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Jones County Georgia


  • 12th Regiment Company B (Jones Volunteers (link)
  • 32nd Regiment Company A (Jones & Jasper Company) (link)
  • 45th Georgia Regiment Co. F "Gray's Volunteers"
  • 66th Regiment Company D (Bibb & Jones) Mangham Infantry (link)




    Battle of Sunshine Church, Round Oak, Ga.,  July 31, 1864 (link)

    According to The Southern Recorder, Aug 3, 1864, The Hon. A. H. Kenan narrowly escaped being captured by the Yankees at the house of a friend in Jones county, on Sabbath night last. The Yankees took supper below, while Col. K. was concealed up stairs. Had they suspected that a signer of the Ordinance of secession, and a member of the rebel Congress was in such close proximity, the search would have been very rigid.-The fidelity of a servant put Col. Kenan on his guard, while, unconscious of danger, he was about to betray himself.
    Also Col. Beck, of the 9th Georgia, long in service in Virginia where he was disable by a severe wound, was taken prisoner on his plantation in Jones county, by Stoneman's raiders and recaputured by Wheeler's forces, in the battle near Clinton.

    Chief Sufferers of Stoneman's Raid in Jones county per Confederate Union, Aug. 9, 1864:
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lowther, jewels, Negroes, plate, brandies, wines, etc., $40,000.
    Col. Wm. DeForrest Holly, jewels and clothing, $20,000.
    Lee Clower, $40,000.
    Green Clower, $40,000.
    Maj. Ben. Barron, 63 negroes, mules, horses, clothing, etc., $150,000.
    Drs. Bowing and Barron lost everything on their plantations.
    Hon. Judge Robert V. Hardeman lost $30,000 in property.
    James H. Blunt and Daniel Blunt, had their plantations ravaged.
    R. W. Bonner, house pillaged.
      There were many others, and indeed every house in the county was visited, pillaged, the women insulted and treated with  every insult and indignity.
      There did not appear a single well-bred gentleman in the infernal horde. Sham guards were sometimes posted around houses, but the guard and the officer commanding it would straightway fall to work and sack the premises.
      Loaded guns and pistols were in every house pointed at trembling women and decrepit, grey haired old men, and money demanded in tones of the highway robber.
      At the house of Mrs. Lowther of Clinton, they made her and Col. Holly deal out wine in the wine cellar, wholes crowds of them standing by and threatening death if they were not served next.
       They forced many negroes with them, and bribed and induced others to go, but as soon as the Yankees were defeated at Sunshine Church, the negroes fled from them back to their homes and masters. We think few negroes kept with them after that.

    Battle of Griswoldville (link)
    Battle of Griswoldville (link)
    More info on Battle and Town of Griswoldville (link)

    Pension Applications at Georgia's Virtual Vault (link)
    Pension Application Supplements at Georgia's Virtual Vault (link)
    List of Pension Applications

    Individual Pension Applications (links)
    A. B. Harris
    Warren Anderson Mitchell
    Henry Lafayette Moore

       The Memorial Monumentto the Civil War and World War I Veterans, on the courthouse lawn  was unveiled Nov. 11, 1921, Armistice Day. The monument of rough hewn stone was quarried from the red foothills of Georgia. The Civil War Veterans who proudly marched around the stone were Jesse Hunt, C, C, Smith, M. H. Mulligan, John Brown, Wiley Kitchens, J. D. Morris and Colonel Wiley. The World War I Veterans were Capt. Mose Gordon, Capt. W. W. Burgess, Lieut. Jerry Lowe, Sergt. John Chambers, Lon Brown, C. C. Roberts, P. M. Stewart, W. P. Middlebrooks and Andy Winters. From The Macon Telegraph Nov. 12, 1921.
      The large granite boulder is flanked by urns. These words are inscribed: "To those men of Jones County who gave their service in the War Between the States 1861-1865 and The World War 1917-1918."

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