Joseph Henry Chapman (b.1879....d.)

Joseph Henry Chapman (1879 .....1941)

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Children :

1 . Bruce . Chapman . (b. ....d.)
2 . Edna . Chapman . (b. ....d.)
3 . Harry . Chapman . (b......d.)

History & Acheivements :

The following is an extract form the Lismore Times 1941 ."exact date unknown"

Still No Trace
NIMBIN, Sunday-- There is still no trace of Henry Joseph Chapman ( note name in reverse It is Joseph
Henry ) (63), who has been missing in the Mebbin State forest for nine days, and searchers believe that the chances of finding him alive are slender
At the weekend parties of searchers, numbering more than 130, combed the the dense scrub covering the
mountain country between Tyalgum, which is situated on the upper reaches of the Tweed river, and Baker's Vale, but returned tired and lacerated to their bases with uot finding any clews to the fate of the missing man.
Searchers braved the discomfort of cold on Saturdey, when rain fell in the large tract of country being scoured. The weather was fine today and conditions were not so un-pleasent.
On Saturday experienced bushmen, Police and a police tracker searched the rough crest of the mountain in
all directions from were the missing man's shot bag was found last Thursday.
On the slopes of the northern side of the mountain further turkey feathers and a spent cartridge case wre
found. The brand of cartridge coincided with those borrowed by Chapman from a neighbour some days before he
Today the search was concentrated on the foot hills, but again with out success. Some 80 men gathered at
Mr H.P.Jackson's farm this morning and one party led by Mr C. Garrard climbed the edge of the mountain over the pinnacle grass and searched the gorges and the cliff bases for some miles north past the corresponding position were the bag was found.
The remaining party led by Mr . C .V. Creegan turned south and followed the foothillsand gorges through
into open country. Late this afternoon searchers returned without nay news of the missing man. Searchers to-day Lismore, Kyogle, and Murwillumbah police members of the Nimben volunteer Defence corps who were conveyed by Mr B. Knowles.
A party organised by Sergt. E . Hill of Murwillumbah, also searched from th Tyalgum end.
Determined that no effort shall be spared while there is yet a chance of success, a party of bushmen organised by inspector G. Lucas and Detective Segt. H. E. Snowden will enter the scrub tomorrow and camp at the spot were the shooting bag was located.
The party wil include Const . M. Griffin, of Nimbin, A. Forbes (Kyogle), Tracker J. Mundine (Lismore) and
Messers C . V. Creegan, R . Reeves and A . Clapham.
The camp will be located five miles in the scrub and the men will prepare for som two or three days of
moving their camp to coincide with their,
The party includes men who know the country well and who still think that there is a chance of Chapman
being found alive.
Inspector Lucas said last night that it was posible that no news would be recieved from the searchers for at
least three days unless the missing man was found in the meantime. The camp will be pitched several miles in the scrub and some of the members will be detailed to look after the provisions of the party.
The search will extend to the adjoining parish of Marengo, which comprises 54 square miles of wild country
reaching to the Queensland Boarder.
It is felt that Chapman may be found in the area where the haeds of the Horseshoe, Fawcett's and Collins
Creeks emerge from the ranges and the police ask that a search of the residents in that locality.
Inspector Lucas revealed last night that the services of the police blood hound Disraeli had been offered.
Because of the nature of the country , however was not accepted. The use of planes had also been considered but it was realised there could be little hope of a successful search from the air.
"NOTE" The search was eventually called of with no trace of Joseph Henry Chapman ever being found . His body has never been recoverd
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