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John Ellis

Georgia }
Oglethorpe County }

I, John Ellis, of the County and State aforesaid knowing that it is appointed unto man once to die and after this the Judgement and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do ordain, constitute and appoint this my last Will and testament in the words following to wit:

Item 1st: I wish all my just debts paid.

Item 2nd: I give and bequeath to my Nephew Willis Ellis three negroes to wit: Sally and her two children (to wit) Johnson and Antwine; but I hereby expressly wish that my Nephew as above in this second Item only have the use and enjoy the benefit of the proceeds of the labors of the negroes named above during his life, and at his death, to be equally divided between the Lawful heirs of his body, not subject by any means to pay any of said Willisses debts.

Item 3rd: I give to my three beloved children (to wit) James Bagley Ellis, Frances Elizabeth Ellis, Mary Ann Martha Ellis, all my Estate both Real and personal including all debts, dues and demands, also all the money I may have on hand at my decease, except the amount of property Willed in the second Item of this Will, and also except the property given by a separate deed of gift executed this day of this date, to my three beloved children, for twenty seven of my negroes, nine to each, therein named; and I hereby wish that my Administrator should have power and Authority to make equal, the Legacies of my three children, when a division shall be made and that at the time either may come of age or marry, out of the principal part of the joint property before a division of said joint property so as to equalize their Legacies provided either of their property, this day, given them by a seperate deed of gift, should die or not increase as fast, or as much as the rest.

Item 4th: It is my wish that my Administrator who may be appointed by the court as I wish them in their wisdom and discretion to exercise that power to keep all my Women and children on the plantation, where I now live, and as many of my fellows, or grown hands as they may deem necessary to keep up the plantation for the support of the Women and children and at any time that the Administrator may think it expedient, he can hire out more of the stronger hands, and as I have too many now for the use of this plantation he can, and it is my wish that the strong hands be hired out for the benefit of my children.

Item 5th: It is my wish that my nephew Willis Ellis live in my house at my present Residence, until my youngest child comes of age or marries and that he be allowed to cultivate as much ground as his force may need during his stay, and that he be allowed to keep my children until they arrive severally to the age of ten years, and at that time, I wish my Administrator to put them to school, and if it can be conveniently done, put them to school as near together as it can be done, and I wish them well Educated and if my nephew can manage the force here at home as my Administrator may deem satisfactory why he may let him do it, by his employing some men to attend to his business up at his place, and it is my will that my nephew have my Bay Mare to cultivate his crop, and that he have the Care and Superintendence of and oversight of the negroes, that is the Women and Children, as he is Careful and Kind, and I esteem it very important to take care of them for the best interest of my children.

Item 6th: It is my will that my son James Bagley Ellis have my gold watch, and my two daughters Frances Elizabeth Ellis and Mary Ann Martha Ellis have each of them a watch of equal value say worth one hundred and five or ten dollars.

Item 7th: It is my wish that my Administrator buy a cheap and strong Carriage for the benefit of my children to go to or be carried to meetings or else where, and that a strong horse or mule that is gentle be kept on the farm to carry them during their stay with him.

In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty sixth day of September 1851.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged}
in the presence of us
John Ellis, (L.S.)
Benagy Crowley
John Moore
Thomas Crowley

Record of Wills November Term 1851

Court of Ordinary, November Term 1851.


The within Last Will and Testament of John Ellis late of said county deceased, was exhibited and duly proven at the regular term of court in open court upon the oath of Benagy Crowley, John Moore, and Thomas Crowley all subscribing witnesses to the same. Ordered that the same be admitted to record.

GA Archives M/F Dr. 46, Box 11
Oglethorpe County Will Book B
Page 287-289 (1833-1866)

NOTE: This John Ellis is a son of William Ellis, Sr. & Frances Mabry Ellis of Oglethorpe Co., GA

Contributed by Bob & Linda Ellis, Duluth, GA

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