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Murray County, Georgia GAGenWeb Site Family Information (Genealogy 5)

Murray County, Georgia                                                                                GAGenWeb

Murray County, Georgia

Fouts Family

contributed by Jacki Taylor

Solomon Fouts
Dolphus Irvin Fouts
SOLOMON FOUTS was a slave owner and business man, He married Sarah Jane Crouch which was his Indian slave. Children were Nancy Caroline, Mary Adaline, Dolphus Irvin, David D, Julia Ann and John. All children were freed at birth and lived a very privileged life. Half of his land was in Polk Co.,, Tn and half in Murray Co., GA. After Sarah’s death he married a woman named Minerva Ellen Yantz, their children were Mary Jane, Sarah E, Nancy Elizabeth, Emeline “vina”, James M., Benjamin Franklin, Richard Columbus, and Minerva Ellen.

Dolphus Irvin Fouts son to Solomon Fouts & Sarah moved to Missouri and was a doctor, He disliked his stepmother,,,,in a letter it speaks of it but gives the stepmother credit for making good whiskey.
Julia Ann Fouts and husband Willis Van Arthur
Richard Columbus Fouts
Julia Ann Fouts and husband Willis Van Arthur….Julia was a daughter to Solomon Fouts & Sarah

Richard Columbus son of Solomon Fouts and Minerva
Houston O'Neal
Nancy Elizabeth (Fouts) O'Neal with husband, Houston
Houston O’Neal==hard to read the writing on photo but it says it is a son to Nancy & J. Houston O’Neal

Nancy Elizabeth, Daughter to Solomon Fouts and Miinerva in the photo is her husband  J. Houston O’Neal 

Irvin Fouts
Polk Co. Tenn

April 10 1858
Marion Co. Illinois

Dear Brother Irvin,

Little did I think when I left you 5 weeks ago that I would have such luck as I have had. I am now 400 miles from home and $50 and a carpet sack and my clothes poorer than I expected to be. For while coming down the Cumberland river and enjoying the view we had the misfortune to have the above named property stolen tried to find them but it was no go and we were puzzled as to what to do. Once I thought that I would send back home for money to go on but you see I did not.

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We came up from the Ohio river into Marion County, Illinois afoot or as they call it here riding Shanks horses. We have been chopping wood here for the last 3 weeks. We expect to start to Springfield tomorrow and I think we shall try and take a little better care or our property. When we get to our journeys end we will write to you. While chopping my hands got very sore. I have been to church and since I came here the people have some very strange ways of doing. They stand up to Pray and drive oxens without lines and as for gals Georgia will beat her all holler, as there is some of the dammed ugliest ones has I ever saw.

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Pon my travels I saw land very good land for from $5 to $10 per acre. I want you to let out the note on Andy J. Rukerson and tend to all of our affairs til we write again. Tell us in your next letter how you are getting along with your studies. I ssuppose you are well aware that I never has much faith in dreams  however, I had a very strange dream that I fear is a bad omen. I dreamed I passed the old graveyard and that Grandfathers grave was filled in and by his grave was a new grave and as I looked at it I wondered whose it was I heard some one holler very mournfully. It was down at the river I hastened to the spot as fast as I could but I was to late Mary Ann P. had fallen into the water and

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Drowneded before she could be rescued. And I should like to caution them to be on their watch for fear of the same accident if it is not to late. If John has received any letter Please send it to Springfield, Illinois

Good Night

Tell all my friends that Dave is yet in the land of the living. Give my love to all enquiring friends. Peace be with you all.

                   David Fouts

Georgia, Murray Co., Oct 7, 1864

Dear Boys your kind letter is now before me which I received about the 30th of  Sept which gave us all real Satisfaction to hear from you that you was doing so well and well satisfied and though we are all in good health today. We have some very heart rendering news to tell you. We have lost one of our children the youngest child a boy about 1 year and 8 months old. He died in the 28th day of Sept the day before I received youe letter. His disease was sore eyes together with some other diseases working with it. Dear boys you no the desperate state of our country has is up on us. The people in this country have suffered a great deal in consequence of the war. I myself have suffered a great deal in the first place the rebels come and took me to headquarters and made me pay $100.oo worth in coin the next they took all my horses mules and cattle with the exception of one calf, and all my sheep and a yoke of steers and started off with my hogs but could not drive them so I saved them. And in a few days I had to kill my hogs with out being fat which has brought us with out meat. They have also taken a great deal of corn from me which has made me very scarce. They paid me $2.00 a bushel for part of my corn and I could of sold it for $5.00 a bushel. And for the balance of my property they never paid me a cent. The $100.00 I paid in coin I was compelled to do so or go to the calaboose for being a Union man. They forged on me and I hid my stuff so
I have lived so far without suffering being fallen short of meat have bought me some milk cows and am doing very well in that respect and have got me 2 more horses at this time. You say corn is high in your country
but here it has been $5.00 a bushel and Bacon has been $1.00 a pound and everything else has been equally high. There is another misfortune happen to us Liza’s youngest child died about 2 years ago. The rest of the slaves is all living with me yet. Harriet has got 3 children. I bought A. Wiggins and she got 3 children, and I have bought another negro woman since. I
suppose you would like to no something about the political principls of the people of this country. There is but myself and Bery Taylor that has been for the union all the time and he has suffered a great deal, as well as myself, old John Oneal -Howell McAmy- Bob Ferguson- Nap Reed together with many others has all gone south and their property confiscated. Old Lewis Arthur with several others have gone to Camp Chase. Bushwackers are in this country Salvany Couch has been killed and Tom Bearden, Raser Arthur and Mary Crappy’s father Ben Carden and many others has been killed. The Coxeys is all rebs. Anderson is in the rebel army the rest of
them all went to war but has deserted. Mary is with me she has 3 children. Julia is married to Van Arthur has 2 children. He is a union man. The rest is all rebs. Right to me soon.

Solomon Fouts

Alaculsey Murray Co Ga

Sister Julia and family is all living. She has 5 girls and 4 boys 6 children grown 1 married. Sister Adaline lives at Graysville GA, Maryann is not married  yet. She is a perfect lady in every respect you ought to have us to come and stay with your family she is afine dress maker if you would come out hear she could go home with you, come out this fall and see us all once more in life. Have you forgot your dear Sisters like you have you don’t write to any of us I have taught all my children that they have Dear Uncles if they never see them. The Fouts family is all living yet and married off they live in the Valley all but James he lives in Ark. Manervia is not married anymore. I want you to write how many children you have and their names and tell me about the boys Dave and John and what they are doing. 

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There is a big excitement up in the Valley a gold mine near the Buck eye or the cow pen Mountain 4 or 5 miles from the Valley. The mining company has been at work all summer they find sum gold and have spent a great deal of money they have tore up the mountains pretty bad it will be agood  thing on the Valley people it is causing rite smart of money in the Country now.  

Crops look well this season wheat is nice. Times is not so hard as has been some years back (sic) is worth fifty-five cnts meat 10 flour 2 lbs

Irvin write soon to me I want to hear from you. I wish to see your family all so give my love to all the family your affectionate Sister

Caroline Rice

August 20 1871
State of Tenn Polk Co

            Der Brother and Sister


I this evming im brace the present opertunity of droping you a few lins which livs all well as Comon Hoping this may rech you hand and find you and family all well after the well Fare of your Family. I can in a lamenting maner in forme you of the Deth of our Father. He Died the 15 of this instent Just at sun set and was decently Laid a way on the by his                 Lamenting Famely and Friends. He has bene Sick a bout 10 months but was not Confined But a bout four weeks and He taken every thing that he Could Here of but all of his medicens were in vane. All soo He taken the medicens that you sent to him and it semed to help him at the starte but your pills ware Two strong For him he could not Bare them. He was Redused down all most to a skeleton he lost all of his flesh but his mind was as strong apperanley as it Ever was he had his Buysness careet  on within Four or Five hours of the time of his Departeiere and he bore his affliction with patent and was willing to die and he dreded  not the futer For he was prepared For to meat Death so I must come to a close so nothing more only Remains your sister & Brother until deth

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               I will sned you sum of his haire in this leter  Carline has Lost her
               Husbon the old man Rice has bin ded a Bout three weeks

            Right to us as soon as you can if you this leter. We have rote to David and
               the leter Returned Back

                    Juliann Arthur

                   Willis Arthue

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