Families of Muscogee County Georgia - Johnston Family

Family Bible Records

Transcribed by:
Susan Woodall Stuckey

Bible owned by her brother Joseph Johnston Woodall.

These Bible Records graciously submitted by Susan Woodall Stuckey

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament Also, The Apocrypha New York: Published by Thomas Mason and George Lane for the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Conference Office, 200 Mulberry Street

James Collord, Printer 1837


Bushrod W. Johnston and Lucy B. Marshall were married the 10th October, 1822.

William Capers Johnston married first Frances Walker, both of Putnam County, Georgia and again married Julia Copeland of Harris County, Georgia.

Martha Elizabeth Johnston married James T. Owens of Talbot County, Georgia.

Margaret Ann Johnston and Thomas J. Graves both of Putnam County, Georgia were married.

George Washington Johnston of Putnam County, Georgia and Sallie Bickers of Greene County, Georgia were married.

Caroline Francis Johnston of Putnam County, Georgia married first Dr. Thomas H. (?) Armstrong of Montgomery, Alabama and again married Charles T. Porter of Columbus, Georgia.

Lucy Emma Clay Johnston of Putnam County, Georgia and William H. Woodall of Talbot County, Georgia were married on October 26, 1869.

James Walter Woodall, son of L.E. and W.H. Woodall, married Mary McGehee both of Columbus, Georgia, October 29, 1890.

William Clyde Woodall and Ethel McGehee were married October 26, 1899.


Bushrod W. Johnston was born the 16th day of July 1801.

Lucy B. Johnston was born the 31st December, 1805.

William Capers Johnston, son of Bushrod and Lucy B. Johnston, was born the 15th of November, 1824.

Martha Elizabeth Johnston was born the 4th of October, 1827.

Stephen Thomas Johnston was born the 14th of May, 1830.

Margaret Ann Johnston was born the 3rd of November, 1832.

Mary Beauford Johnston was born the 1st October, 1837.

George Washington Johnston was born 25th July, 1839.

James Franklin Collingsworth Johnston was born 14th March, 1842.

Caroline Frances Marshall Johnston was born 10th October, 1844.

Lucy Emma Clay Johnston was born 15th of April, 1848.


Stephen Thomas Johnston, son of Bushrod W. and Lucy B. Johnston, died the 22nd June, 1834.

Mary Beauford Johnston died the 25th August, 1838.

James F. C. Johnston, son of Bushrod W. Johnston, died the 4th day of March, 1878.

Lucy B. Johnston, wife of Bushrod W. Johnston, died the 28th day of June, 1881.

Bushrod W. Johnston died 20th March, 1888.

Martha Elizabeth Johnston died 20th August, 1891.

Carrie F. Porter died September the 2nd, 1892.

William Capers Johnston died October 4, 1900 in Atlanta, Georgia.

George Washington Johnston died July 13th, 1902 near Elks, Georgia.

Margaret Ann Johnston Graves died February 14, 1904.

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