Donna Lynn Motel



Schley County, Georgia

Donna Lynn Motel

The big bldg. to the left (west) of this now demolished Donna Lynn motel was the high school gym. Still standing, and I believe is being used now as community rec. center. The front of the gym and the motel face south (on Hwy 26, 1/2 block from main intersection.)

The rear of the gym is only about 50 yards from the rear of the high SCHS auditorium.

The rear of the gym housed the 1st and 2nd grades when I attended in '53-'54. Complete with pot bellied stoves for heat. Those 2 rooms were later used for the boys & girls basketball dressing rooms. The tiny "cloak rooms" were for the visiting basketball teams. When we "graduated" to 3rd grade, it was into the "high school bldg". By the time I moved to 4th grade, it was into the "new" Palmer Elementary School about 1 mile west on 26. Then back to the "big school" for 8th thru 12th grades.

Submitted by Ernie Jones


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