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Schley Currency 1866

TG050--Written dates____, 186_, 1866 Left : Sailing ship, red 50 above, Center : Title with text above & below, red FIFTY CENTS below, Right : red 50 in red die above, red 50 in black die below, Imprint : Burke & Co., Macon
Contributed by David Marsh

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Possibly this was the equivalent of today's municipal bond. For instance, you buy the bond today for 40 cents and the county agrees to pay the bearer 50 cents upon demand twelve months later. It was away to raise money for capital expenditures, much as is done today.

Judy Davis supplies this info on the M.J. Wall signature in the "Treasurer" blank near the bottom.

He was Marion Jackson Wall, attorney, born 20 April 1836 in Opelika, Alabama1, and died 06 March 1886 in Schley County, Georgia. He married MARY BELL S. STRANGE 25 November 1863 in Schley County, Georgia, daughter of CHARNER B. STRANGE and NANCY GOODSON. She was born 26 March 1842 in Marion County, Georgia, and died 07 September 1923 in Schley County, Georgia.

Cemetery: City of Ellaville
Cemetery Location: Schley County, Georgia
Military: CSA, Co B, Schley Rifles, 46 Reg, Ga. Vol
Occupation: Lawyer

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