Irene Blanche (Queenie) Johnson(.....)

Irene Blanche (Queenie) Johnson(.....)

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It is widely known throughout the familie's contained with in the Johnson & Pillidge lines, this man did a large amount of work on both his, and his wife Irean's family history.

These News articles are typed exactly as they apeard when printed

THE EXPRESS (a Brisbane local Paper)
A war service decoration won by her great, great grandfather in the early 19th
Century was viewed by Mrs F. C. Robinson of Kedron during a southern motering holiday with her husband recently.
The decoration won by, John Waddington during the Peninsula War, was on display at
Melbourns exclusive Naval & Military Club in Little Collins Street..
Detail on the medals 10 bars named the Battles and campains fought by John Waddington
while under the comand of the Duke of Wellington between 1809 and 1814.
This distinguished gentleman later sailed to Australia with the 48th Regiment of Foot, in
charge of a groupe of convivts
The medal was of particular interest to Mr. Robinson, who is curently engaged in the
compiling the Robinson family tree and that of his wife,s family. So far Mr Robinson has had considerable success in traceing his ancestors


Nightmare 41 years too late
We wuz wrong, we were when we reported last week's bikie wedding as the first in Brisbane's history, we wuz
I have scince been informed by Mr Henry Wacker, of Morgan and Wacker Motor cycles,
that the first such event was celebrated on September 10 1932
And he sent me a clipping from the Brisbane truth (now Sunday Sun )to prove it
The Bride and Groom were Miss Irean (Queenie ) Johnson and Fred Robinson .
"Before a crowd of 2000" "the story began while aeroplanes flew over head, a unique open air ceremony took place at the big motor cyclist's rally at Lone Pine ".
The wedding was flilmed and shown in public theaters throughout the world.



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