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1837-Nov 23-Sale of Property of William Jackson, Jones Co Ga

I do certify that the foregoing is a true account of the sale of personal and real estate of William Jackson dec'd sold in the 24th day of Novenber 1837 on a credit of twelve months. Alfred Wyche Adm.

Division- Georgia, Jones County

We the undersigned commissioners to whom was referred the divison of the Negroes belonging to the estate of William Jackson Sen. Dec'd. having attended to the durites of our appointment and made the following division:

That is to say after appraising the negroes we find each distributive share amount to $640.50.
Finding the apportionshipment as follows:

to Benjamin W. Jackson we assign Biddy at $450 and Adam at $550.

By paying William Jackson $40 and Martha Jackson $12. 50

We assign to Warren Jackson, Isaac at $500.

Elizabeth Jackson pays Warren $140.50.

We assign to William Jackson- Jannett at $500.

Ann Jackson pays William Jackson $52.50.

Mark Jackson to William $2.50.

Edmund Jackson pays William $52.50

Benjamin pays to William $40.

We assign to Mark Jackson- Henry at $650 paying back as above mentioned.

We assign to Martha Jackson Whids? at $600 and Phoebe at $25.

And Elizabeth Jackson pays Martha $5.

Eliza Jackson pays Martha $5.

Benjamin Jackson pays to Martha $12.50.

We assign to Eliza Jackson- Dave at $800 by paying Jethro Jackson $147.50 and $5 to Martha

Jackson as above mentioned

We assign to U Ann Jackson - Aaron? at $500 and Edith at $200 by paying to William $52,50

as above mentioned.

We assign to Jethro Jackson, George at $500 as above mentioned.

We assign to Edward Jackson, Clary at $500 and Amos at $200 by paying William $52.50 as

before mentioned.

We assign to Elizabeth Jackson, Jim at $800 by paying Warren Jackson $147.50 and $5 to

Martha Jackson as above mentioned.

Georgia Jones County-We do certify upon oath that as far as was produced as by the administrators the above and foregoing contains a true appraisement and division of the Estate of William Jackson deceased to the best of our Judgement and understanding this the 9th day of Dec. 1837.

Isaac S Moreland
Alex Oden
Richard Blunt

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