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Historical Markers

The Spalding Grays

Spalding County, Georgia

Spalding Grays

The Spalding Grays, as Co. D. 2nd Batt. Inf.,

was the first military unit from Spalding

County to be mustered into the Confederate

Army. It was followed by 8 regular and several

militia companies. The Spalding Grays have

continued through the years as a unit of

the Ga. Nat. Guard, serving in war and peace,

military and civil emergencies. Today it is

Co. C., 48th Reconnaissance Batt., 48th Armored

Div., Ga. Nat. Guard, whose headquarters are

in this modern armory, completed in 1956.

The only earlier military company from the

county was the Fannin Avengers which served

in the Mexican War and has long since passed

from existence.


Georgia Historical Commission


The Spalding Grays
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