Poor School Fund

In 1817, the State of Georgia established a Poor School Fund for children whose parents were unable to pay tuition. The fund was to pay for three years of education in reading, writing and arithmetic for poor children. Lists of eligible children in Oglethorpe County exist for several years between 1829-1842, and are transcribed below as they appear in the book. (A financial accounting of the county funds also exists for each year, but those records are not included here).

The children's names are listed by district, with varying information. Generally, each child's name, age and gender is given; in some cases, the parent's name is listed with the children; in other instances, only the parent's name is listed, noting the number of eligible children. For some years, only one or two districts were recorded. For help in indentifying the districts, see the GDM Map. Note that district 231 no longer exists; it may have been changed with the creation of District 1303 (Crawford District).

A book containing the names of the Poor Children of Oglethorpe County, whose extreme indigence entitle them to participate in the benefits of the Poor School Fund -- and also containing a correct statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Poor School Fund for each year.

Lexington, Feby. 5th, 1829
Wm. H. Smith

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