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William C. Chesterís Murder
Submitted by Rebecca Stephens McNeal.
He lived in Johnson Co., GA and his wife is buried in the Wrightsville Cemetery there.  She was Mary Jane Page.
From The Dublin Post July 11, 1878 P. 3

A General Melee at M. J. Colley's Store 13 miles Above Dublin
     Last Saturday night about dark, while Mr. Colley and Mr. Chester were engaged in Colley's store selling whisky, etc., a report reached

their ears that Mr. Henderson Tucker had been knocked down and killed.  Mr. Colley remarked to Mr. Chester that it would be well to

go out side and see about it.  Mr. Colley was detained at or near the door by someone speaking to him.  Mr. Chester advanced in the

direction of Mr. Moye, who, it was thought, struck Tucker; he was about ten steps in advance of Colley when he, Colley, saw Andrew

Moye presenting his pistol at Chester - a report, and Chester put his hand to his bosom and turned in the direction of the yard gate. 

When he reached the gate, he caught the post with his hands and remarked: "I am a dead man," whereupon he fell dead in the yard. 

Mr. Colley advanced toward Mr. Moye, and upon asking him what was the matter he, Moye, presented his pistol and fired at Colley -

was foiled in his attempt to kill Colley by Willie Hightower knocking his pistol upward.  At or about this time, Ike Walter (white)

stabbed Jack Webb (colored)  inflicting a frightful wound in the neck, near the carotid artery wounding the jugular vein, and thereby

almost producing instant death, which was warded off by the timely interference  of Dr. H. Hicks who was called in time to arrest the

hemorrhage.  Jack Tucker, another negro, was knocked down, but retained enough of his senses to make  his escape.  The county coroner's

inquest over the dead body of Mr. Chester, rendered the following verdict: "Mr. W. C. Chester came to his death from a pistol shot,

held in the hands of Mr. Andrew Moye."

     The foregoing facts were furnished us by one of the coroner's jury.  He did not give the cause of the row.  But we learn from another source

that Mr. Walters and Jack Tucker got into a quarrel about a dipper of water, and that Henderson Tucker took stock on general principles.

 We heard that Moye had no intention of killing Chester - that he and Chester were good friends.  Then again we hear this contradicted,

and that he had made threats that he intended to kill Chester and then go to Texas.  But we give these only as rumors.  Colley says that

he knows no reason that Moye could have for shooting him.  The whole affair seems to be veiled somewhat in mystery.
Another Newspaper in Dahlonagh reported
On Saturday evening last ten miles from Dublin at Cosby's store a tragedy occurred.  Two men, Moye and Andrews got into a difficulty

with Mr. Cosby and his clerk.  The latter Mr. Chester was killed by Moye,  who also shot Cosby in the head while Andrews proceeded to

attack with a knife a negro standing nearby.  Both men were under the influence of liquor.  They escaped to the swamp.  The row originated

 at a colored picnic.

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