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Jones County, Georgia Towns and Communities
Athol - west of Clinton, near Oakmulgee River, 1885 map.
Bethsaida - Post Office established in 1824.  It was between Blountsville and Hillsboro on the route from Milledgeville to Monticello.  First postmaster John Milner. in  1824 Granville W. Foster was postmaster in 1831. 
Blount aka Blounts, Blountville/Blountsville -Founded before 1817.  Named for James Blount family of Plymouth, N.C. and Jones Co.  store, Eight miles north of Gray. at junction of roads from Clinton to Eatonton and from Milledgeville to Monticello. Post office here in 1830. John Ticknor was postmaster here in 1831. Frances Tufts was the postmaster here in 1842 - 1846.  "Before Civil War it was a busy community with a wagon factory, stage coach station and post office.  It disappeared after the severe destruction it suffered during the  war." Post office reestablished in 1890 under name of Blountsville. Families: Blount, Clark, Cureton, McCullough, Miller. Ticknor, Tufts and Williams. MAP
Bradley -  3 miles northwest of Gray. Named for John Wiley Bradley, Jr. who founded the town and was the first depot agent when the Central of Georia came through the area in 1886.  Also see this link.
Camp Hope - training ground for Georgia Militia, War of 1812, was located on Hwy 49, old Garrison Road
Campbell-  1915 map between Wayside and Round Oak
Cardville - Community located northwest of Gray, near Oakmulgee river, 1864 map listed as Cardswell. Post office here in 1863
Cheatham - 1915 map
Clinton  - Created 1808. incorporated 1816 . Commissioners of town: James Jones, Zachaiah Pope, James Saffold, J. Bowers, John Mitchell, Bolar Allen and Jonathan Parrish.  Incorporated  again 1872, town council: Henry Christian, Robert M. Kingman, George W. Mann, Roland T. Ross, Henry S. Graves, William A. Juhan and Ambrose M. Pound. See Macon Telegraph 2-5-1889. Among the first settlers wre the Lowthers, Griswolds, Gibsons, Bowers, Gordons and Flewellens.  James Smith was postmaster here in 1831. Barnett Bell was postmaster here in 1842. 
Links to features at Georgia Archives : Street in Clinton 1900  CourthouseClinton HotelOld JailMethodist Church Lowther Hall
Cornucopia - Northwest corner of Jones County. Grocery store and billiard saloon were here in 1860.  Post office here in 1863. Called Grab All on 1863 map.  Some Families: Ridley, Anderson,  Butler, Clark, Holland, McClendon, Middlebrooks, Tyner. 1899 map
Crutchfield - Community west of Round Oak. 1915 map
Cumslo - RR station south of Gray
East Juliette. Link to 1920 aerial photo 
Etheridge - Community north of Blountsville, post office here in 1851,  1864 map.
Fippin  -Community west of Round Oak
Five Points - 1883 map. W. B. Finney lived here in 1883. Earlier Names Smalls Crossing, Tranquilla. Map
Flat Shoal(s) - Was community near Commissioner's Creek, Hwy. 49. William Lee was living here in 1810. Thomas's Mill here in 1810;  Flat Shoal Academy 1826.  Flat Shoals Baptist Church here in 1835. Other families Gen Sam Dale (had mills here), Barfield,   Choates, Cobb, Moore, Northern, Pettigrew, Woolfork.   Cemetery,
Fort Hawkins (now Bibb)
Fortville- Community 2 1/2 miles mnorth of Haddock, 5 miles from Clinton. Originally called "Old Fort." In 1824 a Methodist meeting house was established. In 1879 the church was made a chapel.  In 1900 the Fortville church moved to Haddock and became Haddock Methodist Church.  Post office established in 1825, postmaster Charles Hutchins, Esq.,  replaced Lonicera post office.  In 1830 Robert Hutchings was postmaster in 1831  Families: Clark, Hutchins/Hutchings, Lester, Maghorn, Singleton, Tinsley 
Freeman's Store - Allen Greene was postmaster here in 1831.
Glovers/Glovers Mill/East Juliette. - Located Jones County side of Oakmulgee River, Northwest Jones Co. 
Griswoldville  Post office here in 1851; destroyed except for one house during
March to the Sea."
Haddock - located east of Gray. Also see this link 
Hester -  1910 map
James -  1883 map. "Located about 5 miles southeast of Gray.  Named by officials of the Georgia Railroad for Lemuel Photo James, Sr., a bridge builder for the railroad, who settled here.  Families: Etheridge, Greene. James, Kingman, Moore, Slocumb. Map
Lanndington - 1839 map
Larksville - post office here in 1846, Hinton Duncan postmaster
Lonicera - post office, in 1816 Austin Ellis was the postmaster,  closed in 1825 
Midway-  1839 map. Community midway between Blountsville and Hillsboro, Jasper Co. James B. Blount postmaster hre in 1842.
Morton-  Station 1895. South of Gray. Map
Mountain Springs - Community northeast of Gray. Church here. Map 
Pine Ridge - located between Haddock and Gray. Map
Plentitude -  1899 map. Community S.W.  of Gray. Families, Gordon, Tribble,  Walker. Churches - Pentitude, Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Map
Pippin - Community located near Glovers, Cornucopia Cardville in Northwest Jones 1899 map
Pitts - Community located on Hwy 49, Pitts Chapel Rd. Map
Postell - Railroad station, south of James. Map
Poverty Hill - Located near Bibb County line. Post office here in 1856 - 1863, 1863 map. George W. F. McCay was postmaster here in 1859 
Ringsville - 1915 map
Roberts Station aka Robertsville - settled by Reuben Roberts family. Other Families: Balkcom, Brown, Isaacs, Lowe, Stripling
Round Oak - incorporated in 1914, Sam McCullough was first Mayor, Aldermen: W. H. Basson, W.H. Gordon, Sr., J. T. Williams, B. G. Borom, J. C. White.  Other families:  Barron, Hardeman, Harris, Hathaway, Henderson, Hunt, King,  Marshall Ridley, White,  Ridley. Map... Also see this link.
Slocumb - 1895 map
Stallings - Community north east of Gray. Map
Three Points - Community south west of Gray. Map
Todd - 1910 map
Tranquilla - 1855 map Home and Post Office of Judge Joseph Day. Post Office here 1845, 1851.  Called Five Points and Smalls Crossing. Shermans troops marched through here in November 1865. Map
Union Hill Community located northeast of county near Putnam County line. An academy, church and school were located here. 
Van Buren - Community on Central of Georia railroad southwest of Gray, near Robertsville  1899 map
Wallace-  Community southeast of Gray. 1846 map, James G. Sharpe was postmaster in 1842 . Thomas W. Choate postmaster in 1859.
Wayside -  Located six miles N.W. of Gray.  Families: Barfield, Brooks, Bryant, Childs, Simmons,  Smith, Wall. Map.See this link 
Whitaker- Railroad station near Wilkinson County line,  1863 map

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