1820 Census

This transcription was created from NARA microfilm M33-7. Links to the corresponding census image for each page are included on the left hand column of the transcription.

Note: The 1820 census for Oglethorpe County contains 26 pages, originally numbered 1-26. Prior to being microfilmed, these pages were placed out of order and new numbers (171-196) were stamped or handwritten on the pages. This transcription shows the pages in their original order, with the original numbering. Also note that the right and left halves of pages 17, 18, 25 and 26 were separated and mismatched prior to being microfilmed. This error has been corrected in this transcription.

Thanks to Trish Baker, Michael Black, Agnes Donnelly, Judy Gresham, Joyce Harris, Gordon Thornton and Nona Thornton for proofreading this census.