Screven County Churches
Name Location per GNIS Misc/Links
Latitude Longitude Map
Antioch 325051N 0814329W Sylvania North  
Bargeron 325202N 0814129W Sylvania North  
Bascom(historical)  325133N 0813825W Sylvania North  
Benton Grove  323841N 0814434W Sylvania South  
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal 324449N 0813822W Sylvania South  
   Bethel Brick 325755N   0813232W Burtons Ferry Landing  
Bethlehem 325544N 0813928W Hilltonia  
Bible  324436N 0813849W Sylvania South  
Bible Fellowship 324246N 0814731W Rocky Ford  
Black Creek  323953N  0813106W Hunters  
Black Creek 324104N  0813324W Hunters
Blue Springs 323742N   0812659W Blue Springs Landing
Buck Creek 324511N 0813125W Jacksonboro Bridge
Camp Grove  324508N  0813533W Jacksonboro Bridge
Charlestown  323414N  0813926W Dover
Comers Grave  325553N 0813745W  Hilltonia
Cyphus Pond  323730N  0813005W Oliver
Dalton  325836N  0813534W Burtons Ferry Landing
Ditch Pond  323722N  0813737W Dover
Dixon Branch  323924N 0814821W Rocky Ford
Double Heads 323902N 0814129W Sylvania South  
Douglas Branch Baptist 324021N   0814501W Rocky Ford Church Records Volume I  1850-1873
Church Records Volume II  1873-1887
Church Records Volume III 1914-1946
Faith Temple  323549N  0813452W Oliver  
First Baptist 324456N  0813810W Sylvania South  
First Methodist  324508N  0813815W Sylvania North  
Free Will  324324N  0813745W Sylvania South  
Friendship 324813N  0813600W Jacksonboro Bridge  
Friendship Memorial 324701N   0813734W Sylvania North  
Friendship Tabernacle 323455N   0812655W
Goloid 324146N   0814034W Sylvania South
Goodwill 324602N   0813015W Jacksonboro Bridge
Great Bethel African Methodist Episcopal  324448N  0813821W Sylvania South
Green Hill  324232N  0813535W Hunters
Little Ogeechee Baptist Church       Members - Male - ca 1810
Members - Female - 1810
Middleground Baptist Church       Church Records

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