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Homestead Plat - Deed

Melissa Souter vs. W(illiam) D(aniel) Murray

Application for dower in Superior court of Schley Co.
We the undersigned commissioners appointed at the Oct. term 1887 of said court to enter upon admeasure, lay of(f) and assign to applicant dower in the lands described in the writ to us directed in the above stated case report that after being duly sworn according to law & given the notice required by law and after procuring the aid of E.S. Baldwin, county surveyor, in making the survey and admeasurements of dower, we did on the 21st day of Sept 1888 upon said lands and lay off admeasure and assigned to said applicant seventy-five acres dower in said land. A full & complete description of the lands assigned as dower will appear from a plat of the said E.S. Baldwin hereto attached which is made a part of this our return. We the undersigned commissioners were each employed one day in making said assignment of dower, and E.S. Baldwin, county surveyor was employed one day in making said survey. All of which is respectfully submitted.
This the 21st day of Sept. 1888
Stephen Murray, E.T. Lightner, J.M. Murray, Lewis Hill-----Commissioners.

Melissa Souter vs. W.D. Murray
Application for Dower and Return of Commissioners
Schley County Superior Court, Sept. Term 1888
It appearing to the court that its commissioners appointed to lay off & admeasure dower in the above stated case have made their return & there being no objection filed, it is therefore ordered & ???????? that the return as made by them ?? ???? is hereby made the judgment of this court & that the property lines laid off & assigned be known as the dower of said Melissa Souter.
Sept. 27, 1888
Allen Fort, J.S.C.S.C.
according to Webster. DOWER-the part or interest of a deceased man's real estate allotted by law to his widow for her lifetime.


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