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Please remember there isn't a ONE button "Search" in the USGenWeb or GAGenWeb Projects. You need to take advantage of all of them. Maybe the following will help you with the layout of the project.

1) Muscogee County Page - Every county within the USA has a county page handled by a County Coordinator (CC), who is a volunteer. It is usually an index to what is on-line for the County as well as information about the Courthouse, etc. Every county page looks different. The CC can use their own creativity and everything is in HTML format. (That's the coding that actually creates web pages, i..e. the ending of the file is .htm)

There is a Search Engine on this site.....but remember it will ONLY cover what is actually ON this site!

2) Muscogee County Archives Page -

There was a need for people to be able to contribute cemetery, wills, deeds, info in a simple format. So every county was set-up with an Archives Page and another volunteer to manage these files. Virginia Crilley is File Manager for Muscogee County.

You'll find ALL the cemeteries that we're working on there. There are also some Church Histories, Bible Records, etc. There is a Search Engine on this page . . (scroll down to the bottom)...which covers ALL the Archives in Georgia (depending on how you "check" it) or just Muscogee County itself.

3) Ancestry/Rootsweb Boards MUSCOGEE COUNTY, GA MESSAGE BOARD This is the place where people can actually POST their own materials without belonging to an email list. This is helpful if you have limited access to your mail.

 MUSCOGEE (2228) (or whatever number is current) This is the number of messages posted on  this board.  This gives you an idea of how active this county board has been.

"The messages on this Board are posted on GAMUSCOG-L"  (Not all Boards have their  County Mailing Lists automatically sent to the County Lists)   We feel this is the  way to get the best exposure for your questions.

POST a NEW Message.  Click here and you can post. Remember to use a subject line that is specific for your message, i.e. Jones Family 1812

If you research here often, that is a good thing to do. It works almost like a bookmark.

ADD BOARD to Notification
You may or may not want to do this.  This will notify you every time that a message is posted here.  It will not contain the "body" of the message though. IF you are on the Muscogee County  Mailing List, you'll be getting the entire message.

This tells you the Message Board Manager. Other specific news about the county may be listed there.

Click on the arrow, and see all the options, i.e. obituary, query, bible. (Remember though that the person posting the material must also have used this option. So just in case I would visit the  Query boards, as that is the default posting area)

You can choose if you prefer by Date or by "thread" (replies under original message)

You can respond right on-line to the message.  IF you'd rather contact the poster privately, you can click on their name. You will see ALL the messages that they have posted, and where these messages  are located. This covers all counties.

4) Mailing Lists - This is probably the best known part! And also the place where most people are comfortable posting their information.
***The important thing is to have the SUBJECT line pertinent to the subject of the message*** that is how that Search Engine is set up.

To Search Archives Type in GAMUSCOG Select YEAR.
Type in Cemetery.... and you'll see all the messages that we've been posting on the Cemeteries. Click on FULL, you'll get the actual message sent.

SO WE HAVE 4 DIFFERENT SEARCH ENGINES TO USE, so far!! Web page, Archives page,  Ancestry/Rootsweb Page, and Mailing List  Rootsweb - Most people think that Rootsweb and USGenWeb are the same. They're not. Rootsweb is the Server and is a business and recently merged with USGenWeb is an organization of volunteers that is given free space on Rootsweb Server.

But to help out, Rootsweb has also created "Resource Pages"

Another Search Engine This is not a USGenWeb Search engine, but does list all the Search Engines available through Rootsweb.

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