Muscogee County Maps

Muscogee County and Georgia Maps

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Muscogee County Map

This gives you an idea of how much territory of Muscogee County Fort Benning covers.
Note also the close relationship with Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama.

This map of Columbus shows major streets. Try "Large" and "Zoom" for even more area.

Columbus Map
This one is also adjustable.

Muscogee County
Click "BROWSE" when screen comes up. You can adjust this one too.

Topographic Maps

These are sold in many Map Stores, but you can also order them on-line. 1-800-USA-MAPS By calling the above number you and asking for Georgia, you will be sent a catalog of the topographical maps available for all the counties of GA. The material itself provides a very nice map of Georgia itself, but it mainly shows the sections of the state so that you can select and order the precise area that you need.

Geophysical GA maps Just about any kind of map of GA you'll ever need!

The Georgia 1885 Atlas and Gazetteer Check out this new site created by genealogist / historian Bob Franks.  The site contains 1885 county maps, as well as population and location names for communities.

Hargreaves Map Collection, University of Georgia, Athens. Click on the "nineteenth century" for some antique maps!

Map of 1852 Takes a while to this when you have some time, but very interesting to see Muscogee County just as it was being formed. Look for Talbot, Marion and notice the important towns at that era!

Bonner's Pocket Map of GA, 1851

1895 Map of Muscogee County, Georgia Visit Pam Rietsch's Genealogy page to see a comparison of what was listed then compared to now!

Littlefield & Associates Land Lot Map Index   This site has links to some land lots, Militia districts and land districts.