo

Beeland, Leah photo

Blakley, Henry T. photo

Blakley, Mary Lizzie photo

Bohler, Frank photo

Bohler, Robert photo

Booth, Brittain photo

Booth, Frances photo

Booth, Hamilton photo

Booth, Jack photo

Booth, James photo

Booth, Mildred photo

Booth, Mrs. Ida photo

Booth, Pope, Jr. photo

Byrd, Thomas photo

Caves, Jan McGlaun photo

Central School fifth grade 1933-34 photo

Central School History

Central School Photo 1925-26

Central School photo circa 1950

Culverhouse, Ida photo

Davis, Alvin photo

Edmonson, Addie Jewell photo

Edmonson, Edward photo

Edmonson, Edward photo

Edmonson, Janie photo

Edmonson, Mary Ella photo

Edmonson, W. C. photo

Edmonson, W. C. photo

Edmonson, Willie Mae photo

Foy, Mable photo

Foy, Mrs. Sallie Mae photo

Foy, Sara photo

Foy, Sarah photo

Foy, Wesley photo

Gaultney, Berdine photo

Gaultney, Delia Bell photo

Gaultney, Doris photo

Gaultney, Felton photo

Gaultney, Harley photo

Gaultney, Hartley photo

Gaultney, Lillian photo

Gaultney, Nannie Lee photo

Gaultney, Nannie Lee photo

Gaultney, Palmer photo

Gaultney, Patricia photo

Gaultney, Patricia photo

Gaultney, Ronnie photo

Gaultney, Tony photo

Gaultney, William photo 

Greathouse, Robert photo

Greathouse, Rufus photo

Hammock, Lamar photo

Hammock, Mildred photo (2)

Hammock, Napoleon photo

Haywood, Naomi photo

Hortman, Geneva photo (2)

Jarrell, Arthur photo

Jarrell, Betty Jo photo

Jarrell, Calvin photo

Jarrell, Cathryn photo

Jarrell, Cathryn photo

Jarrell, Dr. Floyd Cannon, Jr. Memorial

Jarrell, Dr. Floyd Cannon, Jr. photo

Jarrell, F. C. photo

Jarrell, Franklin photo

Jarrell, Fred photo

Jarrell, Freddie photo (2)

Jarrell, Freddie photo (2)

Jarrell, Gorman photo

Jarrell, Hazel photo

Jarrell, King Freddie photo

Jarrell, Martha photo

Kendrick, Jack photo

King, Margaret photo

Lewis, Dorsey photo

Lewis, Tom photo

Lowery, Claudia photo

Lowery, Estelle photo

Mathis, Ruth Wilson photo

Maxwell, Queene Sylvia photo

Maxwell, Sylvia photo

Maxwell, Sylvia photo (2)

Maxwell, Virginia photo

McCants, Alice photo

McCants, Edward photo

McCants, Franklin photo

McCants, Howard photo

McCants, Ralph photo

McGlaun, Captain Dequindre photo

McGlaun, Captain Dequindre WW 2 experience

McGlaun, Jack photo

Neisler, Walton photo

Neisler, William photo

Neisler. Wilber photo

Peed, Eloise photo

Peed, Eugene photo

Peed, Frances photo

Peed, Jack photo

Peed, Jack photo

Peed, Jacquelyn photo (3)

Peed, Janie photo

Peed, Janie photo

Peed, Joel photo

Peed, Langdon photo

Peed, Marvin photo

Peed, Mildred photo

Peed, Moody photo

Peterman, Lester photo

Peterman, Nellie photo

Peterman, Sarah photo

Peterman, Sarah photo

Peterman, Vera photo

Peterman, Vera photo

Peterman, Virginia photo

Posey, Dolly photo

Posey, Elaine photo

Posey, Patsy photo

Posey, Patsy photo

Singleton, Frances photo

Singleton, John photo

Singleton, John photo

Singleton, Tommy photo

Smith, Miss Barbara Dana photo (2)

Swearingen, Bob photo

Taylor County People In WW 2

Thompson, Louise photo

Thompson, Murtice photo

Thompson, Pauline photo

Vann, Esther photo

Vann, Pansey photo

Vann, Sanders photo

Weldon, Jewell photo

Weldon, Junior photo

Whitley, Mary photo

Whittle, Bessie photo

Whittle, Clifford photo

Windham, Frances photo

Windham, Fred photo

May 2013
1903 Rambler photo

Adams, Machinist Mate Guy S. WW 2

Adams, Miss Mary 1930 Graduate nursing school

Amos, Miss Allie WW 2

Anglin, Cpl. Leo WW 2

Anglin, Juian WW 2

Anglin, Seaman, Julian WW 2

Barnes, Joseph M. WW 2

Bearden, Pvt. Thomas Arthur WW 2

Beason, Davil L. WW 2

Beason, Sgt. David WW 2

Beatty, Lester I. WW 2

Beeland, Captain Dan S. WW 2

Beeland, Julian Thomas WW 2 and mule

Beeland, Julian Thomas WW 2 photo

Blue Star Mothers WW 2

Bone, Harold Troy WW 2

Borom, Sam WW 2

Bradshaw, George M. Memorial

Bradshaw, Homer Memorial

Brown, Pvt. Frank WW 2

Buckner, Mike photo

Buckner, Mike presents program on Lazarus Straus

Butler Herald 1878 from July 22, 1937 B. H.

Butler Herald August 28 - September 18, 1930

Byrd, Garland WW 2

Byrd, Thomas Eugene WW 2

Carter, Arch grave photo

Carter, Clarence & Emma Glover Carter Family

Carter, Clarence Mathews grave stone photo

Carter, Emma Glover grave stone photo

Carter, Frank Glover grave photo

Carter, Robert Walton grave photo

Chapman, Brown WW 2

Childres, Hugh M. WW 2

Coolik, Ensign Sammic WW 2

Davis, Harold WW 2

Davis, Wanza WW 2

Downer, Pvt. Sanders C. WW 2

Downward, Miss Geraldine weds Hume Sealy

Dreizin, Pvt. Aaron WW 2

Driskell, Seaman J. C. WW 2

Duncan, Sgt. Willie WW 2

England, Machinest Mate 1-c Hamilton WW 2

Eubanks, Cpl. Ralph WW 2

Eubanks, Pvt. Ralph WW 2

Eubanks, Ralph Windham WW 2

Eubanks, Robert Sanders WW 2

Fain, Miss Ethel weds Guy McMullan

Fuller, Bernard J.

Gann, Charles birth

Garrett, Seaman Second Class James WW 2

Gassett, Thomas O. and mother WW 2

Gold Star Mothers WW 2

Goodwin, Pvt. Willie P. WW 2

Hammock, Jack WW 2

Hancock, Herman E. WW 2

Harmon, James H. WW 2

Hart, M. A. dies from pistol wound

Hicks, William Rufus. Jr. obituary

Hogg, Clyde C, Jr. weds Miss Maude McGehee

James, Pfc. John R. WW 2

James, Pfc. Willie Jack WW 2

Jinks, Pvt. John R. WW 2

Johnson, Dr. J. C. obituary

Joiner, H. L., Sr. Memorial

Joiner, Lt. Horace WW 2

Loyd, Randolph obituary

McCants, Pfc. Ralph WW 2

McCants, Ralph WW 2

McChargue, John S. WW 2

McGehee, Miss Maude weds Clyde C. Hogg, Jr.

McMullan, Guy weds Miss Ethel Fain

Montgomery, John S.

Montgomery, Robert Clifford WW 2

Moore, Lt. Benjamin Gray WW 2

Musslewhite, Miss Ruth weds Clarence H, Skinner

Neisler, Charles Hugh WW 2

Oliver, J. T., Jr. kicked in head by mule & dies

Orrell, Harry Timothy WW 2

Parker, Corp. H. M. WW 2

Parks, Cecil WW 2

Parks, Donald Franklin WW 2

Parks, J. G. WW 2

Peacock, Cpl. Norman J. WW 2

Persons, Lt. Ben S. WW 2

Ranow, Sgt. Paul J. WW 2

Reynolds First Automobile

Rutherford, Vivian obituary

Sanders, Seaman Second Class Morris WW 2

Sealy, Hume weds Miss Geraldine Downward

Skinner, Clarence H. weds Miss Ruth Musslewhite

Smith, Leonard WW 2

Smith, Mrs. Artis L. suicides & poisons 2 children

Stevens, Metalsmith 2-c Millard WW 2

Stewart, Lt. James Polk Farrer WW 2

Suggs, Capt. Jack C. WW 2

Taylor County Men & Women in WW 2

Turk, Sgt. John M. WW 2

Turner, Robert WW 2

Turner, Robert WW 2

Vann, Pvt. James Hollis WW 2

Wallace, Petty Officer Joseph WW 2

Weaver, Pvt. Zack A. WW 2

Wedner, Annie (col) killed Monk Hodges (col)

West, Oscar (col) killed by Monk, Hodges (col)

Whatley, Edwards Clayton WW 2

Williams, Pvt. Paul WW 2

Williamson, Harold E.  WW 2

Windham, Hoke appointed Deputy Sheriff

Windham, Wendell WW 2

Woodall, James WW 2

Zephyr Cyclone photographs

Zephyr Cyclone, Zephyr Texas

Zephyr Texas Cemetery photo

April 2013
Anglin, Julian E. WW II

Anglin, Leo Earl WW II

Bazemore, Deputy Homer found dead

Bazemore, James H. WW II

Bearden, Thomas Arthur WW II

Beason, David WW II

Beason, David WW II

Beeland, Dan S. WW II

Beeland, Mrs. Dan WW II

Brown, Forest WW II

Butler Herald August 21, 1930

Butler Methodist Church History 1840-1936

Butler Methodist Church photo (current)

Butler Methodist Church photo (late 1800's)

Callier, Lorinza nee Christopher obituary

Childree, Ed. M. WW II letter

Cosey, Lewis WW II letter

Cox, Richmond L. WW II letter

Crawford, Bo (col) dies

Crook, Purvis L. WW II

Draughon, Miss Eva weds William T. Montgomery

Dreizen, Miss Miriam WW II

Driskell, James C. WW II

Elliston, Herman WW II

Emerson, Miss Essie to wed Oswell Williams

Fond Memories of Butler 1887-8 by G. D. Lowe

Fountain, Gray WW II

Fuller, Bernard J. WW II

Garrett, James Caswell WW II

Gay, Elma Lee WW II

Griggs, Herman P. WW II

Harmon, James H. WW II

Harris, James Hinton WW II

Harris, Miss Frances WW II

Haynes, James C. WW II

Hill, Herman WW II

Hill, Herman WW II 

Hillsman, Green (col) obituary

Hobbs, James Hinton killed in auto accident

Hodges, Walton, Jr. WW II

Hodges, Walton, Jr.  WW II letter

Hogg, Mr. & Mrs. Z. T. Golden Anniversary

James, John R. WW II

Jinks, Miss Ruby WW II

Luck, Ennis R. WW II

Justice, Mildred birth

King, Robert Fulton

Lawhorn, Edward WW II

Lawhorn, Edward WW II photo

Lawhorn, James M. & Jane nearing 100 mile post

Lawhorn, James M. & Jane photo

Lawhorn, James M. Home photo

Lawhorn, James M. obituary

Lawhorn, Jane dies at 101 obituary

Locke, A. J. WW II

Locke. James E. WW II

Lowe, George D. photo

Maddox, Miss Betty WW II

McBride, Cincinnatus "Since" obituary

McBride, Cincinnatus photo

McCorkle, Elder Sylvester Hassell photo

Montgomery, William Weds Miss Eva Draughon

Mott, Julian H. WW II

Moulton, Frank WW II

Moulton, James WW II

Parker, T. C. & Reynolds Brick Company

Parks, Cecil Ward WW II

Parks, John Robert WW II

Payne, Hubert looses finger

Payne, Hubert WW II

Payne, Hubert WW II

Peed, Eugene WW II

Peed, Joel WW II

Peed, John Joel WW II letter

Peed, Judge Leb marrying two couples photo

Peed, Judge Lebbeus T. 15 years of service

Peed, Judge Lebbeus Thaddeus "Leb" photo

Peed, Leb & Mamie Brooks Peed photo

Peed, Leb & Mamie Brooks Peed photo

Peed, Miss Elsie WW II

Peed, Mr. & Mrs. Leb celebrate 65th Anniversary

Peed, William Langdon WW II

Peterman, Miss Margaret WW II

Phillipi Primitive Baptist Cemetery marker

Phillipi Primitive Baptist Church photo

Pope, Horace J. WW II

Purvis, John Douglas WW II

Riley, Harley Howard WW II

Riley, Miss Frances WW II

Rooster looses his feathers & get clothes

Rustin, Miss Pauline WW II

Rustin, Miss, Pauline WW II

Sealy, Miss Mildred WW II

Simmons, Willie Ed birth August 14, 1930

Smith, Charles D. WW II

Stevens, Millard WW II

Stewart, J. A. WW II

Taylor County Men & Women in WW II

TCHGS Minutes

Turner, Mitchell WW II

Underwood, John Harold WW II

Watson, June Adair obituary

Watson, Miss Julia Memorial

Whatley, Clay WW II

Whatley, Mrs. Irene WW II

Whittington, Pershing WW II

Whittington, Sidney WW II letter

Williams, Oswell to wed Miss Essie Emerson

Windham, Willis WW II

Windham, Windell WW II

Windham, Windell WW II

Wolf Pitt Georgia

Wright, Mrs. Miriam WW II


March 2013
1910 Class of Butler Male & Female hold reunion

Adams, Guy Smith US Marines photo

Adams, Guy Smith US Navy WW II photo

Alexander, George A. birth

Another Anniversary by Charles E. Benns, Sr.

Benns, Charles E., Sr. photo

Brooks Family Reunion

Butler Herald July 31, 1930 - August 14, 1930

Callier, Lorenza Christopher Memorial

Cook Family reunion

Cox, Miss Bonnie weds Lester Edmonson

Culpepper, Caughey Branham photo

Culpepper, George Bright photo

Culpepper, George Bacon photo

Culpepper, James Shepard photo

Culpepper, Marion photo

Davis, Joseph birth at Thomaston

Edmonson, Lester weds Miss Bonnie Cox

Edwards, Sonny photo

Eubanks, Robert Sanders US Army WW II photo

Gilson, Mr. William Jackson Memorial

Grisamore, Ed photo

Hamilton, John H. killed by boiler explosion

Hamilton, Mrs. Jewel Jinks Memorial

Hobbs, James killed in car accident (Soldier)

Joiner, Henry Lucius obituary

Mauk School photo

McBride, Cincinnatus obituary

McMickel, Mrs. Elizabeth Clemons Memorial

New Members

Parker Family Reunion

Pierce Reunion

Pilcher, Miss Eula Mae obituary

Reminiscence by Rev. George B. Culpepper, Sr.

Riley, Dr. Hamp weds Miss Janet Stokes

Rupert School photo

Sanderfur, John R. obituary

Shealy, Miss Clayra Lee birth

Shepherd, Charlie obituary

Smith, Lemuel Marcus photo

Spinks Family Reunion

Stokes, Miss Janet weds Dr. Hamp Riley

Taunton, Mrs. Amanda Memorial

Taylor County Georgia Men & Women in WW II

Vann, Louis hurts her arm at McCants Mill

Whatley, Clifford E. birth

Work Projects Administration in Taylor County

Young, Miss Grace obituary


February 2013
Adams, Doris obituary

Adams, Jack weds Miss Neater Mae Peterman

Adams, Joe T. weds Miss Merle Sue Adams

Adams, Miss Merle Sue weds Joe T. Adams

Burnett, Miss Willie Mae weds Charlie Windham

Butler Herald July 3 - July 24, 1930

Closson, Ward H. weds Miss Elizabeth Kimbrough

Cochran, John Thomas Cotton Warehouse photo

Cochran, John Thomas photo

Cochran, John Thomas Tribute

Fain, Miss Ethel E. to wed Guy V. McMullan

Gaston, Dr. J. H. weds Miss Louise Hays

Gilson, William J. obituary

Hamilton, Jewell Jinks obituary

Hays, Miss Louise weds Dr. J. H. Gaston

Howard, Cecil K. weds Miss Ernestine Smith

Johnson, Lindy obituary

Johnson, Lindy Memorial

Jolly, Homer Howell obituary

Kimbrough, Elizabeth weds Ward H. Closson

King, Mrs. Rosebud weds Sgt. William Waldrop

Litch, Rev. Brian on his trip to Urkraine Orphanage

Litch, Rev. Brian photo

McDowell, Kyle obituary

McMullan, Guy V. to wed Miss Ethel E. Fain

Minor, Lewis Leonard photo

Newsom, Miss Edith Julia to wed Snowden Steele

Newsom, Miss Edith Julia weds Snowden S. Steele

Peterman, Miss Neater Mae weds Jack Adams

Royal Family Reunion

Russ, Mrs. Sarah E. obituary

Seay, Elda Agnes birth

Smith, Miss Ernestine weds Cecil K. Howard

Spillers, Mrs. Mae Belle Marshall obituary

Steele, Snowden to wed Miss Edith Julia Newsom

Steele, Snowden S. weds Miss Edith Julia Newsom

TCHGS Minutes

Train boiler explodes in Reynolds 3 killed

Turner, Mrs. Martha Johnson

USS Lexington in Battle of Coral Sea photo

Waldrop, Sgt. William weds Mrs. Rosebud King

Water Tank in Reynolds photo

Wilchar, J. L. obituary

Wilson, Virginia Scott Memorial

Windham, Charlie weds Miss Willie Mae Burnett

World War II and Taylor County Georgia

January 2013

Antley, June birth

Barnes, G. R. weds Miss Volina Oliver

Bartlett, Albert accidently shot

Benford, J. T. weds Miss Janie Cromer

Berry, Charles K. weds Miss Marie Trawick

Butler Herald June 5, 1930 - June 26, 1930

Byrd, Miss Stella weds James Vance

Childs, Miss Atholine weds Henry Saylor

Cromer, Miss Janie weds J. T. Benford

Edwards, Julian Willis I Tribute

Edwards, Julian Willis photo

Fain, Mr. & Mrs. daughter born

Felton, Jule weds Miss Mary Julia Sasnett

Fields, Harold to wed Miss Mary Jane Montfort

Fountain, Aden Asbury dies at Adrain Georgia

Gassett, E. D. obituary

Gaylor, Thomas Gilbert obituary

Goddard, Carolyn birth

Hamilton, Nancy dies at Mauk

Hodges, James killed Morris Talmer (col)

Hogg, Myra Nell fatally burned

Hudson, Talmadge Benjamin obituary

Hudson, Talmadge C. weds Miss Katie Wiggins

Hudson, Talmadge Cates obituary

James, Craig T. biographical information

James, Craig T. photo

James, Kathlyn Taylor obituary

Jarrell, A. T. weds Miss Georgia Negas

Layfield, G. T. Memorial

Layfield, Mrs. Effie Chapman Memorial

McCarthy, Noreen Windham obituary

McCrary, Cato (col) obituary

Montfort, Miss Mary J. to wed Harold Fields

Negas, Miss Georgia weds A. T. Jarrell

Oliver, Miss Volina weds G. R. Barnes

Parris, Conley G. obituary

Parris, Conley G. photo

Payne Family hold reunion

Peacock, Capt. C. L. obituary

Peacock, Hazel Taylor obituary

Richardson, James Milton, Jr. obituary

Rumph, Jake obituary

Sasnett, Miss Mary J. weds Jule Felton

Saylor, Henry weds Miss Atholine Childs

Slappey, Miss Maud H. to wed R. G. Souder

Souder, R. G. to weds Miss Maud H. Slappey

Swearingen, Robert L. Memorial

Talmer, Morris killed by James Hodges (col)

Taunton, Mrs. Amanda Peterman obituary

Taylor County 100 years ago

Taylor, Walter Clyde photo

TCHGS installs new officers

Trawick, Miss Marie weds Charles K. Berry

Vance, James weds Miss Stella Byrd

Vandlandingham, Mr. & Mrs. infant son dies

Wainwright, Miss Lokie weds Grady Rodgers

Watson, June Adair birth

White, Mrs. Emma Hill obituary

Wiggins, Benjamin C. kills Henry Marshal

Wiggins, Charles R. & Catherine Beeland Family

Wiggins, Capt. Charles R. Confederate record

Wiggins, Catherine Beeland obituary

Wiggins, Catherine Beeland Will abstract

Wiggins, Clyde C. killed in New Mexico

Wiggins, Ida Emily death record

Wiggins, Miss Katie weds Talmadge C. Hudson

Wiggins, Miss Minnie weds Claude M. Windham

Wiggins, Ora Maud obituary

Wiggins, William B. obituary

Wilson, Miss Lucile 8th birthday

Windham Family holds reunion

Windham, Claude M. weds Miss Minnie Wiggins

Windham, Clyde Wiggins obituary

Windham, Minnie Lee Wiggins obituary

Windham, Miss Gertrude weds E. F. Wissenger

Windham, Rosanna Valliere obituary

Windham, Rosanna Valliere photo

Wisham, W. E. obituary

Wissenger, E. F. weds Miss Gertrude Windham

Virginia Crilley.

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