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County Coordinator Deborah Byrd
Regional Assistant: Vivian Price Saffold
State Coordinator Linda Blum-Barton

Welcome to Screven County, part of the GAGenWeb and USGenWeb Projects. My name is Deborah Byrd and I am your host for Screven County. My ancestors meandered through Screven but didn't stay too long. Enjoy your visit to the web site and come back often.


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Screven county was created 14 December 1793 by taking land from Burke and Effingham Counties. Screven gave up land to Bulloch County 8 February 1796 and again gave up land to form Jenkins County on 17 August 1905.

If any one can supply more information on the county's history please send it in. It doesn't need to be from the beginning to time to present, it could be a small snippet by one of the following time periods: pre civil war, civil war, 1865 to 1900, 1900 to 1929, 1929 to 1941, 1941 to 1945, 1945 to now; please donate.

The Rev. George White, "Historical Collections of Georgia" New York: Pudney & Russell, Publishers, 1855.

pp. 631

"The instances of longevity are, Mrs. L. Thrower, who died at 137; Mrs. Jane Black, over 100; Mr. Herrington, over 90; Michael Doherty, 140. Many others might be given. Sylvania is the county site, situated five miles below Jacksonborough, on the Middle Ground Road. Jacksonborough was formerly the county site. Mill Haven is six miles from Matthews' Bluff. Paramore Hill is a considerable elevation, which the Central Rail Road crosses. At Hudson's Ferry the British army encamped in February, 1779, under the command of Lieutenant Prevost.

Extract from the census of 1850.-Dwellings, 567; families, 567; white males 1,625; white females, 1,548; 1 free coloured male. Total free population, 3,174; slaves 3,673. Deaths, 32. Farms, 498. Value of real estate, $1,260,577; value of personal estate, $1, 101,900. Among the early settlers of this county were, J. H. Rutherford, James Boyd, John Bonnell, Henry Bryan, Wm. Rushing, Benjamin Greene, Wm. Shepard, Robert Warren, Joseph Tanner, John Fletcher, John Nevil, Anthony Bornell [Bonnell?], Bird Lanier, Matthew Coleton, Wm. Pearce, Daniel Blackburn, John Jeffers, Wm. Rauls, M. Greene."

Thanks for the help.

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