Robert Walter Reddacliff (1847...1934)

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Children :

1 . H . Robert . Walter . Reddacliff . (b.12/2/1873..d.14/4/1960 m H .Mary A . Rose . (b.....d.)
2 . H . James . . Reddacliff . . (b.2/11/1875..d.1947). mH . Ethel M . Whittaker . (b. ..d3/10/ 1926)
3 . H . John . Reddacliff . (b.23/11/1877..d.27/5/1960.) & H . Christina . J . McDonald . (b.7/6/1870..d.1914)
4 . H . Mary . Ellen . Reddacliff . ( b.1879 - d.1962)*&***H . Samuel . Henry . Johnson . (b.25-4-1876.d.13/7/1962.)
5 . H . William . . Reddacliff . (b1881..d1942.)**H . Alice . Lucy Jane . Johnson . (1b.878..d.1950..) &.
6 . H .. Grace . Edith . Reddacliff . (b.24/10/1883..d.7/5/1941) m H . Charles . Henry . Walsh . (b.16/6/1878..d.1/11/1942)
7 . H . Ruth . Elizabeth . Reddacliff . (b.30/8/1885..d.12/7/1948) m 12/12/1911 m. H . Henry . Strange . Pillidge .( b. 14/6/1883..d19/9/.1949)
8 . H . Bessie . E . Reddacliff . (b.1/12/1892....b.) &.H . Eric . McKenzie . (b....)
9 . H . Arthur . Reddacliff . (26/1/1894..d.1976 ) & ..H . Mary . Gladys . McCloy. . (b....)
9 . H .Arthur . Reddacliff . (b.26/1/1894...b.1976)* &.H . Janet . Paterson .
10 . H . .Matilda . J (Till or Tillie). Reddacliff . (b.19/3/1896..d..) &.H . Hugh . .(Dick) . Norman .
11 .H . Levinia . Mabel . Reddacliff . (b . 13/8/1898..d.18/4/.1957.) m 1925 .H . Frederick . Herbert . Sherar . (b...d.20/8/1967)
12 . Frederick James. Reddacliff . (b.1888....d.1936)
13 . Susanah . Reddacliff . ( b.1890..d.1891)

History & Achievements :

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Robert Walter Reddacliff and two of his brothers John Reddacliff and James Reddacliff came to Australia together. Robert was one of the earliest settlers Of Mullumbimby
This Interview Appeared in a newspaper
We believe it was written about 1949-1950 The interview refered to Walter Robert Reddaclif . One could say with reasonable certainity that most of the buildings mentioned are no longer standing . This item was typed 12/7/1999 some of the wording makes no sense and is spelt wrong but it is as is.
By Bullock Track to M'by
Old Resident Recalls the 80's
Some interesting facts about the early days of the district were brought to light in an interview by a staff reporter with one of the districts oldest inhabitants, Mr. W. R. Reddacliff, last week. Mr. Reddacliff, who is 77 years old, came here in 1882 with his parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Reddacliff.
To get to Mullumbimby it was necessary to travel from Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads along the beach and thence to Mullumbimby by boat or bullock track
Mr. Reddacliff recalled that they left Byron Bay at 2 o'clock in the morning to get along the beach while the tide was out. After being bogged in quicksand at the Belongil they arrived at Brunswick in time for breakfast.
The next stage of the journey was made by boat and the party landed behind where the bowling green now is and walked to Myocum.
Mullumbimby, when they arrived, consisted of two houses built on the river bank near where Mr. W. R. Squires now lives.
The original Post Office at Brunswick Heads was on North Beach, as also were the store and most of the residents. The Post Office was run by Captain Simpson. A few years after Mr. O'Mally was appointed Post Master and about 1890 a Post Office was built were Wakely's store now stands.
Brunswick was realy going ahead by 1890 boasted four stores. Mr.Jacklun combined store keeping with butchering between the school and the river, Mr. Stone had a store on the North Beach and Mr. Haines was situated where Wraight's Bus terminal is now. Another store stood on what is Mallam's vacant allotment.
The first hotel was owned by Mr. Marshal, who later built a hotel in Mullumbimby where the Court House Hotel now stands, and another was later built by Mr. Harry Stone on the corner where Mallam's store is.
The Police Station at Brunswick Heads was established in 1890and was complete with lock-up.
About every six weeks a boat called at Brunswick with provisions and loaded cadar. A short time after a steamer from Brisbane also began to call for pine.
The old wreck on the North side of the river was there before Mr. Reddacliff came to the distrirct.
All provisions and mail came through Bruswick Heads and if you wanted to post a letter you had to take
it to the Heads.
After the railway went through Mullumbimby the Post Office was shifted and the complete Police
Barracks transported.The first hotel at Mullumbimby was built by Mr. McGowan and was near the present Council Chambers.
A store was built along side it by Mr. Livingstone. Mr. Reddacliff's father was the first blacksmith in the district and also owned the first cow.
To Mr. Reddacliff's knowledge there have only been two riots in Mullumbimby.
Mr. Alex Brown, who died recently at Coraki aged 90, was another old resident and helped to build the Police Station at Brunswick. Another man who helped build the barracks was the first to be locked up in them.
To quote Mr. Reddacliff "after the line went through Mullumbimby the Heads went Bung" The first
school in Mullumbimby was built where the race course is. END
Early Postal Records.... Mullumbimby
Postal records held in the Historical Section of Australia Post indicate that a non-official Recieving Office was established at Mullumbimbyon the 1st, of April 1889. The first recieving office keeper was R .W. Reddacliff, who was recommended by the local residents, and he recieved an allowance of 5 pound per annum . Recieving Officers were the lowest grade of non-official officers, and provided only the most basic postal facilities. They were issued with a small advance of postage stamps and postal notes for sale, and residents wishing to transact any other type of postal buisness, such as money orders or telegrams, were obliged to travel to a larger office , which in this case of Mullumbimby was Brunswick, were a non-official post office had been established in 1882. Brunswick became a Telegraph office on the 3rd of June, 1884
Status Raised
On the 16th of April, 1891 the status of the office was raised from Recieving Office to non-official Post Office and the Postmaster Reddacliff's allowance was increased to 10 pound per annum. he was assisted in the post office by James Reddacliff, who did not recieve any official renumination. For the yera 1891,the office had 1,122 letters posted. and earned a total postal revenue of 24 pounds
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