Harry C. Bacon {4} ~ SFC, US Army, WWII

Jarve Edwin Bennett ~ SGM, US Army, WWII, Korea, Vietnam

A. B. Flowers {1} ~ Co. I, 25 GA Regt., CSA

Jesse L. Flowers {1} ~ Co. I, 25 GA Inf. Regt., CSA

Mathie A. Gainey {1} ~ Irish Dixie Greys

Charles A. Groover {1} ~ Lt., CSA

Orren H. Joyner {1} ~ Co. H, 12 NC Inf., CSA

Joseph McCallar {2} ~ Co. H, 1st Symons Reserves, GA Volunteers, CSA

William J. Mobley {1} ~ Co. I, 25 GA Regt., CSA

John O. Parker {2} ~ Co. E, 25th Reg't, Liberty Volunteers, CSA

George M. Parks ~ SFC, US Army, WWII, Korea

Jesse Patrick {2} ~ Co. H, 7th Georgia Cavalry, CSA

Carl L. Stanford, Sr. ~ S1, US Navy, WWII

George D. Swindle/Swindell {3} ~ Co. D & H, 5th Georgia Cavalry, CSA

William Ralph Swindell {3} ~ Liberty Independent Troop

Grace Z. Williamson ~ 1st Lt., US Army

Warren G. Williamson ~ PFC, US Army, WWII

{1} Photo copyright © and submission by Bob Carter.
{2} Submission by Bill Fonferek.
{3} Submission by Earl Swindell.
{4} Submission by Mike.

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