Colonel Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr

Dan A Hayes, a former Mayor of Tallulah Falls Georgia, is currently restoring the oldest House in Rabun County Georgia. It's the largest man made structure in Tallulah Falls, Built in 1879 by one of the wealthiest families in Ogrlthorpe County, Colonel Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr.

His father owned a huge plantation in the county called Cherokee corner. The house sits there today at the corner across from the Arnold's road and Hwy 78. There is a store on one corner and across from that store sits the old John Dortch Moss Family House. Back in the 1840 and 1850 era the Moss Family were some of the early wealthy plantation owners, slaves and all.

His son Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr moved to Athens to later build a empire for him self.

You can Google him and know some deep deep history about a family that time has forgotten and my goal is to connect the dots from Tallulah Falls Georgia to Athens back to the beginning in Ogrlthorpe County Georgia. I ask for your help. This family has done some amazing things and accomplishments that the state of Georgia refuses to recognize. I aim to change this. Please Google these names and you will see my point.

Colonel Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr., R.L. Moss, Rufus L Moss, each one is the same man but brings up different information some is redundant but it all fits a huge mystery about this forgotten family.

Also Google Dr. William Lorenzo Moss Sr. He is one of RL Moss Sr sons. He became great in his own way. And it all started with Cherokee corners. The John Dortch Moss Sr Plantation.

Contributed by Former Mayor Dan A Hayes, Tallulah Falls Georgia