Church Name Info Founded Location Cemetery
Anon Grove New Moon's   Sandy Cross Yes
Antioch Baptist Church   1813 Stephens
Arnold's Grove Baptist Church   South of Arnoldsville Yes
Arnoldsville Baptist Church   1908 Arnoldsville Yes
Atkinson Methodist Church   Yes
Baird's Baptist Church   1802 Bairdstown Yes
Barnett Church   near Winterville Yes
Beaverdam Primitve Baptist   1800 Crawford Yes
Bethany Baptist Church Indian Creek   1788 Vesta Yes
Bethesda Methodist Church   1902 Rayle Yes
Bethlehem Primitive Baptist   1802 Sandy Cross Yes
Brown's Primitive Baptist   1802 Lexington Yes
Burt's Methodist Chapel   1876 Vesta Yes
Center Methodist Church   1813 Stephens
Cherokee Corner Methodist Church   1822/1843 Arnoldsville Yes
Clarks Grove Baptist Church Gum Springs   Stephens Yes
Clouds Creek Baptist Church   1788 Clouds Creek Area Yes
Coile's Grove Baptist Church   1914 Smithonia
Collier Baptist Church   Pleasant Hill District Yes
County Line Baptist Church   1797 southeast Yes
Crawford Baptist Church   1871 Crawford
Crawford Methodist Church   1904 Crawford
Crawford Pentacostal Church   1938 Crawford
Edward's Mill Baptist Church   1914 Crawford
Old Edward's Independant Church   Crawford Yes
Falling Creek Methodist   Maxeys Yes
Fork Bethel Baptist Church   east side of county Yes
Friendship Baptist   Lexington Yes
Gholston Church   Pleasant Hill District Yes
Glade Baptist Church   1890 Glade District Yes
Glade United Methodist   1853 Glade Yes
Grove Chapel   Arnoldsville Winterville Yes
Lexington Baptist Church   1847 Lexington Yes
Lexington United Methodist   1827 Lexington
Lexington Presybeterian (Beth Salem)   1784 Lexington Yes
Lighthouse Evangelical Methodist   1982 Lexington Yes
Maxey's Baptist Church   1911 Maxeys
Maxey's Christian Church   1891 Maxey's Yes
Midway Church   Maxeys
Millstone Baptist Church Surname Index 1788 Glade area No
Mount Pleasant Methodist   1815 Yes
Mount Zion Baptist Church   Stephens Yes
New Bethlehem Church   Sandy Cross Yes
New Erie Church   Goosepond Yes
New Harmonia Baptist Church   Maxeys Yes
New Hope Baptist Church   Goosepond Yes
New Moons Grove Anon   North of Lexington
New Zion Church   Arnoldsville Yes
Oconee Baptist Church   Maxeys Yes
Palmetto Christian Church   1912 east side of county Yes
Pentecost Chapel Congressional Holiness   1907 Prospect Yes
Piney Grove   Pleasant Hill District Yes
Philomath Presbyterian   Philomath Yes
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church   Pleasant Hill District Yes
Pope's Chapel   south of Crawford Yes
Prospect Church   1812
Rocky Branch Church   Goosepond Yes
Russell Chapel AME Church   Lexington Yes
Saint James AME Church   Arnoldsville Yes
Saint Paul AME Church   Pleasant Hill District Yes
Salem Baptist Church   1789
Sandy Cross Baptist Church   1906 Sandy Cross Yes
Simpson Chapel   southeast Yes
Sonlight Baptist   1965 Winterville Yes
Springfield Church   Crawford Yes
Old Spring Hill Baptist Church   1870 Philomath Yes
New Spring Hill Baptist Church   1937 Philomath Yes
Steven's Grove Baptist Church   1912 east side of county Yes
Temple Methodist   1890 near border of Oconee Yes
Thankful Baptist Church Faithful Church   Maxeys Yes
Thankful Grove Baptist Church   Glade Yes
Vesta Baptist Church   1909 Vesta Yes
Watkins Grove Church   Vesta Yes
Welcome Avenue Holiness Church   1948 Pleasant Hill District Yes
Wesley Chapel United Methodist   1829 west of Lexington Yes
White Oak United Methodist  
Woodstock Presbyterian Church   1840 Philomath