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Jones County Georgia Marriage Announcements:
1880 - 1899

January 27, 1880
Union Recorder
MARRIED - In Jones county, on the 14th inst., by Rev. G. E. Bonner, Mr. Ben Stewart to Miss Millie Woolfolk, daughter of
Maj. Thos. Woolfolk, all of Jones county.

February 13, 1880
Georgia WeeklyTelegraph
  Mr. D. Rossee Adams of Eatonton, married Miss Mamie E. Tufts, of Jones county, last week.

June 25, 1880
Macon Telegraph
  DR. HENRY M. SMITH, of Grantville, Coweta county, came to Milledgeville last week. Wednesday he attended the barbecue of the Baldwin Blues at Dale's springs, Thursday morning he went to see Miss Minnie Barnes, of Jones county, and, by his persuasive eloquence, induced her to agree to marry him on last Sunday. Thursday evening the doctor went to Clinton and obtained license and returned to Milledgeville, and remained there until Sunday morning, when he left for Jones county, and at 3 o'clock in the evening he was married.

January 26, 1881
Macon Telegraph & Messenger
Last evening, at the residence of Isaac Hardeman, in Vineville, Miss Lula Griswold was married to Captain B. H. Barron, of Jones county. The bride is a young lady well known in this city, and the favorite of a large circle of friends. Captain Barron is one of the leading citizens of Jones county, a progressive farmer, who has represented his section in the Legislature for several years. We extend our congratulations.

March 15, 1881
Union and Recorder
MARRIED - On Thursday last, Mr. Walker Lester, a most excellent young man, and Miss Lula Bivins, daughter of Mr. J. T. Bivins, one of Jones county's most charming young lades, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's father.

July 29, 1881
Georgia Weekly Telegraph
~excerpts~ Libel for Divorce. James M. Skinner vs. Mary C. Skinner - In Jones Superior Court, libel for divorce, April term, 1881.
   R. V. Hardeman, Libellant's Attorney. April 20, 1881. Approved, and it is so ordered. Thos. G. Lawson, Judge S. C. O. C. A true extract from the minutes of Court. R T. Ross, Clerk..

October 16, 1881
Macon Telegraph & Messenger
Married, On the evening of the 13th October, at the residence of the bride's father, in Jones county, Georgia, by Rev. W. C. Felts, Mr. W. M. Wilson to Miss Mellie Juhan.

December 9, 1881
Columbus Daily Enquirer
KIRVEN-FINNEY. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock the union of two happy and loving hearts took place at Clinton, Jones county, Ga., in the marriage of Mr. Noble A. Kirven, of this city, and Miss Alice Finney, of that county. The ceremony was performed by Rev, Mr. Hawley at the residence of Mr. H. J. Stewart.
   Mr. Kirven is he bookkeeper of Mr. J. Albert Kirven, of this city, and is one of our most energetic and enterprising young men. By his many noble traits of character he has won a host of friends, who congratulate him that he has obtained the affections and won the heart of one of the most lovely and beautiful young ladies of Jones county.
    The happy couple will reach this city at 1:40 o'clock this evening, where they will recive a warm and cordial welcome. Noble has many friends who will extend to him congratulations and whish both for himself and fair bride a prosperous and happy future.

December 24, 1881
Macon Telegraph
Oglethorpe, Ga., December 23. - On Tuesday evening, the 20th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, in Jones county, by Rev. N. A. Hornady, Mr. George McLeod, of Pulaski county, to Miss Hattie Wimberly, of Jones. A handsome reception was given the bridal party by Mr. Bowell, the uncle of the bride, in Macon. The happy pair left on the Brunswick train, attended by the best wishes of a host of friends. N. A. H.

January 17, 1882
Union and Recorder
  Mr. John Miller of Union Springs, Alabama, andMrs. Clark of Jones County, were married on last Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Miller is a brother of Mr. Ike Milller of Baldwin County.

April 14 1882
Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Journal & Messenger
  On Wednesday evening a number of gentleman from this city went out to the Lowe place, about four miles out on the Clinton road, to witness the marriage ceremony of Mr. Edward Moreton, on the the most enterprising young farmers of Jones county, to Miss
Anna T. Lowe, a young lady of rare graces of womanhood and high scholarly attainments. Rev. Charles Lane was the officiating minister.

April 18 1882
Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Journal & Messenger
Longshore, Jones County, April 17. - The prevailing gossip for the last few weeks has been about the romantic marriage between Mr. Thomas A. White, the youngest son of Mr. Jas. C. White, and Miss Georgia Holland, the eldest daughter of Dr. B. L. Holland, all of this county, which marriage was consummated in your city on March the 25th. Mr. White, accompanied by his brother and Mr. Wm. Goodson, left his home on the morning of March the 24th, and arrived at Dr. Holland's about 9 o'clock at night. The doctors was just returning from seeing a patient, while they almost in the act of leaving, and finding his daughter had not retired for the night, inquired the cause, and was misled by her telling him she was sick, as she passed on up stairs to her room, leaving her lover out in the dark. In a few minutes, however, the Doctor was resting in the sweet arms of Somnus, and the birds took their flight. This satisfies me that a woman is the easiest thing in the world to steal, for they will steal themselves. They first went to Clinton, but finding they could not procure license from the ordinary unless they would wait until after breakfast. They decided, he wanted to examine the census, and as they did not propose to be taken in by him, they went to Macon, where they procure license and was soon made one, and that evening started for the home of the groom, happier and less frightened than they had been for the last twenty four hours. The parents of the young lady objected on account of her age, she being only sweet sixteen. The writer wishes them health, happiness, and prosperity. Visitor.

December 15, 1882
The Telegraph and Messenger
 Married. At the residence of Mr. William Childs, the father of the bride, at Cornuopia, Jones county, Ga., on December 13th, 1882, Mr. John A. Adams to Miss Nannie G. Childs, Rev. John H. Gresham, officiating

November 29, 1883
Macon Telegraph and Messenger
Married. At the residence of the bride's father, in Clinton, Tuesday, November 27, 1883, by Rev. W. D. Shea, Mr. J. A. Stewart, of Macon, and Miss Annie S. Greaves.
  In this transfer Clinton loses one of its brightest, purest gems, while Macon receives to her curlews an addition of all that is intelligent, refined and beautiful in woman. May their blended life be long and happy.

January 24, 1884
Macon Telegraph
     Tuesday night, January 15th, Mr. N. A. Smith, of Monroe county and Miss A. J. Holland, of Jones, were married at the residence of the bride's mother. The wedding was quite an enjoyable occasion, and the infair on the next day given by Mr. William Smith, of Monroe county, was beyound description. The supper was magnificent and the beautiful young ladies present made the occasion one of mirth and pleasue and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
February 15, 1884
Weekly Telegraph and Messenger
  Married, in Jones county, at the residence of the bride's father, February 5th, by Rev. W. D. Shea, Mr. Willie J. Cribb and Miss Mattie L. Christian. May their blended lives be long and happy.

April 22, 1884
Telegraph and Messenger
  April 18 - On yesterday evening at 3 o'clock assembled a number of relative and friends, at the sweet little home of Mrs. P. M. Park, in our village, to witness the marriage of her only child, Miss Mary S. Park, to Mr. James T. Finney, of Haddock's. The ceremony was impressively and beautifully performed by our pastor, Rev. W. D. Shea. While the popular young merchant has secured a prize indeed, we have lost our only young lady-one who by her gentle and lovable manner has won the esteem of our community. The bride well became the handsome "sunset" silk in which she was arrayed. Clusters of cream white rose buds at throat and neck enhanced her charms.
  A number of presents were received from friends, with many wishes for life's choicest blessings, etc.

October 14, 1884 
Union and Recorder
MARRIED, On the 6th inst., by Rev. P. W. Edge, at his home in Twiggs county, Capt. M. R. Bell, of this city, and Miss Mary Miller, who formerly lived in Jones county.
  The captain took us all by surprise. He kept his secret close. We had the pleasure of meeting them on their arrival at the Augusta depot in this city, and of greeting them with sincere congratulations. It is a real pleasure to us to record so happy an event, and we hereby, in a public way, express our earnest wishes for the health, happiness, and prosperity of himself and wife all the days they live.

December 16, 1884
Union and Recorder
  A very happy and quiet wedding took place at James' Station, on the Macon and Augusta railroad yesterday. Mr. John Butler, a very worthy young farmer of Jones county, was married by Judge Andrews to Miss Mary Gyles. A fine dinner was one of the incidents of the day. Macon was represented by Mr. Thomas C. Drew and Mrs. J. C. James-Tel. & mess. 12th.

February 3, 1885
Union and Recorder
Miss Lizzie Finney, of Haddock, was married the morning of the 27th by Rev. W. Smith to Mr. T. J. Chambers, of Rome, at the home of her mother, Mrs. W. A. Chambers. Miss Lizzie is  a young lady of much character, sweet and gentle, and has many friends who wish her a long life of happiness.

March 4, 1886
Macon Telegraph
Columbus, Ga. March 3. Mr. C. S. Morris of Jones county, and Miss Ella Mahone, of this city, were married at 10 o'clock to-day. They left on the Macon train for the home of the groom..

September 21, 1886
Union Recorder
    A pleasant marriage ceremony occurred at the elegant home of Mr. Jack Roberts, in Jones county, Thursday morning. Mr. M. C. Balkcom being united in marriage to Miss Lula Roberts. Mr. Balkcom is of the firm of Davis and Balkcom, and Miss Roberts is the daughter of Mr. Jack Roberts, and a young lady possessing many fine traits of character and lovely disposition. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. W. Burkes in a beautiful manner.

December 30, 1886
Macon Daily Telegraph
Clinton, December 29. Married, in Jones county, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Felts, Mr. John Dawson Roberts and Miss Lizzie M. Wood, December 14.

June 13, 1887
The Macon Telegraph
A WEDDING ON WHEELS, Married on a Train Running at the Rate of Forty Miles an Hour
  A novel marriage, or rather a novel method of marriage, occurred yesterday evening.
  When the train from Atlanta, on the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia railroad, stopped at Pope's Station the passengers noticed two gentlemen enter the car. One of the was Dr. W. L. Jones, of Macon, who is a member of the cloth, as well as a physician. The other was Mr. T. J. Woolfolk, of Pope's Station. Of the two the latter attracted the most attention. He seemed somewhat nervous, but the passengers did not dream that his apparent nervousness would be so soon explained.
  When the train stopped at Holton, the next station, ten miles above Macon, a pretty young lady, who proved to be Miss Georgia Byrd, of Jones county, entered the car. She looked among the passengers and then there was a happy recognition. The nervous young man from Pope's saw her, and in a twinkling they were together. It was now evident to the passengers, for most of them were young people, too, that the couple were nearer and dearer to each other than mere acquaintances.
  Dr. Jones, Mr. Woolfolk and Miss Byrd held a consultation, at which the passengers looked and wondered, and then all three arose. Dr. Jones took position in front of the lady and gentleman and the passengers caught such words as "love, honor, obey," and they knew that although the train was skimming along the banks of the Ocmulgee at the rate of forty miles an hour two souls were being made into one and happy. Then they were further convinced when the two young people clapped hands for aye and heard the minister pronounced them man and wife.
  The last words were spoken just as the train entered Rose Hill Cemetery. The newly and queerly married were congratulation on all sides by the passenger, who had been treated to something out of the ordinary run of marriages.
  At Macon Mr. and Mrs. Woolfolk entered a carriage and were rapidly driven away before any one could ascertain their destination.
  It is said that Mr. Woolfolk is a steady young tiller of the soil around Pope's Ferry, and is in every way deserving of the fair bride. The young people loved each other and made up their minds to be married. When young people so determine, it seems useless to throw an obstacle in their way.
  Captain A. J. Collins was conductor of the train, and among the passengers and witnesses of the marriage were Professor Manley of Mercer, and Messrs. Eugene P. Smith, Lewellyn Hilliyer and John C. Deits.

November 5, 1887
The Macon Telegraph
  At the residence of the bride's father, R. J. Turner, on Tuesday last, Miss Mary Melinda, was married to Mr. Munroe Green
  On the day following at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Nathan Morris, Miss Abble was married to Mr. Chas. Philips.
  Rev. G. W. Gresham officiating at the former and Rev. M. A. Philips at the latter. We extend to both these young couples the congratulations and best wishes of their many friends.

December 27, 1887
Union Recorder
  Rev. T. D. Strong of Liberty county, was a guest of Mr. T. S. Bagley of this city last week. He officiated at the marriage of Miss Lula Bagley and Mr. John Caswell, in Jones county, on the 21st inst. Miss Lula is a daughter of Mr. Bagley of this city. Our congratulations are offered the happy pair.

March 22, 1888
The Macon Telegraph
A Marriage in Jones. At the home of Mr. J. B. Moore in Jones County, on the 18th inst., Mr. Willie Bloodworth was married to Miss Lula Moore by Rev. John Pettigrew.

November 7, 1888
The  Macon Telegraph
  Miss Pollie Cowart was married yesterday at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Rebecca Cowart, in Walden, to Mr. Frank Woodall of Jones county. The bride is a lady of many estimable qualities and has many friends who agree in wishing her much joy. The ceremony was performed by Dr. W. C. Bass of Wesleyan college. After partaking of a splendid wedding dinner the couple left for the home of the groom, who is a successful farmer of Jones county.

November 22, 1888
The Macon Telegraph
   This afternoon at James Station, on the Georgia road, Mr. Marion F. Swanson of Jones county, will be married to Mrs. Sallie Hamilton, nee Bowen, of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson will arrive in Macon this evening and the guests of Dr. F. Walker, who goes to James Station this morning to witness the ceremony.

November 27, 1888
Union Recorder
  Mr. Jule Wynne, of Ala., and Miss Mattie Horne of Jones county, were married by Rev. J. R. King on Sunday last.

January 10, 1889
Macon Daily Telegraph
Wedding Bells at Clinton. Clinton, Jan. 8-[Special]-Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Nathan Morris, Miss Minnie Morris and Mr. Wade H. Lester were united in  marriage, Rev. Wllison R. Cook officiating. Miss Morris was one of Jones' numerous charming young ladies, and Mr. Lester, who is a successful young farmer, is to be congratulated on winning so fair a bride.

November 16, 1889
Union Recorder
  Mr. Frank Stewart and Miss Lois, daughter of Judge Richard Johnson, of Jones county, were married last Sunday at the home of the bride's father.

December 20, 1889
Macon Telegraph
Glover-Hawes. Mr. R. W. Glover and Miss Anna Hawes were joined in marriage yesterday evening at the bride's home in Jones county. Rev. H. Smith officiated. Dr. C. McCarthy and wife were out to witness the union. The happy couple will make their future home in Macon.

April 28, 1891
Union Recorder
  Married in Jones county, Ga., April 23, 1892, by Rev. C. B. Anderson, Mr. James E. Braswell of Macon and Miss Ophelia Bales.

January 12, 1892
Union Recorder
MARRIED. Mr. J. J. Wootten, Jr., of this city, and Miss Belle Stewart, of Jones county, were united in marriage on last Tuesday afternoon at 2½ o'clock.
  The ceremony was performed at the residence of Mr. J. T. Finney, an uncle of the bride, at Haddocks station. The house was beautifully decorated with hollies, etc. The couple advanced into the centre of the parlor and took their position in front of the minister, Rev. Ellison R. Cook, of Sparta, who in a simple yet impressive manner declared them man and wife.
  The bride has many friends in this city, having formerly resided here. She is an accomplished lady, being a graduate of Wesleyan College.
  Mr. Wootten is a successful druggist, and a popular young business man of this city, and numbers his friends by the score.
  The bridal presents were many and costly.
  They left for Florida, where they will visit St. Augustine and other points of interest.
  The Union-Recorder joins their many friends in wishing them a long life of happiness and prosperity.

January 29, 1892
Macon Telegraph
HAPPILY WEDDED. Marriage of a Well-Known Couple in Jones county.
  A very happy marriage took place in Jones county yesterday morning, in which many in Macon are interested.
   The contracting parties were Mr. Melton Michew and Miss Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of Mr. Jackson Roberts, one of Jones county's wealthiest and most and prominent planters. Judge R. A. Johnson performed the ceremony at the home of the bride's father, at 10 o'clock yesterday morning.
  Capt. W. A. Davis, Mr. Gilbert Davis and a number of other Macon friends attended the wedding, and pronounced it one of the grandest affairs that has ever taken place in old Jones. The elegant country home of the bride's parents was elegantly arranged for the occasion, and the repast served was most sumptuous. Miss Roberts is a pretty and highly accomplished young lady, who has friends everywhere, and is well known and like in Macon. Mr. Minchew is a prominent young planter of Houston county, who also has many friends in Macon and this section..

March 29, 1892
Union Recorder
MARRIED in Baldwin county, on 18th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. R. D. Ivey, Mr. W. M. Haddock, of Haddock's station, to Miss Betty Ivey, of Baldwin county, W. R. Fenn officiating. The happy couple carries with them the best wishes of many friends to their future home.

May 31, 1892
Macon Telegraph
BOWDEN-STRIPLING. A Prominent Jones County Couple Soon to be Married.
     Invitations have been received in Macon for the wedding of Rev. L. G. Bowden to Miss Ida Stripling, both of whom are from Jones county. Both parties are well known in Macon and are very prominent in this county.
   Mr. Bowden is a well known preacher and farmer, and Miss Stripling is the daughter of Mr. T. R. Stripling, one of the wealthiest and most influential farmers in Jones county. The young lady is a brunette of the most decided type and she is said to be one of the greatest beauties in middle Georgia.
   The wedding will take place on next Sunday evening at 3:30 o'clock at the residence of the bride's father.

August 23, 1892
Union Recorder
TOM WOOLFOLK'S WIFE Was Married Last Week to Mr. T. L. Lamb.
  News reached Macon yesterday of the marriage in Jones county of Miss Georgia Bird to Mr. T. L. Lamb of Macon.
  There is a weird romance connected with this marriage that rivals anything to fiction. Miss Bird, it will be remembered was married to Tom Woolfolk on an East Tennesse, Virginia and Georgia Railroad train while passing through Rose Hill Cemetery only a few weeks before he murdered his family. While Woolfolk was in jail she had her name changed to her maiden name, and has since that time been known as Miss Georgia Bird.
  Mr. Lamb is the efficient Superintendent of the Palmer Manufacturing Company, and his many friends wish for him and his bride a long life of happiness.-Macon Telegraph.

December 13, 1892
Macon Telegraph
  A happy and beautiful marriage was that of Mr. W. J. Balkcom and MissEugenia G. Skedoe at Griswoldville Sunday evening, the Rev. J. W. Burke officiating.
  The bride was one of Griswoldville's belles and is one of the most beautiful and accomplished young ladies of Jones county. Mr. Balkcom is one of the rising young planters of the county and is one of the most influential young men  in his section. All wish then a happy married life.

Emma Lee Adams born Nov.20, 1870, married William Green Williamson, born April,6, 1865, in 1893. Contributed by Louise Hendrix

February 16, 1893
Macon Telegraph
A COUNTRY MARRIAGE. A Popular Couple of Jones County Begin Life's Journey Together.
   Yesterday at the residence of Mr. Luke H. Smith in Jones county, the bride's father, Miss Lucia Smith was united in marriage to Mr. George Small, Rev. J. W. Weston of the East Macon Methodist church, performing the ceremony.
   Mr. Small is one of Jones county's rising young planters and is a nephew of A. B. Small, Macon's well-known citizen. Miss Smith is a young lady of many personal graces and admirable traits of character, and is well know in Macon, where she has often visitied, always to be the centre of an admiring circle of friends.
  The young people have the sincerest wishes of all their Macon friends for unalloyed happiness throughout their married life, and that when ever convenient that they will favor this city with their presence.

June 9, 1893
Macon Telegraph
~excerpt~ Haddocks, June 8.  Mr. Will Anchors of Macon, a genial conductor on the Southwestern railroad, and Miss Ida Anchors of Baldwin county, near Milledgeville, were married yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. Their uncle, J. D. Anchors, of this place, gave him a wedding reception last night, to which the beauty and chivalry of Haddock were invited. Miss Nora Anchors, the charming daughter of the host, did all in her power to make the evening pass pleasantly to the guests.
  The groom was very happy and the bride looked lovely in cream albatross and flowers. She is sweet and amiable, and Mr. Anchors is certainly fortunate in securing such a love woman to share his joy and sorrows in the dusty lanes of life.
    Miss Clara Silas of Roberts, Miss Helon Mason of Culverton and Miss Della Hill of Atlanta were among the guests.

October 7, 1893
Macon Telegraph
  It is very evident that the young men of East Macon do not believe in heeding parental interference in matters of matrimony.
  On last Monday afternoon Mr. Will J. Green, one of the best known and most popular young men in the community, was married to Miss Annie Bradley of Round Oak.
  The young people had their plans well laid, and everything was made sure beforehand that nothing would intervene to mar success. Mr. Green secured a buggy Monday afternoon and drove to the home of the young lady's brother, some miles from Round Oak, where it had been arranged between them they should met. He found his intended out at the syrup mill in the midst of a gay party of relatives and neighbors who, of course, knew nothing of the secret scheming that was then about to be carried out.
  Without anything usual in appearance, Mr. Green proposed that he and Miss Bradley should take a drive after she had spent some time pleasantly with the party.
  Accordingly they drove merrily away, bidding their friends a happy continuance of the joys of the "sugar boiling."
  Now no time was to be lost. It was then nearly 5 o'clock and the house of Elder Gresham a Primitive Baptist minister who was to to tie the knot, was yet many miles ahed. Through the pretty country, with its great red hills and magnificent scenery, for which the vicinity of Round Oak is known, the two young loves drove, and just before night drew reins at Elder Gresham's attractive country home, where the estimable old gentleman was found to greet them as only a Jones county planter can.
   Naturally they were not long in making know the import of their call and in a very few minutes all the necessary arrangements had been made for the marriage. The vows were taken, and Mr. Green and Miss Bradley were pronounced man and wife, with only the elder's family as witnesses, and, with a great burden lifted which had caused them some mental trouble, they set out for the home of the groom's father, Mr. S. D. Green, whose hospitality has more than once warmed the hearts of his city friends.
  And here at Mr. Green's home the interesting story of unconquerable love ends, and both Mr. and Mrs. Green are receiving the congratulations of their friends upon their final success.
  Mr. Green is too well know here, and especially in East Macon, to render necessary any extended notice. He is a most estimable young man in more ways than one, and being prominently connected with Mr. J. G. Jackson in the grocery business, stands high in the estimation of all who knows him as a young business man.
  His charming bride comes from of the best families of old Jones, being a daughter of Mrs. Susan Bradley and a niece of Mrs. George Turpin of this city.

November 28, 1893
Union Recorder
   At 8½ o'clock Sunday morning, Mr. H. C. Meeks and Miss Eva Pitts, of Jones county, were married at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. R. J. Bigham officiating. The ceremony was witnessed by a few relatives of the bride.

  Married on the 15th of November, Mr. J. E. Humphries and Miss Nellie Bonner, at the home of the bride's father in Jones county. A large crowd witnessed the ceremony and there was a pleasant gathering of young people at Mr. Elijah Humphries at night, to celebrate the happy event.

June 20, 1894
Macon Telegraph
   Mr. R. L. Bradley and Miss M. H. Edmundson of Jones county were married in this city yesterday evening by the Rev. Dr. Felder at his residence on First street.
  This happy event has something of the runaway element in it, though the groom declines in perfect good humor that there was nothing of the sort.
  At any rate they came into Macon  Thursday afternoon and were not long in finding a preacher to marry them, after which they remained at the Stubblefield house until yesterday morning, when they returned home man and wife instead of sweetheart and beau as they came.
  There is no more deserving young man in this entire section than Mr. Bradley. He is a prosperous merchant of Grey's Station, where everybody who knows him is his friend. His personal popularity is not more recognized than his sterling business qualifications and integrity, and he will make the fair bride he has chose for a lifelong companion a true and faithful husband.
  Miss Edmundson belongs to one of the best families in old Jones. She has relatives in this city who she has often visited and is quite a favorite among Macon people. She is the modest possessor of those charms and graces of mind and person that go to make a perfect woman, and her many superior qualities re recognized wherever she is acquainted.
  The Telegraph joins the large circle of Macon friends of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley in wishing them a long and happy married life.

August 17, 1894
Macon Telegraph
WEDDING IN CLINTON. A Popular Young Couple of Jones County United in Marriage.
  Clinton, Aug. 16 (Special) At 8 o'clock, on the evening of the 15th inst., there occurred the finest marriage that ever took place in any church in the town of Clinton, although Clinton was a thriving little town long before the large city of Macon had a name.
  The contracting parties were Mr. George T. Pursley and Miss Cosby Seals, both of Clinton. The attendants were Miss Belle Morton and Mr. Eugene Morgan , Miss Jettie Jones and Mr, Claud Pursley, Miss Lillie Holmes and Mr. Jim Stewart, Master Ross Holsenbeck and pretty little Mary Pursley. Ushers - Messrs. Gordon Hardeman and Glen Stewart. The bride was dressed in pure white organdie and carried in her hand cream roses. The bridesmaids wore pink mull and carried in their hands pink roses.
  The church was beautifully decorated, mainly in smilax and roses, with sufficient other flowers to properly adorn the evergreen. The ceremony was performed by  Rev. S. H. Dinmore of Monticello, Ga., in a nimble, neat style, after which the young people who composed the audience repaired to the commodious residence of Dr. S. A. Pursley, the father of the groom, to appease hunger and quench thirst and talk a oat of useless nothingism and little scattered about absurdities. All in all it was a tip-top affair and everybody seemed to have a fine time. May the future skies of the married pair be just cloudy enough to make the sunset beautiful.

October 8, 1894
Macon Telegraph
  The marriage of Mr. Sam H. Haddock to Miss Nora Julia Anchors of Haddock, Ga., is announced. Miss Anchors is one of the most beautiful and accomplished young ladies of Jones county, and one who is universally loved and admired. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Anchors. Mr. Haddock is one of Macon's most deserving young me, whose father was one of the leading citizens of Jones.

September 28, 1895
Macon Telegraph
HARVEY-CHRISTIAN. A Popular Young Maconite Weds a Jones County Belle.
  Mr. George R. Harvey of this city and Miss Rosa D. Christian of Jones county were married at the residence the bride's mother, in Jones county.
  The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. W. J. Robertson, pastor of the East Macon Methodist church, in the presence of the relatives and immediate friends of the contracting parties. Dr. Harvey, the father of the groom, was among those present.
  Mr. Harvey is one of Macon's best known and most popular young men. His bride is one of Jones county's most beautiful and lovable young women and a favorite with all who know her.

October 31, 1895
Macon Telegraph
GRETNA GREEN AFFAIR. Which Illustrates That Love is Not Alone Confined to Youth.
  A runaway marriage occurred in Jones county last Sunday afternoon, which thoroughly illustrates the fact that love is not confined to giddy youth alone. Some times surprise is expressed when middle aged people surprise their friends with an elopement, and December and May marriages are always a matter of comment
When very aged people marry, the community in which they live is always startled, but when these aged people are the principals in a "gretna green" escapade a genuine sensation is developed.
  The Jones county people who participated in last Sunday's runaway marriage were Mr. Miles Kelly, aged eighty-seven years, and Mrs. Johnson, aged sixty. The couple, owing to family objections, would not wed at the home of either, but quietly went to the house of a neighbor, Mr. Aaron Striplin, where the ceremony was performed.
  The Telegraph congratulates Mr. and Mrs. Kelly.

February 6, 1896
Macon Telegraph
MARRIED IN JONES. Dr. Harvey of Macon Tied the Hymeneal Knot.
  At the residence of the bride's father, in Jones county, near Slocum's crossing, at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. Augustus C. Roberts and Miss Maggie I. Silas were united in marriage.
  The marriage ceremony was performed by Dr. H. J. Harvey of Macon in a beautiful manner. Many of the friends and relatives of the happy couple witnessed the ceremony and afterwards a grand supper, such as can only be spread by the prosperous planters of Jones county, was served.
  Both of the young people belong to first families of Jones county. Mr. Roberts is a prosperous and progressive planter and his bride is one of the loveliest and noblest young ladies of the country.

October 21, 1896
The Macon Telegraph
DECEMBER AND MAY. Dr. Thomas C. Gibson, Aged 78, Was Married Yesterday to a Maid of 17.
  Dr. Thomas C. Gibson of near Gordon, Ga., arrived in the city last night with his newly-married bride.
  The couple registered at the Brown house, where they will stop a while here. They were married yesterday near Haddock's Ga., and are now on their happy honeymoon. Dr. Gibson is 78 and his wife is but 17. Notwithstanding this wide disparity in their ages, it was a case of marriage for love. The doctor is a prominent citizen of Twiggs county, where he has a large farm and a large practice. He is comfortably well off in this world's goods, and up to yesterday he had everything he wanted except a wife, and that want is now filled.
  Dr. Gibson decided some time ago that he would marry. The girl of his choice was MissMinnie Andrews of Haddock's, Ga.
  The ceremony was performed yesterday and the newly-married couple started at one on their bridal tour, accompanied by Miss Ida Andrews and Miss Mary Bivins, a sister and friend of the bride. The party will leave Macon to resume their journey today.
  Dr. Gibson is well known and prominently connected in Macon. He has two sons and a daughter living here. Drs. O. C. Gibson and Thomas C. Gibson are the sons and Mrs. Baskin is the daughter.
  Dr. Gibson is perhaps the oldest practicing physician in Georgia. He has been practicing continuously for fifty-six years, and has at the advance age of 78 a large practice.

January 26, 1897
Union Recorder
 ~excerpt~   One of the happiest marriages of the season occurred at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Brown, of Brown's Crossing, last Wednesday. Their daughter, Miss Etta and Dr. A. G. Lawrence, of Haddock, were united in matrimony by Rev. Mr. Farr, of Clinton.

February 23, 1897
Union Recorder
 Mr. James A. Smith and MissMaggie Massey were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents in Jones county last Thursday evening.

June 19, 1897
Union Recorder
    Mr. John T. Johnson, of Columbus, Ga., and Miss Eunice Louise Finney, of Haddocks, were united in marriage, Friday afternoon, the 18th inst., at the home of the bride.

October 24, 1897
Macon Telegraph
~excerpt~ Clinton, Ga., Oct 23 - One of the most beautiful home weddings ever witnessed in this county, and one which has been looked forward to with interest by society people, was the one that united the lives of Luther C. Morton to Miss Rosa James, at the residnce of the bride's father, at James Station, on Wednesday, Oct. 20. The ceremony was performed by Rev. E. E. Samuelson in a most impressive and forceful manner. filed, headed by Mr. Samuel S. Dunlap, Jr., of Macon with Miss Onra Morton of James, followed by Mr. T. R. Turner of Gray, with Miss Mamie Kingman of James, J. F. Morton of Gray, with Miss May Stewart of Clinton, then the groom with his brother, Mr. Jim Morton, while the bride came in with Miss Sallie Harper of Milledgeville, Miss Daisy Kingman of James played the inspiring music...
  They left that evening for Nashville, to be gone about two weeks.

November 30, 1897
Macon Telegraph
A QUIET MARRIAGE. Mr. J. J. Connell and Miss Ella Bush Were United Last Evening.
  Mr. Jesse J. Connell and Miss Ella Bush were married last evening at the residence of Justice C. C. Balkcom, in East Macon.
   The marriage was a great surprise when it was announced. The young couple had said nothing about their plans. Miss Bush was visiting Mrs. Ricks at 511 Hazel street. She is an attractive and popular young lady from Haddocks station, and had been visiting in Macon for a short time. Mr. Connell called on her last night, and they started, as they explained, to attend church. But as there is no service at any of the churches which they had been in the habit of attending they couldn't find any preacher in reach. They went to Justice Balkcom, who is always happiest on such occasions.
  Mr. Connell is foreman of the stereotyping department of The Telegraph and is a young man of promise. He is held in high esteem by his many friends.

  He has won a noble woman for a wife.

February 25, 1898
Macon Telegraph
  A beautiful home wedding of much interest was celebrated at the home of Dr. R. B. Barron on Georgia avenue Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock, when his sister, Miss Sallie E. Barron of Clinton, Jones county, was united in marriage to Rev. T. W. Ellis of Louisville, Ga. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G. W. Parr of Clinton and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis left immediately afterwards for their new home in Louisville.
  Although it was a quiet marriage, witnessed only by the relatives and friends of the bride and groom, they received a number of very handsome present.
  Miss Barron, the bride, is a young lady of many accomplishments, a graduate of Wesleyan Female College and a member of one of the oldest and most prominent families of Jones county. Rev. Mr. Ellis, the groom, is the popular pastor of the Methodist church at Louisville, Ga, and a member of the South Georgia conference. The best wishes of a host of friends follow this happy couple to their new home at Louisville.

April 12, 1898
Union Recorder
  Mr. N. Berry Johnson and Miss Ella Davis, and Mr. Perry Davis and Miss Willie Johnson were united in marriage Sunday afternoon, at the home of Rev. Mr. Etheridge in Jones county, who performed the ceremony. Mr. Johnson and his bride returned to this city. Mr. and Mrs. Davis will make their home in Jones county.

July 19, 1898 
Union Recorder
    Friday afternoon, 9th inst. 4 o'clock, Miss Annie E. Whitten and Mr. A. E. Jones were united in marriage by Rev. G. W. Farr at the residence of the bride's father, near Haddock.

December 26, 1898
Macon Telegraph
A Happy Marriage Yesterday Morning at the Presbyterian Parsonage.
  Yesterday morning at  9 o'clock, at the residence of Dr. S. L. Morris, Mr. F. T. Abel, Jr., of Fernandina, Fla., was married to Miss Alma Roberts of Haddocks.
  Mr. Abel was formerly a resident of this city, but for the past few months has been living in Fernandina. He is the son of Mr. F. T. Abel, and is a young man of sterling merit.
  Miss Alma is one of Haddocks' most charming young ladies and has a large circle of friends.
  The many friends of the young couple wish them much happiness and prosperity.

October 4, 1899
Macon Telegraph
PHIL BONNER'S WEDDING. He Will Lead Miss Villette Moughon to the Altar at Clinton.
  Clinton, Ga., Oct. 3. Cards announcing the marriage of Miss Villette Moughon of this county, to Mr. Philip W. Bonner of Abbeville, South Carolina, which interesting even will occur at high noon, Oct. 17, 1899, at the home of the bride's father, Col. William S. Moughon, near Haddocks. The bride-elect has been, since her debut, one of Jones county's reigning beauties, being possessed with all the attributes of a lovely woman, while Mr. Bonner stands high in business circles of Abbeville, S. C., being prominently connected with the Seaboard Air Line railroad. Their future home will be Abbeville.

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