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Pioneers of Northern Wiregrass Georgia,

Compiled by Scott B Thompson, Sr,

The Gem City Co, Dublin GA, 1997


Maloy, E.G.

McCranie, D.J.

McCranie, John

McCranie, Mary E. now Pope

McCranie, R.G.

McDaniel, J.D.

McDonald, John

McDuffie, W.P.

McEachin, Alexander

McLaughlin, Jesse

McLean, Martha

McLendon, Lewis

Merchant, J.I.

Miller, S.L.

Morgan, Doctor

Morrison, D. Frank *

Mullis, J.N.

Pace, Jim

Parkerson, James

Patten, H.W.

Peacock, L.M., adm. N. Rawlins

Perry, J.E.

Pettis, George W. or Pitts

Phillips, Gabe

Phillips, William

Pitts, George W. or Pettis

Pitts, William D.

Pope, George W.

Pope, W.W.

Purvis, H.M.

Ranew, Margaret J.

Rawlings, A.M.

Rawlins, D.M.

Register, Charlotte

Register, Elijah

Register, J.J.

Rivers, J.F.

Rogers, Ellen

Rogers, John

Rogers, Mrs. William

Rogers, William B.

Rose, Robert

Rountree, R.A. *

Rowe, Wallace

Ryals, M.C.

Ryals, Rebecca fka Curry

Saturday, Eliza fka Couey

Sears, Harrison

Shaw, E.D.

Sheffield, B.F. or B.S.

Smith, J.D.

Smith, T.J.

Studstill, G.J.

Studstill, George T.

Studstill, J.W. and Nancy

Taylor, Martha

Taylor, William

Thomas, Wash

Thornburg, H.M.

Tripp, Boothe

Tripp, Henry

Turner, J.B.

Vaughn, J.C.

Walker, William

Warren, Joel W. *

Warren, Mrs. Joel

Warren, Mrs. William

Warren, William J. *

Weeks, Thomas

West, James T.

Wheeler, W.W.

White, Bryant

White, Thomas J.

Whitehead, John B.

Williams, D.J.

Williams, J.M.

Williams, L.L.

Williams, T.J.

Williams, W.M.

Winstead, B.T.

Woodard, J.L.

Wynn, Willis

Yancey, G.W.

Yawn, J.W.

Yerty, Crawford

Yerty, Mary A.

Yerty, W.F.

 Mallen, H.

Martin, James

McCranie, Dan

McCranie, John, Sr. or John L.

McCranie, Neal

McDaniel, A.J.

McDaniel, W.R.

McDuffie, J.E.

McDuffie, W.S.

McGray, Jasper

McLean, John

McLendon, Dennis or J.D.

Melton, Laura J.

Miller, Lamar *

Moore, Tobe

Morgan, W.A.

Mullis, Charles F. & Mary

Mullis, W.H.

Parker, J.C.

Parkerson, John

Patterson, A.G.

Perry, E.

Perry, L.C.

Phillips, Axom

Phillips, J.W.

Phillips, Willis

Pitts, J.C.

Pope and Ansley

Pope, Mary E. fka McCranie

Purvis, D.G.

Quinn, Mrs. F.A.

Rawling, N. (Estate)

Rawlings, Callie

Rawlins, Isaac

Register, E.R. and E.P.

Register, Elizabeth

Register, John

Roberson, John, agt for wife

Rogers, J.E.

Rogers, Mrs. W.B.

Rogers, Sallie S.

Rose, Carrie

Rountree, G.W.

Rowe, Thomas H.

Ryals, John C.

Ryals, M.J.E. or C.

Saturday, Bryant

Savannah Naval Stores Co.

Selph, Oliver

Sheffield, B.

Shepard, J.R.

Smith, Noah

Studstill, Annie E.

Studstill, G.T.

Studstill, J.J.

Swinney, W.E.

Taylor, Nancy J. wid/o W.J. Bedingfield 

Thomas, D.W.

Thompson, John S. *

Thornburg, Jennie

Tripp, G.J.

Tripp, Jack

Ussery, Jerry

Vaughn, J.H.

Wallace, Ray or Rowe

Warren, Mrs. J.W.

Warren, Mrs. Joel W.

Warren, W.E.

Webb, P.F.A.

Wells, Newton R.

Westbrook, W.H.

White, Berrien W.

White, Ellen

Whitehead, J.W.

Wilcox, George R.

Williams, D.S.

Williams, John D.

Williams, Lucius *

Williams, W.H.

Williams, William

Womble, W.T.

Wynn, James F.

Yancey, Elvin

Yancey, John

Yawn, W.T., adm. John Cameron

Yerty, Marion*





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