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: This is an ever growing site with one part or another constantlybeing updated commenced in 1988

We have created these sites for two reasons:

( One) To Assist us and others in their search for family origins and history.

(Two ) As memories fade and people pass on it will be a permanent record as part of our countries history, to be enjoyed, read, added to & to remind us of some of the people who built this country.

The information used to start this site was obtained by several of the persons mentioned inside.

If during your visit you are able to add to the information contained with-in Please E-MAIL US and we will be happy to add it.

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Chapman : Pillidge/Pilladge Family Tree

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Pillidge : Descendant line by surname
Pillidge : Descendant line, New Zealand by surname
Reddacliffe : Descendant line by surname
Johnson : Descendant line by surname
Waddington : Descendant line by surname
Dignan : Descendant lineby surname
Chapman 1 : Descendant line by surname
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We would like those who visit the site, to sign the guest book, a lot visit this section & you may find a relative whom you can contact . I have from other sites on the net.

Thanks go to the many people who have provided information for this site . We have included this page as a thankyou to those people . All details have been given freely and with their permission . All people have provided an E_MAIL address so they can been contacted . You may find a relative . Personal link page.


No financial gain comes from any part of this site or any details within. The information is public domain . The setout, layout is not to be copied unless permission is given. Information on this site has been provided by family members and by public records eg: Birth ,Deaths & Marriages .

The only photographs and certificates on this site are those of relatives no longer with us.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every attempt is made to have all information correct, and names spelt correctly, mistakes will occur. Please advise us of any errors so they may be corrected. This site is of historical value only, and is not intended to cause an afront or embarrassment to any persons listed . Information contained can't be used for any reason other than the creators intended it to be.