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William Ellis, Sr.

Georgia }
Oglethorpe County }

In the name of God Amen, I, William Ellis, knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die and being of sound mind & memory do ordain, constitute & appoint this my last will & testament, in the following words.

Item 1st: My will & desire is that all my just debts be paid together with funeral Expences.

Item 2nd: I will to my beloved daughter, Frances Anderson, one dollar out of my Estate, to be paid by my Executors.

Item 3rd: I give to the Lawful heirs of the body of Frances Anderson the following property to wit: Suck, Joe, Isle and Mint, Jr., and their increase and the tract of land I drew in Appling County, which land is granted to me containing four hundred and ninety acres more or less and one hundred and forty dollars for the schooling of her five youngest children, to be applied as my Executors, hereinafter named, may think fit & proper and these Negroes and lands left in this item to be suffered to be used for the use of my daughter, Frances Anderson, during her natural life under the special care and direction of my Executors, and in case of their decease, it is my desire said property should be placed in the hands of trustees, and also the benefits of said property to be applied to the support and for the use of my said daughter as above mentioned and it is especially my wish that said property should not go to the payment of Mathew Anderson�s debts and as said property is to be equally divided at the death of Frances Anderson between the Lawfull heirs of her body together with one bed and furniture.

Item 4th: I give to my beloved children, Radford Ellis, William Ellis, Thomas Ellis, Elizabeth Wyatte, John Ellis and the lawfull heir or heirs of my son, Willis Ellis, the following property to wit: All my Estate both real and personal of every description which is not heretofore disposed of in this will, to be equally divided after my death between the last mentioned children in this Item and the lawfull heir or heirs of my son, Willis Ellis� body, but it is my desire that my son, Thomas Ellis, act as guardian for the heir or heirs of Willis Ellis, and that his widow, as long as she remains a widow have the use of the property of Willis Ellis� heir or heirs during widowhood or until the child or children come of age or Marry, unless the child or children die before it, or they arrive to the age of twenty one or marry, then and in that case, it is my desire that the property return back and be equally divided between the balance of my heirs in this Item, together with the lawfull heirs of the body of Frances Anderson.

Item 5th: It is my desire that my son, John Ellis, draw first a Negro boy named Major and then come in for his equal dividend. Also, it is my wish that my son Willis� heir or heirs in addition to their equal dividend, with the rest of my last named legatees, equal in the general division they are to have use of Silas Eictra. And it is my wish that my son, Thomas, pay all the just debts of my son, Willis, but such as were contracted for spirits, out of the property placed in his hands as guardian.

Item 6th: It is my wish that Jones and Mat should choose which of the last mentioned children in the 4th Item they will live with and it is also my desire my negro property be divided by Lot.

I do hereby appoint my beloved son, John Ellis, and my trusty friend, Mathew Varner, my Executors to this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this thirteenth day of March 1829.

William (X) Ellis

Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of:
Beverly Nowell
Elijah Lumpkin
George Lumpkin

September, 1832

Personally appeared in open court, Beverly Nowell and Elijah Lumpkin, two of the Subscribing Witnesses to the within will and being duly Sworn, deposeth & saith that they saw the within named, William Ellis, sign, seal, publish and declare this writing to be his last will and testament; and at the time of so doing he was of sound disposing mind & memory. So help us God.

Beverly Nowell Elijah Lumpkin

Sworn to & Subscribed in open court.
William H. Smith, Clk

Recorded 5th September, 1832
William H. Smith, C.C.O.

GA Archives M/F Dr. 46, Box 11
Oglethorpe County Will Book C, Page 125

NOTE: This is William Ellis, Sr. of Oglethorpe County, GA who married Frances Mabry in Rowan County, NC. He is a son of John Ellis, Jr., Indian Trader (of Amelia Co., VA, then Rowan Co., NC). Please check Henry & Spalding County, GA for more in on his descendants.

Submitted by Bob & Linda Ellis

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