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James .. Dignan
Mary Roderick
The passanger manifest of the "PARSEE" has the entire family listed as Digman not as it is at present Dignan

James Dignan, Mary Roderick (Broderick) and 4 oth their children arrived in Australia on board the ship "PARSEE" 9th of Februray 1857. Onlyt a few recorded items regarding the ship have been found so far these are those items. The "PARSEE" a ship of 1200 tons arrived in Morton bay on the 9th of Februray 1857. She left Southhampton 14 nov 1856. Capt Edwin Thomas . Mrs Thomas and two children; Mrs Graham; Dr C H Graham Surgeon Superintendent. Agents Messers J and G Harris.

Very good passage of 87 days. Left Southhampton 14 nov and arrived at anchorage in Morton Bay 9th Februray. Severe cases of measles on board and 26 deaths, mostly children during the voyage, the last about a fortnight before arriving . Not Quarantined.

The Captain complains of the delay which took place in boarding the vessel . He arrived in Bay at 1'oclock on Monday and reported his arrial to the "PERAL", which was also at anchor. He waited till Wednesday for the proper authorities to board, and on that day finding that no one came near, he proceeded himself in the ship's boat to Brisbane to report the arrival of the vessel. He was not allowed to land at Brisbane and returned the same evening to the ship. It was not until Thursday that he was visited by the parties whose duty it is to be on the lookout for ships arriving in the port.

One of the recorded voyages of the "PARSEE" from England arriving 15th January 1853

The "Parsee" hs a made an excellent voyage of 102 days from Plymouth to Morton bay, Leaving England more than a month after the "America" and came to anchore in the Bay a little before her The "Parsee" crossed the equator on the 22nd November and came round Van Diemans Land on the 22nd ult., being the 84th day from England; but was detained on this coast by northerly winds. Sighted land of Sugar Loaf Point on the first instance. She brings 493 immigrants, of whom 105 couples are married, 18 males anf 106 female adults are single, 144 are boys and girls between one and fourteen and 15 are infants under one year. There were six births and seven deaths on the passage, only one adult being amoung the latter. There were some severe cases of diarrhoea, chiefly in the tropics, but no infections or contageouse disease is on board. There orderly demeanor reflect great credit upon their managment. The "PARSEE" is a slendid vessel, newly built for the New York trade, having only made one voyage to that port. The loftiness and extent of the space between decks afford ample ventilation, and great regard to cleanliness apears to have been observed. We regret to learn that some of the seaman of this ship have behaved very badly. The second officer was placed in irons about three weeks ago, for threatening the Captain,s life; and eight of the seaman absconded from the ship on Tuesday last, in a boat belonging to the "America " which was alongside for a supply of fresh water. They landed near the mouth of the Brisbane river, and there left the boat, which has scince been recovered.

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