Francis Charles Dignan (1883...1978)

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Children :

1 . H . Bernice . Dolores . Dignan (b1923...d.) m 1951 H . John . Henry . Pillidge . (b.28/9/1913...d.22/9/1993)
2 . H . Marie Isobel Veronica . Dignan . (b..28/8/1921....d.7/6/1999) m 3/6/1950 H . Leonard James . Pillidge . (b.1916....d.1976) .
3 . Frances Joan Dignan (b. 26/4/1926...d.16/4/1989) m 9/1/1950 Frank . Marr . (b.....)

History& Achievements :

Francis Charles Dignan served in the Australian Imperial forces from 1916 to 1920 during World War 1. A member of the Australian Light Horse, Francis was wounded while serving overseas and spent several months in hospitals in England. He became interested in the medical side of things and transferred to the Medical Corps. Attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. It is strange to note that the Government Soldier Return records do not show Francis as returning from Overseas Duty . While still a serving member ,he married . Muriel . Eileen . O'Rourke .Francis and Muriel resided in Brisbane and Sydney for many years . Muriel passed away 13 years after their marriage . Francis re-married in 1942 to . Amy . Lillian . Johnson . Francis and Amy lived at Ballina following their marriage. They were both heavily involved with the setting up and control of the Ballina Returned Services Home, Francis as Superintendent and Amy as Matron .

Francis Charles Dignan military records located at

Break down of Military service #21470

left to right 1914/15 star British war Medal and Victory Medal Return from active service Badge

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