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Jones County, Ga.  Land Records

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There is a Copy of all land grants in the Surveyor General's office at the Georgia State Archives.

 Jones County as we know it was distributed as part of two different Land Lotteries. In 1804-1805, some Districts were created in original BALDWIN County. At the southeast side of Jones, a small portion of Land District 1 and Land District 2 were a part of this lottery.

The 1806-1807 Land Lottery followed, and the rest of Original BALDWIN was distributed. And the main part of Jones County falls into this land.

The land from Districts 12, 13 (few lots), 10, 11, 9, 8, 6, 7 (few lots) of Baldwin County was then formed as an act of legislature into Jones County on December 10,1807 from original Baldwin County which had been formed May 11, 1803. Jones County was laid out in 1807; part added from Putnam in 1810; a five mile slice given to Bibb in 1822, and since then county boundaries have remained stationary..

The size of the land lots given away at the original lottery was 202 1/2 acreas.

Microfilm (at State Archives) Georgia Surveyor General Department Index. These are arranged by original county (in this case Baldwin), district, and then lot number (Copies of microfilm may be ordered: Archives

Hall's Map shows the original counties and Land Districts. Land Districts didn't change as counties were formed.

1805 Lottery by Paul Graham.

Published RESOURCES:

The Georgia Land Lottery Papers: 1805-1914
Lookup: Kristopher L Swinson (

Second or 1807 Land Lottery

The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Comp. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1986. Alphabetical listing of fortunate drawers.

"Chapter 4. The 1805 and 1807 Land Lotteries" in Cadle, Farris. Georgia Land Surveying and Law. Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 1991. pp. 168-203. Historical information regarding this lottery. 

Go here to see the qualifications to draw in the 1820 Lottery. This may give you clues about your Ancestor that you were not aware of, i.e. Revolutionary War Veteran; living in Georgia for three years.

If your ancestor was a "fortunate drawer", his GRANT would be in the Archives. The Grant was issued after he had paid his $18 fee per Lot. If he didn't pay the fee, then the Archives will show that it reverted to the State of Georgia. 

Land records from 1807

Jones County Clerk of Superior Court

Gray, GA 31032


Many winners of the Lotteries did not ever claim their prize. They executed a Power of Attorney or sold it to another individual. Still many Jones County residents were in GA at the time and participated.

Many settlers established their Georgia residency in Jones County and were living there to draw in the later lotteries, so be sure to check those as well. This Archives Site provided information about ALL the lotteries as well as grants and how counties were formed.

This site ( contains lots of information to he lp you understand the Land Lotteries and how your ancestors might have participated. Map shows the various lotteries and portions of state each involved.
Hall's Land District Map of Georgia By looking at this MAP, you can see the location of the Land Districts. It is the KEY to Land Districts in GA.

Land Districts showing original Baldwin, and the counties created from it. Notice especially Jones County. You'll see the land districts extend across county lines.

It is important to note that these Land Districts Numbers have NOT CHANGED even today. Though County Lines have changed the District numbers remained. If your ancestor owned land in District 11 of Baldwin County, it is still District 11 today but in Jones County.Jones

As stated above, the original Land Grants (based on the Lottery Drawing) for land lots is in the ARCHIVES. If the land was sold after this, then the Deed would be in the Baldwin County Courthouse if the transaction occurred BEFORE Jones County was formed in 1807. To locate the GRANT, see "How to Locate a Land Lottery Grant or Plat" in the Atlanta Archives

Map for Jones County

You may purchase a land lot map showing the Land Districts and the individual Land Lots from the Jones County Tax Office at P. O. Box 1359, Gray, GA 31032 for $4.00 plus $2.00 for mailing. 

Reference to Land Transactions Lots of information reference materials to help you understand the buying and selling of land.

Deed Legaliese Helps make sense out of your Land Deeds by explaining the "typical" terms that you see in all deeds.

Land This Lesson I of the IIGS (International Internet Genealogical Society) Course on "land and property research" is well worth reading. Then proceed with all their other lessons.

Captain Stewart's (partial) Lottery Winners

Compare the TWO lists below
Information from George H. Watkins

 From the book "Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827" I made a list of persons from Capt Stewart's District of Jones Co who actually drew land. This would not be the complete list of persons in Capt Stewart's District, as everyone who put their name on the list did not draw land.

The names with the* are from the list that I found at the Jones Co Courthouse. It is obvious from this comparison that the list from the courthouse was not a complete list of Capt Stewart's District. From that list of 55 names, 18 actually drew land according to this information.

*Alexander William
Alsabrooks Howell
Alsabrooks Howell
Alsabrooks Lewis
Amos Maulden, RS
Amos William M
Ansley Gilbert D
Baggerly Henry
Bayne Elizabeth, wid
*Boynton Stewart
Crutchfield Stapleton
Driver Julius
*Falls John, soldier
Garland Jno sen, RS
Garland John Jr
Garland John, sen
Garland Thomas
*Glasson Jesse, orphan
Goldsmith Samuel
Gordon John W's orphans
Gordon Nancy widow
Gordon Richmond
Gordon Thomas A
*Gordon Thomas A's ors
*Harmon Hezekiah M
*Harmon Miles K
*Harmon Zachariah
Harris Henry C
Harris Henry C
*Harris Sarah, widow
*Henderson John's orps
*Hodges Alsey, ill child
*Hodges Samuel, illegit
Isham Henry
*Lott William
Marsh John
*Martin Robert D, soldier
Martin Seaborn J
Maulden Francis
Maulden Martha, wid
McDaniel Brantley
McDaniel Jacob Jr
McDaniel Jacob, RS
McDaniel Samuel
*McDonald Jacob's orp
McMath William
McMath Williams
*Mercer William B, Soldier
Merrit Jesse
Morse Oliver
Padget William
Padgett William
Portch Thomas
Rawson Jesse
Rawson Jesse
Russell Booker L
*Snipes Mark
Terrell Elizabeth, wid
Wall Elizabeth's minors
Wall Elizabeth's mins
*White Joseph C

This list was found in the Jones Co Probate Court records. Persons on this list were 
eligible to perticipate in the 1827 land lottery. It is not the complete list of eligibles from 
this district as evidenced by the fact that there were many lottery winners from Capt. 
Stewart's District who were not on this list. (see list of lottery winners from Stewart's 
Dist) Also, what you see here is not complete, as I was only interested in Stewart's Dist, 
that is all I copied.

Page 2 (page #'s appear to have been added later, and the following statement probably 
applies to the entire list, even though page 1 actually preceeded this statement)
List of names given in Maj. Louis Battalion for draws in the approaching land lottery in 
addition to a form return.
Capt Stewarts District

Gabrael H Chappel               1
James Lindsay                   1
Alesy Hodges, illegitimate child 1
Samuel Hodges,    "               "    1
Joseph B Anthony                1
John Perkins Jr         1
Simeon Boynton          1
Wilson C Alsabrook              1
John P Woodall          1
Owen Beck                       2
James Peek                      1
Joseph C White          1
Mark Snipes                     1
Jesse Glasson, orphan           1
James Alsabrook, R.S.   2

Page 1

Amy Wimbush, widow      1
Malinda&Michael, S.C. Wimbush orp 1
Thomas D Walker         1
Littleberry Wheelas             1
Louisa Gordon, widow    1
Thomas A Gordon's orph  2
Benjamin Crutchfield            1
Elizabeth McDonald, widow       1
Elizabeth McDonald, widow of R.S.       1
Jacob McDonald's orphans        1
Sarah Harris, widow             1
Henry C Harriss's orphans       1
Daniel Gunn's orphans   1
Susan Gunn, widow               1
Susan Gunn, widow of R.S.       1
John Henderson's orphans        1
Ephraun Sanders, S.T.           1
William B Mercer?, S.T. 1
Miles K Harrison                1
Zachariah Harrison              2

Page 3

Robert D Martin, S.T.           1
Edward Jackson          1
John R Hunt, S.T.               1
Leon L Hill, S.T.               1
Laban C Pool, S.T.              1
Stewart Boynton         1
Thomas Boswill?, S.T.   1
Thomas McGehee, S.T.    1
Hardy Wheeles, S.T.             1
John Fails?, S.T.               1
William Harriss         1
Bradford Peddy, S.T.            1
Drewry Hodges, S.T.             1
William H Ingram                1
Andrew Huff, S.T.               1
William Lott                    1
Francis D Ross          1
William Alexander               1
John Gamble, S.T.               1

Page 4
Henry B Cabaniss, S.T.  1
Hazekiah M Harmon               1

(capt blounts dist begins at the bottom of page 4)
Capt Blounts District

Elizabeth Hathcox's illegitimate child 1
Luesa, Leucenda, Emily, Margaret, Matilda, & John Strength, illegitimates
of Nancy Strength 2
Jane Hale, Lunatic 1
Jane Hale Husband absent from the State 3 years 1
Isaac C Bell?   1
Susannah Wyche, widow 1
Susannah Wyche, widow R.S.1

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