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Group of Confederate Veterans gather for this photo on the occasion of their reunion, Kite, ca 1900.

Photo courtesy of Virtual Vault, Georgia Archives.

Civil War:

 Company F, 48th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Johnson County GA, "Battle Ground Guards"

Mar 4/Apr 30, 1862-Camp Donelson near Grahamville, SC.

May/June 1862-Camp near Richmond, VA

July/Oct 1862-United State Ford on Rappahannock River.

Nov/Dec 1862-near the United States Ford on Rappahannock River

Jan/Feb 1863-Guinea Station, VA

March/April 1863-Near Guinea Station, VA

May/June 1863-Fayettesville, GA

July/Aug 1863-near Orange Court House, VA

Sept/Oct 1863-not stated

Nov/Dec 1863-Madison Station, VA

Jan/Apr 1864-Madison Run, VA

May/June 1864-near Petersburg, VA

July/Aug 1864-Petersburg, VA

Sept/Oct 1864-Near Petersburg, VA

Thomas W Kent, Capt

Wm A Sutherland, Lt.

Franklin Parker, 2nd Lt.

Theophilus Christian, 2nd Lt.

C H Colston, 2nd Lt Jr.

McManus T W Christian, 2nd Lt Jr


John L Anderson, Private Co F, Enlisted May 1,1862, Johnson Co. Nov/Dec 1863-home sick on furlough. 

Furloughed from camps Jan 14-23, 1863.  Present Jan-June 1863. Missing in action-2 July 1863.

May/June 1864 muster says "absent, in the hands of the enemy".  July/Aug 1864 muster says "absent,

prisoner".  On roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Fort Delaware, Del, Feb 1865 "captured at

Gettysburg, 2 July 1863".  Captured July 2, 1863, received July 6, 1863.  Exchanged Mar 7, 1865. 

Receiving and Wayside Hospital or General Hospital #9, Richmond, VA. Admitted Mar 9, 1865. Disposition

Jackson Mar 11, 1865. 


 Manning Anderson, Private Co F, Enlisted Mar 4, 1862, Johnson Co GA.  Muster Mar-Apr 1862 absent on sick furlough.

May-June 1862, present. Chimborazo Hospital #4, Richmond VA.  Rheumatism admitted June 4, 1862, returned to duty

June 7, 1862.  Furloughed Richmond Sept 22, 1862 to Nov 1, 1862. Died in NC on way home 21 Sept 1862.

(My note - the dates don't quite jive)


Uriah R Anderson, Private Co F, Enlisted March 4, 1862, Johnson Co GA.  May-Dec 1862, present.  Sent to hospital,

Richmond Feb 21, 1863.  May-June 1863 present. General Hospital Camp Winder, Richmond VA, Diarrhea Apr 7-

May 11, 1863. Absent missing in action 2 July 1863.  January-April 1864 "killed in action July 2, 1863". 


Charles Bailes (also spelled Bales), Private, Co F, enlisted 1 May 1862, Johnson Co.  May-June, 1862, present. July-Oct 1862 absent

with leave.  Nov-Dec 1862 absent sent to hospital. Jan-Feb 1863 "sent to hospital 24 Jan 1863".  March-April 1863,

died at home March 3, 1863.  Claim mentions he died at home in Glasscock Co leaving his widow (Mrs Elizabeth Bales) and

one infant child. 

William L J Hall


Confederate Pension Applications

Source: Georgia Archives, Virtual Vault


James R L Allen; Born 1834, Burke County GA.  Enlisted May 1862 at Savannah GA in Co G, 57th Reg GA Volunteers.   Was sent to hospital at

Columbus GA about 15 Nov 1864. Carried mail until Aug 1903. Invalid, no children, no homestead. No means of support. Bronchitis since 1864,

rheumatism and general debility. Applied 1906.


A G Amerson;   Born 10 May 1831, Johnson Co.  Enlisted May 1862, Co B, 59th GA.  Blind in left eye, 80% blind in right eye.

 Wife and children. Applied 1897.  Still living in 1906. 


John Q Amerson:  Born 1833, Washington Co GA.  Enlisted Apr 1862, Sandersville GA, Co E, 12th GA Battalion.  Hired a substitute May 1863

 and came home.  July 1864 he enlisted  in Co E, 3rd Reg Georgia Volunteers. Nearly blind, three recent sun strokes.  Has wife and 4 children:

Girls aged 13, 12, 11 and boy 10 years old.  Applied 1904.


Debbie Anderson: Widow of Joel Anderson, Co H, 48th GA. She was born 5 Jan 1822, Emanuel County GA. Debbie Powell married Joel Anderson

 about 1839.   Enlisted Co B, 64th Reg GA, and in 1864 was swapped to Co H, 48th Reg. Husband was born 1824 in Emanuel Co GA and died 1896,

Johnson Co.   Husband drew indigent pension in 1895-1896.  Applied for widows pension in 1901 and still receiving in 1906.


Jane Anderson: Widow of James Anderson.  She was born 1838 in Kentucky and came to GA when an infant. Husband was born 1818 in Emanuel

Co GA. Jane Stepto married in James Anderson in 23 Sept1860, Johnson Co.  Enlisted July 1864 at Wrightsville GA, Co C, 2nd Reg GA.  He was

detailed  to come home after deserters.  Husband died 1879, Johnson Co GA.  Applied for widows pension in 1904.


Joel Anderson: (see Debbie Anderson above). Born 1824, Emanuel Co GA.  Co H, 64th GA.  Transferred to Co F, 48th.  Applied 1893.


John M Arline: Born 17 May 1848, Laurens Co GA.  Co B, Maxwells Bend, FL. No family but has wife, Martha. Martha J Taylor married

John M Arline, 23 Feb 1871, Thomas Co, GA. J M Arline died in Johnson Co 23 Nov 1912.  Applied 1906.


Mrs Martha J Arline: applied for Widows application, 1913.  See above.  Mrs Mattie Arline died May, 1927, Johnson Co. 


Andrew J Atkins. Born 1847, Washington Co GA.  Enlisted Sept 1864 Macon GA, Co F, 3rd GA Regiment then transferred to 2 GA Vol State

Troops.   Has wife and 2 sickly daughters aged 16 and 12.  Applied 1902. Still living in 1907.


Mrs Julia Atkins.  Widow of Andrew J Atkins (above).  Married Andrew J Atkins 1868, Jefferson Co GA.  He died Feb 16, 1909.

Widow died Dec 8, 1927, Johnson Co. Widows Application.



WWI Draft Registration Cards:

Emanuel Adam, Kite, GA.  Born 6 May 1896, Washington Co GA. Occupation: Turpentine fro B J James, Johnson Co.  Single with one child.  Negro.

Medium height and build, black eyes and hair.


Robert C Adams, Wrightville, Johnson Co.  Born Mar 31, 1885.  Cook.  Nearest relative: Eula Adams, Wrightsville.  Tall, stout, blue eyes, light brown hair


Tode Addams, Kite, Johnson Co GA.  Born 15 May 1899.  Negro. Turpentine for B J James, Kite, Johnson.  Nearest relative: Reagey Addams (wife).  Tall, medium

 build, black hair and eyes.


Joseph Lester Adkins, Born 13 July 1881.  Negro.  Farm Laborer for W W Smith.  Nearest relative: Annie Lester, Adrian, Johnson Co GA.  Medium height

and build, black hair and eyes.


S A Adkins, Wrightsville.  Born 22 May 1892, Washington Co GA. Negro. Farming for S H Price.  Has wife and 3 children.  Medium height and build,

brown eyes and black hair.


David Adkison, Adrian GA. Born unknown date, Charleston SC. Negro. Laborer for T W Griffith. Medium height and build, black eyes and black hair.


Carswell Akins, Wrightsville. Born 1890, Washington Co GA.  Day laborer for C H Moore, Wrightsville.  Negro. Has wife and 2 children. Medium height and

build, black eyes and hair.


Richard Akins, Wrightsville, Johnson Co.  Born 3 Dec 1900. Negro.  farming for J W Brady, Wrightsville.  Nearest relative: Henry Q Akins, Wrightsville.  Tall,

medium build, black hair and eyes.


Ben Akridge, Wrightsville.  Born 7 Feb 1893, Emanuel Co GA.  Farming for M A Snell.  Has wife and 2 children.  Tall, stout, grey eyes, light brown hair.


James A Akridge, Kite.  Born 18 Jan 1873.  Farming for W D River, Kite.  Nearest relative: Rood Akridge, Kite.  5'6", brown eyes, dark hair.


Joseph Addison Alewine, Lovett, Laurens Co GA.  Born 13 Aug 1884.  Farmer. Nearest relative Willie Alewine, Lovett, Laurens Co GA.  Tall, slender,

blue eyes, brown hair.


Joe Alexander, Wrightsville.  Born 1 Sept 1894, Washington Co GA. Negro. Farmer for Otis McAfee, Wrightsville.  Has wife and three children.  Tall, medium

 build, black eyes and hair.


Luther Alexander, Wrightsville.  Born 30 Apr 1895, Washington Co GA. Negro.  Farm hand for Dave Alexander, Johnson Co. Single.  Medium height and build

black eyes and hair.


John Theodore Allen, Wrightsville.  Born 25 Nov 1898.  Farmer for E J Brunner, Wrightsville.  Nearest relative: Mrs Lizzie Allen, Wrightsville.  Medium

height, slender, grey eyes, black hair.


A B Amerson, Kite, GA.  Born 17 March 1893, Laurens Co GA.  Farmer.  Married.  Tall, slender, blue eyes, light hair.


Asa Anderson, Meeks, Johnson GA.  Born 4 July 1882.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Gertrude Anderson, Meeks GA.  Medium height and build,

blue eyes, brown hair.


Brice Anderson, Kite, Johnson Co.  Born 31 Aug 1884.  Farmer.  Nearest Relative: Ida Anderson, Kite, Johnson Co GA.  Medium height and build, brown

eyes, dark hair.


Charles Thomas Anderson, Oconee, GA.  Born 10 Apr 1893. Farmer.  Has wife and 2 children.  Tall, medium build, brown eyes, dark brown hair.


Elzie Lee Anderson, Wrightsville.  Born 1 March 1883.  Clerk for Peoples Hardware Co, Wrightsville.  Nearest relative: Nancy Anderson, Wrightsville.

Medium height and build, brown eyes, brown hair.


Hardie S Anderson, Kite, Johnson Co.  Born 5 Aug 1875.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Maline H Anderson (no address). Brown eyes and hair.


James Lovett Anderson, Kite.  Born 31 Aug 1878.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Dessie Viana Anderson, Johnson Co.  No description shown.


James Lovett Anderson, Johnson Co GA.  Born 1878.  Nearest relative: Dessie Viana Anderson.  Medium height and build, grey eyes, black hair.


Jessie Anderson, Kite, Johnson.  Born 18 Jan 1888. Farming. Nearest relative: Mattie Anderson, Kite.  Medium height and build, gray eyes, light hair.


John Thomas Anderson, Wrightsville.  Born 31 Aug 1899.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Jno F Anderson, Wrightsville.  Short, medium build, gray eyes, black hair.


L S Anderson, Kite, GA.  Born 13 Sept 1893, Kite.  Farmer.  Has wife.  Medium height and build, brown eyes and hair.


Manning Anderson, Bartow GA.  Born 7 Dec 1889,  Washington Co GA.  Farmer.  Has wife and 3 children.  Medium height and build. Brown eyes, light hair.


M G Anderson, Kite, GA.  Born 21 Oct 1895, Kite.  Farmer.  Married.  Medium height and build, brown eyes, dark hair.


Norman Adon Anderson, Bartow, GA.  Born 24 Jan 1879.  Farmer.  Wife: Lula Anderson.  Medium height and build, blue eyes, dark hair.


Rothel Anderson, Kite, Johnson Co.  Born 4 Nov 1900.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Manning Anderson.  Medium height and slender build, blue eyes, sandy hair.


Tom Anderson, Wrightsville.  Age 26 years (no bd).  Farming.  Has wife and children.  Negro.  Medium height, slender, black eyes and hair.


W L Anderson, Kite, GA.  Born 24 Oct 1892, Kite, GA.  Farmer. Has responsibility of mother and father.  Single.  Medium height and slender. 

Blue eyes, black hair.


Wes Anderson.  Born 1897, Johnson Co GA.  Farmer.  Responsible for mother.  Single. Negro.  Tall, slender, black eyes and hair.


Willie Anderson, Wrightsville.  Born 22 Sept 1895, Laurens Co GA.  Farmer.  Has wife.  Negro.  Medium height and build, black eyes and hair.


Zachariah Anderson, Kite, Johnson.  Born 19 July 1877.  Farmer.  Nearest relative Naomie T Anderson, Kite.  Medium height and stout.  Brown

 eyes and hair.


Julian Wadlow Andrews, Wrightsville.  Born 18 Feb 1895, Sandersville.  Farmer.  Has wife.  medium height and blank build, blue eyes, dark hair.


Ira Andrews, Lavett, Laurens.  Born 16 Aug 1880.  Farmer.  Nearest relative: Rebecca Andrews, Lovett, Laurens.  Medium height and build,

blue eyes and black hair.


Willie Andrews, Adrian.  Born 15 May 1887, Sparta GA.  Mill laborer.  Has wife.  Negro.  Medium height and stout, dark brown eyes, black hair.



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